Monday, January 29, 2018

"Praying For Our President ..."

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As I'm writing this entry blog for day 28, I'm listening to President Trump speech during the "March for Life" last week.
For a very successful businessman, President Donald Trump certainly has a way of knocking down barriers and surely building bridges to major chasms brought by people who didn't vote for him.He is a pillar of faith, hope, and compassion, no matter how anyone could ever refute that.
I wasn't surprised at the result of the election. I wanted him to be my President including the hundreds of thousands of Christians like me who believed in the divine intervention of our God.
He was the closest one to resemble the core family Christian values of America.
The gift of life, the right to life of the unborn and the dignity of every soul which is the threshold, the bedrock to which our faith encompassed life itself. To anyone who believes that has a special covering, a hedge of protection from God, for God ordains, decrees Life in us. 
We have a president that knows and reverence the importance of Prayer; who is willing to be used as a vessel to God's kingdom glorification. I know there are multitudes of us who are steadfastly praying for" his enemies to be scattered;" for him to have God's blessing of wisdom so he can better serve the people. Likewise, there may be more people who want to destroy him, impeach him and harm him. They've been trying so hard to blemish his reputation but the more the media and his enemies portray him as incapable and unequipped, more and more people are not believing this lie about him. Instead, he's gaining grounds fortifying our military defenses, our employment growth or economy, and most of all he's keeping us safe from the intrusion of false religious heresies by solidifying the freedom of the fivefold ministries to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
It is our duty to pray for our President, his family, his staff for good health, good wisdom, and for God's grace and mercy to follow him all the days of his life.
God Bless
Good Night
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