Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Permission To Be Seemingly Awkward..."

My 500 Words Widget

Tonight I'm not going to hassle my brain cells just to come up with 500 words. I'm tired, sleepy and uninspired to write. I could tell you, too, unabashedly that I had neglected to hone my writing for almost a year and that's almost unforgivable especially if you professed that your passion is writing or you are a writer on your own right. And you know it's baloney to make excuses for something maybe you're not. 
I never had that kind of nitty-gritty, down to earth, page-turner impact to an audience. I don't even know why I still keep this blog that I don't know how to keep it going. I had obliterated what used to be good to my soul.
Can I say, my patience has run out? Or maybe just getting too old that I allowed myself to be stagnant...
Well, I can only hope and pray that tomorrow my words will be creative and meaningful for you to read. Still, I'm grateful.
Hopeful, too!
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