Thursday, January 25, 2018

"Travel As A Journey..."

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Day 25 of the "My 500 Word Writing Challenge" which we would be writing about travel experience or road trip with family or friends.
This might be a challenge for me to expound or share for the reason that I never did any extensive traveling and road trips like how they do it here in America, just pack their bags and go.
For that matter, I would not write it on a physical travel/trip point of view, but rather the spiritual short and long trips to a blessed life.
Each day is a journey of travel for me. I have to decide to make better choices on every single occasion, petty or big.It's more like taking a path that would render me peace and causes me to humble myself. That's hard, really hard. With all the distractions surrounding us, it slowly obliterates the hope, the faith that we have. We can only go so far with our patience and understanding, but these two qualities also can run us down if we keep on hitting hurdles without a few breaks.
My actual travel starts when I get up in the morning. Five in the morning is when I encounter my life travels. I believe in getting on my knees and thank God for I'm alive and well; for his covering, protection, grace, mercy, and blessings over my life and my sons and my entire family. After that, I know I'll be okay knowing God is with me...
I know that I will be teaching with mindfulness and with integrity that my commitment to serve do not rely on what is going on this planet Earth. If you even engage yourself in conversations not worthy to explore because of their content, you begin to compromise your journey to truthfulness. 
It's a walk of faith...
We have the God that loves us so much. The only travel that we should be thinking and be doing is the one with Him. 
One thing remains--His love never fails us!
Good Night
God Bless
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