Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"Make Your Words Couth & Count..."

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One valid speculation that you can draw an inference from regarding the words that you blurt out or speak reflect who you are. Regardless your words were forced to come out or perpetuated by a past event, you and I have the power to think and bridle our tongue if all we have to say is embroidered with criticism, faultfinding and judgmental attitude.
You don't want to be around people like that. 
I had worked with somebody before for years that she couldn't help but cuss or say a bad word in every form of discourse.. It seemed to me that cussing is a part of her psyche. I believe I told her one day not to curse when I'm around because I'm offended by such uncouth behavior. I told her in a nice way. I thought I had to say something with conviction before she lures me to talk like her. Then that woudn't be right. I think she kind of mindful of it but lasted very shortly.
You see, you don't make excuses for people for their bad behavior. You can't just ignore it either or worst, go with the flow. That would be a collossal mistake if I stayed and continued to work with her. I used the most refined words, uplifting words I could with her but her pride had prevented her to change her tone and language.
If something or someone is making your life miserable, pestering you with her/his stupidity and obliviousness, don't be naive and stay quiet. Don't keep all your grudges and deep-seated emotions go unexpressed and unresolved. I always believe strongly in the saying that ,"if there's a wil, there's a way. I'm an advocate for myself: I go for trying and taking second chances. If my good intentions still fail, at least I'm freed with suffocating assumptions. I have to go with my "guts" and "grit" in doing things at the right moments.
The same principle applies when you're trying to negotiate with your credit card debts, hospital bills, insurances, and school loans. Before you consolidate all of your debts, write them a good letter explaining your argument why you believe that you deserve a generous adjustment, or just plain and simple, their financial grace and favor.
I remember two years ago when I incurred a lot of hospital bills despite of having my school district employer's health insurance benefits.And I even found out that I didn't really need those tests, screenings and ultrasound procedures. Most of them anyway.
So I did write the hospital billing department detailing them my financial situation. In short, after reviewing my case in just a few weeks, I got a check in the mail for the amount of money I had already paid into it. They also wrote to me that my remaining balance will be paid in full by them. By the grace and the power of our Almighty God, I know that he has worked it all out for me.
For me and in reference to my experiences of dealing with company managers, I am almost certain that everything in the world of business is negotiable. Be it be a five dollar discount to your dish network/ISP Provider, phone or even to your grocer or pet food supplies, I do them all just to save a little, here and there.
I take pride in living a life that is manifested by God's  favors. I have faith that He gifted me with the right words to say and what not to say at the right moment. After all, He is the God of Provision, our El Shadai.
In closing, I do reiterate the good balance of  words that convey strength, honesty and humility.
How you use your words supported with good tone and good body language  will enormously impact others.
Let God use you for His kingdom...with your words filled with His love!
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