Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"In The End,It's US..."

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If I were to write a fiction of a love story, I'm going straight to the conclusion where it usually depicts a man and a woman got together after decades of separation surviving seasons of time.It would indicate that those moments in time where you held each other's heart suspended for the time being but deserve second chances to love that has always been there no matter what time and space has brought you together again.
We all fantasize the idea of finding closure to that first love that didn't work or last forever. You want to feel vindicated so in your heart you create your own myth of timeline. Why do you think social media especially Facebook has opened up "cans of worms" to secrecy, that revival of that once dying or fading embers of the past are now carried with hope to reconcile and it is undeniable for all of us to easily fall for trappings, temptations, and illusions of love.
Women are intrinsically ardent about declaring their emotions in multiple pages and in waiting.You will be surprised to know that they hold cherished moments forever in their hearts.It is very remarkable how that love transcends beyond space and time.So any unresolved issue of that will resurface. But understand that too, that no greater love than requited love.
Just in hindsight, that all of these are proponents of my fictionalized ending of my epiphany manuscript.
When I watch a movie in the theater or watch Prime Netflix in the comfort of my own living space, I pay extra attention to what has not been said and the body language of the characters for which they portray and they frustrate me because some of the events/plots that happened don't sometimes make a connection to the very ending of the story. I want a clear-cut ending in my mind even it's established as a fiction.
I would love for the last image of the story to be with no form of dialogue or conversation... Just looking up together to the firmament of God's creation of stars in the sky; too close that you can hear each other's heartbeat, and having the same grandiosity of such majestic hands.
Why did I pick the evening to be the reigning moment of my ending and the setting is on an isolated beach? 
When I was a child growing up in the barrio with not too far away beautiful beaches and bodies of water like rivers and creeks. That was a plus having an atmosphere of wonders. Maybe many of my childhood friends didn't view it as I did but to me, it has always been more than what my eyes can see but what my heart can grasp...feel!
The feel of your feet when they're buried in the sand as I walk with you is ingenious. That is like discovering yourself for the first time with someone you share your discernment on everything.
There will be no need of caption for that imagery.
I love so much the serenity of devotion, of selfless love!
Good Night.
God Bless.
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