Monday, January 8, 2018

My Random "To Do List" Today

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Having "To Do List" for Today is a necessity. I easily get distracted by the nuances, the noise of busyness of life and the silent ramblings of my daily walk--become too much that I have to have reminders, otherwise, whatever I do next is a trite...
After work, my first on my list is to go grocery shopping at Walmart. I couldn't shove items to the cart that I don't really need. Smart shopping is what I have to adhere. That definitely cut down my expenses more than half of what I used to spend. I almost bought a bag of medium-sized fuji apples but I said no this time. I just picked three apples that I know I will eat and not let half of the bag get rotten. I did buy a fresh pineapple, 4 green, just right avocados, tomatoes, and bananas. 
Since we're doing a corporate Fast at church for 21 days, I stayed away from buying red meats.
I thought I did well for not falling into temptation.
I also make a point to take my cart back to where it should be returned. Just imagine if every customer will just leave the cart anywhere that might cause an accident or can cause people to stumble and get hurt. 
My next stop was to get some gas. My first full tank of the year. I fill up my tank to the same gas station, Chevron. You might say gas is the same everywhere, the same content.I don't think so, though.
My list for Today also included walking my dogs. That didn't happen. I spent too much time putting groceries away and preparing dinner. I also can't watch any Netflix or t.v. programs and to tell you the truth I realized that I was spending way too much time watching dramas & comics. No wonder that it's making me feel like I'm reliving my own dramas. As they say, what you watch, listen, and read say a lot about you...No kidding.
Reading the book of Psalms per chapter a day is a must to do list each day. This is where I want to start my reading and will continue even after 21 days.
However, my favorite time of the day is right now...when I can just write freely without the inundation of editing, I just write what flows in my mind. Not really worried about my thoughts whether or not they're making connections to the rest of the sentences. That is the beauty of writing. If you find ambiguity in free writing, it's fine with me. This is helping me in refining me and my craft.
You may find this "to do list" so minimal and it is. I don't want it to bore me that I lose my intention to write about it...
Today I just want it to be simple. No stressing out about some things that if you think about it, they rarely or never come to pass. So, you just obliterated the rhythm of life which is taking your sweet time to be grateful that you're alive to walk on open doors of opportunities to love and be loved!
So, that's my pitch tonight. Not too revealing and zesty but just my honest and true self!
Good night and God Bless
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