Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"In God, We Trust..."

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For sure, I'm one of the more than ten million viewers who watched and listened intently to our President Trump's State Of Union Address.
I could hear them already in my head the negative commentaries of the naysayers coming from the media. I don't pay attention to them anymore. I already know the truth and there's no need to contaminate that truth by listening biased newscasting. 
What I could take away from our President's State Of The Union Address is what it should be: an honest narrative of what he has done for the American people, for this great/powerful country.
I already know what's the counterpart's argument is saying...that he has the lowest rating for a President. 
We all know that when you're doing good and standing tall for the welfare and well-being of people, you immediately make tons of adversaries. You know why? When your mindset is not grounded on the very fundamental of God's Word, you want to be rebellious, combatant and unaccepting. That is how the devil works in our lives. Satan's wiles are very subtle and yet conniving, and deceptive. You should know by now that  He is the father of lies. If you don't have the spiritual discernment, you might as well be his ally in the dark.
By the way, it was a very hearty, powerful speech if you ask me.I was cheering in my living room, maybe my applause can be heard outside but didn't care. Hope and pray that God continues to endow President Trump wisdom, discernment, good health and good people like Vice President Pence by his side. Hope he will always support Israel as a nation for that's one of the reasons why the wrath of God is being withheld. There's just so much moral decay in this country. They have a way of obliterating, twisting the truth claiming it to be their freedom, their right to stretch absolutes for their personal benefits. 
Well, this is it for me tonight. This is not a 500- word entry.Sorry.
It's all I can for tonight. Feeling tired and sleepy.
Good Night
God Loves You.

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