Monday, January 15, 2018

"Writing With Intention..."

My 500 Words Widget

Halfway there for my 30 days writing 500 words this month. It's getting trite. But I will finish what I started.
When I write my 500 words, it is usually my last activity for the night. At times, I just want to throw myself into bed but this writing is hovering above my head. I don't want it to become just to comply and feeling obligated. And it is the best time for me around 10: 15 pm. when I start typing my thoughts on the keyboard.
Our theme today is how are we feeling with our writing today since we've been writing for 15 days now. Well for me, it's more of honing and disciplining my craft to where I want to go. I'm hoping that my words mean something to someone even when my writing is not up to par with others who are probably had already written and authored books. 
But here I am, very much still struggling. I know that my thoughts are redundant and I don't blame anyone of you passes me by. 
As a blogger, you take many chances to be lofty intentional with your writing but it feels you miss the target which is about your readers. Are you really sharing something with them that is helpful, beneficial and worth reading your blog entry with their time?
I do forget about that. All I want to accomplish is stay true to my medium and if I touch a cord into one human being, then the rest of my concerns are not that important.
I was listening to a Christian radio program this morning. They were talking about people who have debilitating and terminal cancers. A pastor said that when one is diagnosed with cancer, that's physical. Our body deteriorates, decays but not our soul. He said that one should be more thinking how to save her soul than saving one's physical body. After all, when the Rapture comes, we will have new heavenly bodies in a twinkling of an eye. The dead will go first and it doesn't matter whether their bodies were unrecognizable, thrown at sea or burned in the fire or killed in the battlefield or at war. They will all have heavenly bodies like we do if we believe and finish our race to Heaven.
I thought to myself that that is true. Sometimes we think that when we have terminal sickness, we give power to the sickness that we go literally around the world to find a cure when in fact that is the real problem. The real problem is not knowing whether we go to hell or heaven. If you know then you should not be afraid to die. We have a promise that if we're a Christian, there should be no fear of death.You know where your soul is going. You're going to see your loved ones again. That should be enough...
By the way, there's no school tomorrow. That was a wise decision. The roads will be treacherous and it's too cold to drive. Even when they didn't declare school closing, I was planning to take off.
So many of the children have been sick already since last week so closing the schools was a right decision. 
Praise God.
Good night.
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