Thursday, January 25, 2018

"Travel As A Journey..."

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Day 25 of the "My 500 Word Writing Challenge" which we would be writing about travel experience or road trip with family or friends.
This might be a challenge for me to expound or share for the reason that I never did any extensive traveling and road trips like how they do it here in America, just pack their bags and go.
For that matter, I would not write it on a physical travel/trip point of view, but rather the spiritual short and long trips to a blessed life.
Each day is a journey of travel for me. I have to decide to make better choices on every single occasion, petty or big.It's more like taking a path that would render me peace and causes me to humble myself. That's hard, really hard. With all the distractions surrounding us, it slowly obliterates the hope, the faith that we have. We can only go so far with our patience and understanding, but these two qualities also can run us down if we keep on hitting hurdles without a few breaks.
My actual travel starts when I get up in the morning. Five in the morning is when I encounter my life travels. I believe in getting on my knees and thank God for I'm alive and well; for his covering, protection, grace, mercy, and blessings over my life and my sons and my entire family. After that, I know I'll be okay knowing God is with me...
I know that I will be teaching with mindfulness and with integrity that my commitment to serve do not rely on what is going on this planet Earth. If you even engage yourself in conversations not worthy to explore because of their content, you begin to compromise your journey to truthfulness. 
It's a walk of faith...
We have the God that loves us so much. The only travel that we should be thinking and be doing is the one with Him. 
One thing remains--His love never fails us!
Good Night
God Bless

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

'Cut The Fluff..."

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Today marks day 24 of the My 500 Words Challenge. It was highly suggested we cut the fluff in our writing. Get rid the use of the words, "that and very." Using them very often don't carry the muscle in your writing. They just tend to cover or hide the nuances in one's writing. I agree with that because I do overuse these words for the sake of lengthening the sentence. I hate to admit but I'm guilty of using these words for words' sake.
I have read in the writers' arsenal of using verbs in the active voice which is all happening in the present tense. It might be easier to grasp the concept, easier to read and doesn't give us various connotations. It would be a clear-cut simple sentence.
However, it doesn't mean that the use of adjectives and adverbs are not as potentially good as action verbs. For me, it depends on what your style of writing is. And subjecting your authenticity to formal rules on grammar which is too many if you ask me, is not my cutting edge.
I still refresh myself with studies on clarity, grammar, punctuation and meahanics of achieving good sentences but there are times I don't adhere to using them so concrete. And I don't think you need to change the tone of your delivery with what kind of audience you're targeting to please.
The old adage, "Be yourself" to me is my mantra not only in writing but in all forms of communication. It's a walk of life.
Looking at this entry, I may have successfully refrained from using "very and that" in this case. That means ... anybody can do it.
Before I sign out for tonight, let me reiterate the most valuable tool I use in my writing is the Bible.
No book of poetry or narratives can compare the succinctness and the freedom the HolyBible holds. It is for me where all these famous writers, novelits, authors, artists and editors have derived their art/passion. They're just unwilling to admit it. When you read Genesis to Revelation for the first time you will be overwhelmed with so much curiosity but after severdal reads of it, you'll find it to be a gift of Love. For you heart be transformed in awe...
Good Night
God Bless 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"In The End,It's US..."

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If I were to write a fiction of a love story, I'm going straight to the conclusion where it usually depicts a man and a woman got together after decades of separation surviving seasons of time.It would indicate that those moments in time where you held each other's heart suspended for the time being but deserve second chances to love that has always been there no matter what time and space has brought you together again.
We all fantasize the idea of finding closure to that first love that didn't work or last forever. You want to feel vindicated so in your heart you create your own myth of timeline. Why do you think social media especially Facebook has opened up "cans of worms" to secrecy, that revival of that once dying or fading embers of the past are now carried with hope to reconcile and it is undeniable for all of us to easily fall for trappings, temptations, and illusions of love.
Women are intrinsically ardent about declaring their emotions in multiple pages and in waiting.You will be surprised to know that they hold cherished moments forever in their hearts.It is very remarkable how that love transcends beyond space and time.So any unresolved issue of that will resurface. But understand that too, that no greater love than requited love.
Just in hindsight, that all of these are proponents of my fictionalized ending of my epiphany manuscript.
When I watch a movie in the theater or watch Prime Netflix in the comfort of my own living space, I pay extra attention to what has not been said and the body language of the characters for which they portray and they frustrate me because some of the events/plots that happened don't sometimes make a connection to the very ending of the story. I want a clear-cut ending in my mind even it's established as a fiction.
I would love for the last image of the story to be with no form of dialogue or conversation... Just looking up together to the firmament of God's creation of stars in the sky; too close that you can hear each other's heartbeat, and having the same grandiosity of such majestic hands.
Why did I pick the evening to be the reigning moment of my ending and the setting is on an isolated beach? 
When I was a child growing up in the barrio with not too far away beautiful beaches and bodies of water like rivers and creeks. That was a plus having an atmosphere of wonders. Maybe many of my childhood friends didn't view it as I did but to me, it has always been more than what my eyes can see but what my heart can grasp...feel!
The feel of your feet when they're buried in the sand as I walk with you is ingenious. That is like discovering yourself for the first time with someone you share your discernment on everything.
There will be no need of caption for that imagery.
I love so much the serenity of devotion, of selfless love!
Good Night.
God Bless.

Monday, January 22, 2018

"When I No Longer Fear The Lord..."

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What are your deepest fears, concerns, worries?
Is it cancer, or any debilitating disease that may inhabit your body? Is it homelessness, depravity, crime & murder in the nation, Christians getting persecuted or death itself?
All of us have legitimate fears and that's normal. What makes our fears unwarranted is when we begin to let fears subdue us, control us up to a point that our everyday life and moments are ruined by becoming irrational about these fears.
My kind of fears may not be on the top of your list. 
I fear dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Although that doesn't run in my family line, that would make me shiver thinking about it. Nobody would wish to have one's memories erased and not remember anything. That really is to me the definition of tragedy when everything that you worked for, stand for and love and cared for becomes null and void?
I fear that I can't use my legs or feet to go for a Nature walk and my faculties no longer serve me well. I am a very visual as well as an auditory, feely soul. No words can suffice or articulate how I feel if don't see, feel and hear people and things.That's why I love to hear the sound of music, the birds chirping, the babies' cooing, and tall trees swinging their stature. Oh my God, so many things still to engulf in awe...mystical things.
I fear for waiting long...longer and the longest for my two sons to accept the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. Every parent/s especially a mother's love for her children only wishes one thing--that they will be serving the Lord faithfully.There is no greater creed and joy other than watching your children give their life to Jesus. 
When that happens that would be my greatest legacy here on earth.
My greatest fear, however, God forbid that I no longer fear the admonition and the Word of God.
Where my heart, soul, and mind now, that fear is just a figment of my imagination. It shouldn't even cross my mind because I know the Lord, love the Lord and have a personal relationship with him. Life here on earth even though we're just passing through is not a life worth living for without the grace of God...
I know that you will agree with me that most of the times our fears are just that--fears that most likely won't happen. We just wasted our energy pampering our fears, feeding them with what we see around us instead of giving and surrendering all our fears to God.
In the book of 2Timothy 1:7 tells us that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 
If and when fears start gripping your peace and joy, close your eyes and say a prayer..."God, I need your Grace and Mercy Today. Help me dethrone this fear that is not from you." Thank You, Lord, Amen.
I love what it tells us in the book of Psalm 23:4 "Even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."
That's God's promise and what a promise!
Our eternal address is Heaven!
Good Night...
God Bless

Sunday, January 21, 2018

"Culmination Of Daniel's Fast..."

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Two great highlights Today. The first one is our first-morning service to a new location where we will be occupying/renting till our new church is successfully built. We had a great service. I kinda block myself from wishing the same place of comfort. I guess I'm missing the familiarity of what our old church used to be; spacious, padded chairs and nice atmosphere. However, I pray that the long transition of waiting, about two years before our new church will be finished, will not get people weary and then decide to leave. 
The pastor said in his sermon that the church will be experiencing opposition, challenges from outside territories as well as inside the church. That's always been the case when moving forward faithfully and obeying what the Lord has called the church to do. But through incessant and ardent prayers and focussing the goodness of God, departing from the church is not likely to happen. This is a crucial time where the strong and faithful believers stay to keep the faith. And I expect that to be true. For me personally, I'd rather have a few from the flock than a multitude of lukewarm and baby Christians.
The second highlight of Today is our culmination of our corporate Daniel's Fast. Twenty-one days of giving up coffee, social media, sugar, Netflix, shopping and maybe even refraining yourself from gossiping, faultfinding and judging on first impressions towards people are so freeing since all that stops today and go to the usual businesses of life. 
Whereas my family, my three sisters, mom and my nephew decided to eat out in a restaurant and enjoy the "comeback" freedom to eat recklessly. We had a lot of fun talking and discussing the message that was preached--how to go about being bold this year 2018 for Jesus.
First, we need to realize that Satan, our enemy and the king of all lies, is our enemy and that he wants every believer to be silent and timid.
Second, we need to remove the reproach and contempt; the thoughts and scorn put on by the proud and envious people. That taunting regards could even come from your family so beware and be ready with what you're going to say.
Third, we have to recognize the catalyst of your boldness. With that authority that has been given to us, as believers, the power to heal is upon us in the name of Jesus. That would shut the enemies' mouth and nothing they could say against it.
With the last one is what I marvel the most...We need to rise up!
In the book of Acts 4:29 says, "And now, Lord, their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word,
v30 says that "By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.
v31 says that "And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they speak the word of God with Boldness."

Saturday, January 20, 2018

"What Will Cause You To Move?"

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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - Martin Luther King, Jr.
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One thing Martin Luther King Jr. is not is silent about things that matter. He is fearless. Many of us never know why we're alive and devoid of a purpose. Unlike us, Martin Luther King Jr. knew his purpose in life and was willing to die for the things that he stands for. 
In his speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, he didn't leave out the phrase, "I have a dream" despite what his advisers told him not to. He was right to ignore their advice and  "lo and behold" this phrase became so famous that you want to explore and respect for what it really holds...the power of a vision, a dream, your wisdom!
One of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. is when he said that "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."  
You can almost tell what he meant by this quote...He wants us to be aware, knowledgeable, and educate ourselves with what is going on in the world, in our country, in our communities and most especially at home. 
What do we do to carry his torch of equality and freedom amongst us? 
We have to take a leap of faith even when we don't see the whole picture. 
Do something. Don't let you dream be stolen by others' precepts. Join in groups supporting causes that you believe and help other people's needs.
Write about it, say it and demonstrate it with good intentions.
Don't compromise what you believe is true.
Develop good instincts.
Pray for courage, strength, wisdom, and His grace.
I know I don't have 500 words tonight Because I'm going to sign off early. 
Feeling tired and sleepy. I want to write more but I'm having a writer's block.
Good night.
God Bless

Friday, January 19, 2018

"The Ultimate, Original & Infallible Writer..."

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It's day 19 of the  My 500 Words Challenge. We are asked but not required to write an entry on being creative using the style of our favorite author or novelist.
That would be a conundrum to me. Because I don't have a particular one that has really impacted my style of writing. I've read a lot of books, a few novels authored by famous ones but none of them have captured the very heart of my heart. 
I don't know if that even makes sense. Maybe because I always want to find something that will really stop my heartbeat because of how amazing the work of one's writing is to me... It's a dilemma that I have this kind of impression towards secular artwork.
So I'm not mentioning anybody to be fair.
One thing I know for sure and the only thing I know that is the truth is the Word of God, The Holy Bible. I've read it in the elementary grade just in passing. Then read it again in high school. Finally, when it got more interesting, I found myself reading the Bible twice in college. This time, my reading has become more indelible. Meeting many college students of the same curiosity like what I had has brought me to a place within that this is not going away. But I couldn't fathom its depth and I wasn't ready to understand the surrendering of your life to Jesus. I thought I was too young to curtail the opportunities that were before my eyes. 
I was a lukewarm believer.
But God and only God can supernaturally and divinely put people in every season of your life plus hurdles, roadblocks, and challenges along to get your attention. And if you're still oblivious doing it purposely, God still gives us second chances till we get it.
That is an amazing love from our Abba Father, the One that is for us no matter how bad we get.
It is disconcerting that when I realized and understand what he laid for us at the Cross, I already had adult children. I wasted my time rationalizing, rebelling, and procrastinating.When you do that for almost entirely of your life, you think of yourself as a misfire. 
But God didn't see me as that.
He sees me as a good vessel for His purpose in my life.
I'm starting to believe that now with all of my heart, mind, and soul.
Going back to the original piece of this blog, the only book that has ever made that kind of connection to my soul is the Holy Bible. If and when you read the Word of God, especially the King James Version, it is undeniable that what it says in  2Timothy 3:16 "That all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.
From the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, God's breathed into us the only book that we should all read, share and trust. God is the ultimate, original & infallible writer and author of our lives. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. And my only favorite author.
I don't have any favorite secular writer, author or novelist. When you come to think about it, any of them that are not living for Jesus and don't even believe the Holy Bible is not going to persuade me to buy any of their books or merchandise. Beware also of those who are wearing cloaks to deceive you from the truth. We are urged to read and hear His Word and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in the interpretation. We have to check what is being preached to us is not watered down and compromised. Read His Word.
Let this be a challenge to us.
God Bless
Good night.