Sunday, January 14, 2018

"What Did I Eat Today?'

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Today is Blessed Sunday. 
It's time to Praise and Shout to the lord.
We're still fasting and we have another week left before we could go back to eating what we desire again. However, I didn't go for that kind of fasting. I just pledge to myself that I'm going to eat as usual but everything in moderation.
This morning I had a big scoop of white loose rice with a small cut-size of steak which is my leftover from last night's dinner. And of course a cup of fresh coffee with 2 tablespoons of evaporated milk. I run out of organic whole milk. Who would debate me with giving up just a cup of coffee? I think that's a resounding nobody as a definitive answer! 
This might be viewed as an eccentric choice but I'm living with some funny risks here. You guys should know that Filipinos eat rice three times a day. That's me especially on weekends, holidays, or summer break which is a lot of days "to eat with gusto." 
It was almost 12:30 pm. when I got home from church. I planned not to cook anything. I had to finish sewing my window curtains so I could put them up which are good winter fabrics. This will help me reduce my heating energy. Whenever I have a project to finish on time, cooking is not on my agenda.I will eat a cold sandwich, a chicken/beef or shrimp ramen soup or a tv. dinner; food that can be ready in 7minutes and I'm good.
By the way, the Praise team was leading us to the throne of God. The songs they've chosen to sing were very fitting since tha's the last time that we had to worship in that building. Next Sunday, we will be in a new facility. That is exciting to me to be moving forward.
 Praise God.
Nothing of the aforementioned food I had for lunch or supper. Just had chicken nuggets with soy sauce and a bowl of steamed broccoli. You may be wondering what the soy sauce is for. Well, again, soy sauce is one food ingredients that you find in every Filipino household. Food doesn't taste good without it and we use it to whatever our heart's desire. You should try it sometimes.
So, this is my entry today. Jeff Goins, a good writer that I follow and has led us, his blogger followers into this writing journey for 31 days. He emails us his suggested topic every day and it's up to us if we carry on his chosen topic or go on our own. I just thought that it would be good to follow his advice and I just write freely about it without editing it. I type in my thoughts as I go for my 500 words. It's a good practice but I'm not sure if I'm doing it with substance. 
This New Year I'm also trying to drink more water. Let's see if that would help me get more sleep. 
I'm very positive it will. 
Got to say I went to walk my other dog, Tootsie at 5:00 pm. She is an inspiration. Her lumps are getting bigger but that doesn't slow her down. Her favorite food is ground beef mixed it up with her Science diet dry food. She has a strong hear and body. She motivates me to keep going and staying healthy. I owe both of my dogs that ember that stays burning in my heart--the will to live doing simple things that brings pure joy anytime. They may be just dogs but no one can ever relate to what my heart is saying about dogs' loyalty and affection if you haven't loved one before.
Oh, I think I got sidetracked with my food entry... that's what loving dogs do to you. They take your heart to a place of good remembrance...
I'm done.
Good night!

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