Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"Writing About Writing As As An Art..."

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It happened midway third grade when I started uncovering that there is a seed of passion for words in me. I read all my textbooks which we were allowed to take home for a week at a time except books that deal with physical sciences. I also gravitated to shows and programs that highlight the eloquence of broadcasters, t.v. anchors, commentators. Literally, I was mesmerized and even dreaming that one day I would be doing their craft. Never happened!
What I'm trying to say is that you can't freely write if you're not in tune with reading, listening, watching and experience the thrill of speaking the words.
Started journalling or writing in a personal diary in the fourth grade. I write them as they happened. That's how I started.
When I reminisce my work as a form of art, it delights me enormously, how it makes my childhood and adolescent years a very memorable one.
They say that you write what you know, what you're good at; others say write and share your personal experiences and you can also write somebody else's life story. I say you write impulsively when your emotions are running high and when you're alone at night and every in your household including your dogs have gone asleep. There are also times when I just write when everybody is busy doing their own thing. I could stay on the corner side of the room, watch what they do and write about their countenance. Better yet, I can just write about myself which is a layer upon layer of unpublished books.
What makes me deplore about writing is when you're beset with a writing block. It's not happening. Your thoughts are suspended in the deep recesses of your mind. You can't dispel them into the open and unto a page. Sometimes we need a fresh inspiration. Many writers call it a muse in writing aesthetically.
For whatever it is, I intend to write my personal views and experiences. It may not be tasteful to many but that's okay. I write because I just love words. If they're the only thing I could keep, I'll do. But of course, it's not like that.
However, I can tell you this, writing is really fun. Out of your craft, there will be many naysayers and critics about your work. They will just read your title entry and perhaps the first sentence of your blog and if it didn't grab their attention, you thinking then that you didn't bring it on--what they want to hear.
For me, I write because it gives me altitude on things that are important to me. it gives me pure joy knowing I may have had stirred or encourage one soul to keep going through life. That it is a beautiful life that is lived through by many artists, writers, poets, musicians & actors.
You can, too, have a life full of words that rhyme, dance, and soar within you...
It's time to echo your truth to others.
Start writing even when you're bored and clumsy. Words have a way of positioning themselves.
Create them as they dance to your mind and to your heart...

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