Monday, January 1, 2018

"I'm In! Happy New Year!

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Prophesying the breath of getting back to writing in my soul...

As Jeff Goins said, "just write and not to worry about editing--just enjoy the process."
I love the attributes and the confidence that carry that sound in my heart.
It's a good mantra for all seasons and circumstances!

I ushered where the heartbeat must begin--with thanksgiving to the splendor and the glory of God.
Yesterday was a picture of scattered flurries, dense clouds and shivering cold weather here in Killeen, Texas.That interrupted plans to go to a New Year's Eve church service and an after-service fellowship with a good friend of mine and her 2-year old grandson.
Understandably, I refused to murmur. I advocate safety first. The roads and bridges were icy and that settled it. 
I rung in the New Year in my pink polka dots pajamas (My mom has managed to influence me to wear polka dots for they stand for money, so, it became a ritual for me for many reasons) with hot chocolate milk, Bible on my lap, watching Christian programs and flipping channels to 2018 New Year's Countdown and Ball Drop hosted by Ryan Seacrest & Jenny McCarthy in New York.And I also counted 27 people whom I texted to wish them a Happy New Year. How's that for a change? I didn't really care much if they would all wish me back. So far, I had gotten 22 responses.

It turned out that celebrating New Year's Eve surrounded by my festive decor and watching my dogs (Cocoa & Tootsie) sleeping in their own beds, hearing firecrackers (which sometimes alerts my peace) had led me to reflect and contemplate to better judgments. It pointed out that really, things happen for a reason and what lies beneath our plans is a mighty God that knows what's best for us. And I dig that deeper now.

I started reading the book of Psalms again. It's the largest book in the Bible. It contains declarations of Praise, Worship, and Faith of King David. I've read it and heard it proclaimed so many times but this time I'm taking it slow and to heart.

I know that this day is not over yet but I already know for sure that the highlight of my day is my phone call conversation to my sister in New York.It is because nothing is more fulfilling than two people who love the Lord together share the Word of God that is fitting to how that relates to our life's struggles and triumphs/victories in Jesus. We talked and shared about Ezekiel 37:1-14 & Jeremiah 18:1-12.

Jeff Goin's reservoir of work also compels me to find my muse in writing. He's the only writer that I know in remembrance that I bought all his books and read most of his blogs. He really is an unafraid, authentic writer/artist, almost an organic one in its pure sense. I don't aspire accolades in writing. I'm just happy to breathe words through the vein of artistry and creativity. Proud to be a part of this writing regimen, my mark for this month, my own truth.

By the way, as I'm concluding my first entry for 2018, the sun shines through my window...
It's a Blessing.
God is good.
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