Saturday, January 13, 2018

" Today, I Will Rejoice..."

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Saturday is my busiest day. I do 4-5 loads of dirty laundry, walk both of my dogs but separately at different times, clean the house and I just have to do it. Anything or anybody intervenes my routine on Saturdays is going to make me a "crabby apple."
But Today I have had some shiftings of my schedule.
My youngest son asked me at about 9am. if I could sew his 2 pants that have holes in them. I wanted to say no but something has stirred in my spirit... That I should use this situation as my teaching moment and not be bothered by what my time frame for the day.
While I was patching my son's pants, he started cleaning the dishes, sweeping the floor and vacuuming the carpet. I know that he wasn't doing those chores because I was fixing his pants. He just does them to simply recognize my extra effort to get those pants ready for him to wear tonight for indoor volleyball games.
It took me an hour and a half to do it. I was just happy I did. And I know that my son was very grateful.
The sun was ravishingly bright sunny Today. However, the temp. was registering for 37 degrees. Guess what, I still went for a walk with my dog, Cocoa even just for half hour. You can tell people are afraid to come out for an outdoor activity when it's cold. But I think that if you wear layered winter clothes, you would be okay. I can't just be slacking to get exercise when it can be remedied.
It felt that I accomplished something going for a walk even on a cold day.
My ears were intently listening to Air One Radio Station while doing household chores.So many golden nuggets and principles were shared by guests and hosts of the show on topics like on how to preserve your marriage, how to deal with your teenagers and how to minister to atheists; all of which I don't deal anymore except the latter. If I had known all these guidelines when I was still a lot younger, most probably, I will be devoid of any guilt.
By the way, all of the discussions were centered on family moral values. 
At this very moment, while writing this entry, I'm still listening to discussions which are still going on about Iran--how we had ever let our politicians managed to give one  billion or maybe more to our adversary, the country of Iran and all they do in return is murder our soldiers and innocent people. 
Only Pres. Trump has the guts and the wisdom and the heart to freeze it that was given away for reasons that blow our minds. How can they be so callous, and oblivious to dealing with Iran and other countries that are just there to exploit us? This really makes me furious because we're sending our sons and daughters and loved ones, our families to the frontlines, to the battlefield to the wilderness and those people who should honor and protect liberty and the lives of our own are still walking in discord in the Senate and Congress.  That's just appalling if you ask me...
Well, that was the part of my day when I seem to forget that God is still on the throne; that I have to completely cast all my cares on Him but it doesn't mean also that I have to be quiet when my Christian faith is being curtailed. We really have to stand for something honorable and morally right according to His Word.
Good night!

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