Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"This Is Amazing Grace..."

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As far as joining and finishing the marathon of the writing of my 500 words for 31 days, I feel that I have run the race and it's worth celebrating. I say that because I'm usually pumped at doing something in the beginning but ends up aborting the process of completion. 
This is only a 31 day-writing goal, a small task to discipline the mind but its worth maybe more than I could imagine. It's all good.
For my last entry for 31-day writing, I plan to write what comes to mind as I develop my focal point. It's kind of relief that I don't have to do this every night before I go to bed; that I need to put aside everything for this to happen. 
Writing is a lot of things. It requires a lot of passion, a lot of your sentiments that flows from the heart. You take risks every time you put out something you think it's shareable but not to others. Your personal ideas, opinions, and perceptions of people, things, and God are viewed prematurely according to popular belief. But that doesn't tear me down.
Regardless, writing is creative art and a gift for dispensation. 
Today for my last entry, I want to talk about my brother-in-law who's married to my oldest sister for 40 years. They are a couple who truly have marital bliss. 
This morning my sister who's a registered nurse had taken him to the nearest Army Hospital. He was experiencing symptoms of having a stroke; dizziness, very high blood pressure, wobbly steps and slight numbness in his right hand.
My brother-in-law rigorously follows a workout for himself. For a 64-year-old man, he is in great shape. He goes to the gym almost every day, goes to the park and walk for miles, doesn't smoke, drinks beer moderately on occasions; and travels extensively with my sister across the globe. That's really a good, fulfilled life to me. They enjoy life together.
He never had any major medical issue until today. How much more if a person has a lot of vices, and doesn't exercise? Would his stroke more deadly and vicious? Unequivocably, I say yes. 
But there are some people who would disagree with this and I don't find that despicable because I've known people who have smoked nicotine all their lives, drank alcohol too, and devoid of physical exercise and still some of them got to live in their 80's.
And there are those who were only second-hand smokers and that sent them to their graves in their late 30's, early 40's and 50's. That's messed up. Why would some people who never even smoke die earlier than those who really smoke themselves to their death? 
Well, my brother-in-law is okay, so far. CT Scan came back negative. Glory to God.
However, they kept him overnight to do some more tests on a cardiac enzyme. 
It is also a great advantage that his wife is an RN. She knows preliminary questions to ask and follow-up questions thereafter. I believe that that speed up the process for him to go from the emergency room to a private room with a view. But of course, God's divine power and grace and prayers" all work together for good to those who love God according to his purpose."
I and my youngest son actually went to see him and my sister by his side at the hospital. He was in high spirit and he will just be fine.
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for your unfailing love.
"This is amazing Grace."
Thank You for Reading...
God Bless
Good Night!
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