Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Today Lends A Good Conversation..."

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Today is like any other Sunday except for the phone call from my sister in Florida. Whenever I get a phone call I usually have an inkling and thought of them previously.
Turned out to be a good, candid & respectful conversation. All the elements or components of a good conversation were there.
I hadn't talked to her since she came here in Texas last year in May which was my mom's 81st birthday. We texted cordially, maybe in passing but not really intentional. 
Now I know why...Sometimes, God gives us a long pause, a season to experience a gap so when we get back up, we're ready for a good conversation. That is when you can share so much substance with each other in a conversation.
I have five biological sisters. Of all five sisters, she's the one that I could talk to about curious, unexpected similitudes of life without conjuring mental pictures.She'll get it or dig it not because she wants to please me but because that's how a good conversation should be...elevation & hierarchy of heart's intention, respect, and affection.
She told me that in her recent vacation with her husband and two sons to the Philippines, (the younger son got married there in Iloilo very recently) that this was an eye opener to her. If you go in the metropolitan areas or cities in the Philippines like Manila, you would be waiting and be learning to wear Patience in your sleeves...  We're talking about hours of waiting. Just delight yourself observing why this has become a way of life. And they're not murmuring, they're settled with what they can do which is to wait in the midst of traffic jam, in restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels, etc.
Filipinos are very resilient, hardworking, and responsible/loving people. They have this kind of integrity to work for a living. They have work ethics. They're very driven with hope to better their living condition.
Well, we talked about the importance of good family upbringing and how that is going to be crucial in building future relationships.And most of all, your heart connection to God is one measure that is undoubtedly proven to be the only one that you need traversing in this earthly life.
There are some unusual events in our lives that we sometimes think they should have never happened according to our wishful thinking. Little that we know that those events happened for us to move forward.
God is all about moving forward...If you remember what happened to Lot's wife in the book of Genesis. The angels told them emphatically not to look back to the place they were running from (Sodom & Gomorrah's ultimate destruction)  And disobedience turned her into a pillar of salt. I was thinking it's more than disobedience--her heart was plagued with curiosity and couldn't help looking what's left behind...
Isn't it that's how we are? We don't know how to be still and trust the Lord with all of our heart, mind, and soul!
Good Night
God Bless
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