Thursday, January 4, 2018

"Focusing On A Higher Ground"

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It's the fourth day of January 2018. I prayed that my heart doesn't fall into the temptation of having to look around, behind, down, and what's in front of me. Instead, I need to focus on looking up regardless what my circumstances are!
There is incorruptible vastness up there...
When I was in grade three (in the elementary school) I take joy helping especially my mom to facilitate things in order at home. We see dad twice a month. That's how it was in the Philippine Army. My dad was at that time a Supply Sergeant but retired as a 2nd Lieutenant Although he wasn't always home, he made sure that he spent his time with us in a grand way. We had a family program at night where every sibling had to show his/her craft, artistry, whether in a song, poem, a story reading, a joke, a multiplication table memorized or telling time exhibition.Those were truly what we call now as priceless, the gem of our hearts. 
He loved to garden and his sweat and blood that went to those vines clinging to the fence and to the ground had provided us many fruits and vegetables throughout my college years and even years after that.
He managed his time very effectively; even talking to us individually asking us how we were doing in school and if we were helping mom with household chores. Life back then was so simple. We never had to worry about pedophiles, about bullies, thieves, rampant school shootings or the pangs of divorce. It was a very normal, happy childhood, almost ideal, I believe so. My childhood friends, acquaintances, and the entire community or barrio will support my deep sentiments about it.
I really do miss how it was then. There was a strong sense of order, commitment to do what is right and oh my God, there was so much respect for family traditions, teachers' role in the school, elders and most of all, honoring God in our actions, speech and thoughts. I felt an immense equality of living the right way. We looked at poverty as not craving for material gifts but as great opportunities to be rich in achieving good relationships and maintaining family thresholds.
I believe that it's because of all the cumulative good experiences I have had growing up, my reservoir of those golden memories will always keep me Looking Up to the sky where God put His hand to create the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. 
In Daniel 12:3 KJV says," And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.
So this is my pitch for tonight. I may have had deviated from my main idea of always to Look Up. I see a promise in the linings of those clouds hovering...
Another glimpse of truth: We're not promised of another day; Only live your life Today in His Grace. 
Thank You Lord Jesus for Today.
Goodnight everyone!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Permission To Be Seemingly Awkward..."

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Tonight I'm not going to hassle my brain cells just to come up with 500 words. I'm tired, sleepy and uninspired to write. I could tell you, too, unabashedly that I had neglected to hone my writing for almost a year and that's almost unforgivable especially if you professed that your passion is writing or you are a writer on your own right. And you know it's baloney to make excuses for something maybe you're not. 
I never had that kind of nitty-gritty, down to earth, page-turner impact to an audience. I don't even know why I still keep this blog that I don't know how to keep it going. I had obliterated what used to be good to my soul.
Can I say, my patience has run out? Or maybe just getting too old that I allowed myself to be stagnant...
Well, I can only hope and pray that tomorrow my words will be creative and meaningful for you to read. Still, I'm grateful.
Hopeful, too!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

"A Resolution I Dare Not Do Anymore:Fasting To Get A Solution..."

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Making a resolution on New Year's Day has become an integral part of religion. To me, its meaning fades every year.Why do people make resolutions at the beginning of the year and can't even keep it for a month? 
Even in corporate fasting in churches where the whole congregation has a Daniel Fast guidelines and do it for 21 days with some modifications  and after that, they go back to drinking coffee, sodas, wine, beer or alcoholic drinks; to eating red meats, high intake of carbohydrates, high-fat products, white rice, white bread, and pasta.  
I'm not being a hypocrite on this matter but through the years I had witnessed many religious people do it because it has become an obligation; more like I'm going to do it too because everybody is doing it and that's a good thing to see in its superficial value. 
I can only speak for me, for what I truly believe. I believe in the power of what fasting can do in your life. 
I remember from a decade ago or maybe more than ten years ago, I launched my own Fasting regimen to stay physically healthy because I know I was and still is healthy considering I have already aged 10 years plus to my age to date. I never smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs or promiscuous. I just don't believe in putting toxic to my body intentionally. That was a big thing to me. If I get depressed and we all get depressed; nobody is exempted from alluring temptations of this world. But somehow I know the presence of God in my life made me who I am today.
At that time of my Fasting, I only had water for a drink, milk, and fruits to sustain me. I did it for three straight days and I was even teaching full time. I didn't do it on New Year's day but I did it in one late Summer of  2008. I was attending at New Beginnings Church at that time, a non-denominational Christian church. I was teaching Sunday School and singing at the Praise and Worship Team every Sunday morning and evening. In short, my commitment to serving the Lord was solid. I even went knocking door to door to give out leaflets/pamphlets about our church to the most impoverished areas in the city and invited to visit and join us in our Sunday and Wednesday services.
I wasn't afraid of humiliation or negative responses I've gotten from unbelievers. I still don't Today.
That Fasting that I had I believe I did because I wanted to replenish what's inside of me. My goal and sole purpose in doing that are to get closer to God; to know Him more. And because my heart was  ready, that one night that I was at one of those evening Services, I came to the Altar with my heart's pure intention to praise Him and let go all of my cares and as the evangelist guest of ours laid his hand on me, I was spiritually slain on the floor. I was laying there for how long I wasn't sure. I only know how I felt at that time: I felt this unspeakable joy and this Peace that passes all human understanding came over me that when I got up I was hugging everyone close by. I thought that I felt a piece of Heaven. If this is how I felt and it was so surreal, how much more of this that we could have when He takes us to our eternal home?  
I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can fast at any day. Just make sure your heart intentions coincide with God's Word and not your flesh doing it for the wrong reasons. And when you do it, you do it not just for a limited time but let it be permanent and it can. God has promised us that he will be with us and He is faithful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Monday, January 1, 2018

"I'm In! Happy New Year!

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Prophesying the breath of getting back to writing in my soul...

As Jeff Goins said, "just write and not to worry about editing--just enjoy the process."
I love the attributes and the confidence that carry that sound in my heart.
It's a good mantra for all seasons and circumstances!

I ushered where the heartbeat must begin--with thanksgiving to the splendor and the glory of God.
Yesterday was a picture of scattered flurries, dense clouds and shivering cold weather here in Killeen, Texas.That interrupted plans to go to a New Year's Eve church service and an after-service fellowship with a good friend of mine and her 2-year old grandson.
Understandably, I refused to murmur. I advocate safety first. The roads and bridges were icy and that settled it. 
I rung in the New Year in my pink polka dots pajamas (My mom has managed to influence me to wear polka dots for they stand for money, so, it became a ritual for me for many reasons) with hot chocolate milk, Bible on my lap, watching Christian programs and flipping channels to 2018 New Year's Countdown and Ball Drop hosted by Ryan Seacrest & Jenny McCarthy in New York.And I also counted 27 people whom I texted to wish them a Happy New Year. How's that for a change? I didn't really care much if they would all wish me back. So far, I had gotten 22 responses.

It turned out that celebrating New Year's Eve surrounded by my festive decor and watching my dogs (Cocoa & Tootsie) sleeping in their own beds, hearing firecrackers (which sometimes alerts my peace) had led me to reflect and contemplate to better judgments. It pointed out that really, things happen for a reason and what lies beneath our plans is a mighty God that knows what's best for us. And I dig that deeper now.

I started reading the book of Psalms again. It's the largest book in the Bible. It contains declarations of Praise, Worship, and Faith of King David. I've read it and heard it proclaimed so many times but this time I'm taking it slow and to heart.

I know that this day is not over yet but I already know for sure that the highlight of my day is my phone call conversation to my sister in New York.It is because nothing is more fulfilling than two people who love the Lord together share the Word of God that is fitting to how that relates to our life's struggles and triumphs/victories in Jesus. We talked and shared about Ezekiel 37:1-14 & Jeremiah 18:1-12.

Jeff Goin's reservoir of work also compels me to find my muse in writing. He's the only writer that I know in remembrance that I bought all his books and read most of his blogs. He really is an unafraid, authentic writer/artist, almost an organic one in its pure sense. I don't aspire accolades in writing. I'm just happy to breathe words through the vein of artistry and creativity. Proud to be a part of this writing regimen, my mark for this month, my own truth.

By the way, as I'm concluding my first entry for 2018, the sun shines through my window...
It's a Blessing.
God is good.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

"Happy New Year Beautiful Souls"

Happy New YearI pray that every one of you celebrated theNew Year with great expectations. May you keep building the courage, the faith, hope and love that is in all of us. Let's all move forward, look up and take heart to know Him more for the Lord Jesus is the only one that can give us joy not momentary pleasure but one that is not perpetuated by circumstances surrounding your life.
Let your thoughts, actions, speech, and dreams be a reflection of His Love!

Dream Big

Monday, December 25, 2017

"Ben Carson's Fervent Prayer..."

Today is a really Good Day...

This is a beautiful prayer... Coming from a political figure, I never had imagined that he could pray like that. Only the presence of the Holy Spirit could have guided him how to pray with all of his heart and with all of his mind. This makes me so happy! There's no way I would miss sharing it on my Blog.

God wants us to pray. Praying to our Almighty God is our best lifeline. You may not hear his answer audibly but in your spirit, you know that by faith He hears it and answers it in His time. And believe in your heart that it will come to pass. 
In God, We Trust.

"Our kind Father in heaven, we're so thankful for the opportunities and the freedom that you've granted us in this country. We thank you for the president and for Cabinet members who are courageous, who are willing to face the winds of controversy in order to provide a better future for those who come behind us. We're thankful for the unity in Congress, that presented an opportunity for our economy to expand so we can fight the corrosive debt that has been destroying our future. And we hope that that unity will spread even beyond party lines so that people recognize we have a nation that is worth saving. And nations divided against themselves cannot stand. In this time of discord, distrust, and dishonesty, we ask that you will give us a spirit of gratitude, compassion, and common sense. And give us the wisdom to be able to guide this great nation in the future. We ask in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen."

Thanks to Christina Wilkie, Political Reporter to

Have A Merry Merry Christmas Everyone!
Christ is the Reason for the Season...Without Christ on Christmas, we are left with "many angry shoppers" Think about that..

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

"The Climb," By Jordan Smith

It's a song that archives every dream I never get to reach its peak, only its subdued unsteady reflection appearing indistinctly with a faintly luminous quality. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it to my heart.

This Christmas Season, thousands or maybe even millions of people all over the world are beset with low energy, not heralding to celebrating the birth of Jesus. Outlandish people even prefer to say "Happy Holidays" so not to offend any religion. I never really understand that. How could anyone of us not say "Merry Christmas" when It's Christ who's truly giving these franchises, businesses make a lot of money because the majority of us Christians still keep the faith of our forefathers and founders who fought for our freedom to know and love God.
After all, we are a Christian nation and we have a very funny way of showing the Redeemer in our lives.

Well, JordanSmith's delivery on this song has made me realized to its full extent why we always push ourselves to climb, to reach the peak of our dreams. We wait, we strive and pray that whatever your dreams are, they will come to pass not on your own abilities but only God's supernatural anointing in your life. It may be had taken a decade or so but know that even in waiting for so long, the wait will soon come to an end.

 I still believe that there is a lot of outpouring of miracles this Christmas season. Not only because the Christmas trees are lit up strikingly bright and radiant and the presents ingeniously wrapped and laid around them, but it's the joyous spirit that spring knowing what Christmas is all about. If we have forgotten intentionally why we celebrate Christmas, we are at war in our deepest souls.

 It is Jesus who made a way for all of us to dream, to give, and to love...
If there are moments in my life that my spirit is vexed with discouragement, I thank God's grace that it is just a moment-- it never resides and climbs in the deep recesses of my mind and heart and soul. I tell myself that my real dream is to run my race, fight the good fight of faith, hope, and love.
Because Jesus is Love.

It makes real sense...Really! 

With Pride & Joy to say, "MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS"