Thursday, January 4, 2018

"Focusing On A Higher Ground"

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It's the fourth day of January 2018. I prayed that my heart doesn't fall into the temptation of having to look around, behind, down, and what's in front of me. Instead, I need to focus on looking up regardless what my circumstances are!
There is incorruptible vastness up there...
When I was in grade three (in the elementary school) I take joy helping especially my mom to facilitate things in order at home. We see dad twice a month. That's how it was in the Philippine Army. My dad was at that time a Supply Sergeant but retired as a 2nd Lieutenant Although he wasn't always home, he made sure that he spent his time with us in a grand way. We had a family program at night where every sibling had to show his/her craft, artistry, whether in a song, poem, a story reading, a joke, a multiplication table memorized or telling time exhibition.Those were truly what we call now as priceless, the gem of our hearts. 
He loved to garden and his sweat and blood that went to those vines clinging to the fence and to the ground had provided us many fruits and vegetables throughout my college years and even years after that.
He managed his time very effectively; even talking to us individually asking us how we were doing in school and if we were helping mom with household chores. Life back then was so simple. We never had to worry about pedophiles, about bullies, thieves, rampant school shootings or the pangs of divorce. It was a very normal, happy childhood, almost ideal, I believe so. My childhood friends, acquaintances, and the entire community or barrio will support my deep sentiments about it.
I really do miss how it was then. There was a strong sense of order, commitment to do what is right and oh my God, there was so much respect for family traditions, teachers' role in the school, elders and most of all, honoring God in our actions, speech and thoughts. I felt an immense equality of living the right way. We looked at poverty as not craving for material gifts but as great opportunities to be rich in achieving good relationships and maintaining family thresholds.
I believe that it's because of all the cumulative good experiences I have had growing up, my reservoir of those golden memories will always keep me Looking Up to the sky where God put His hand to create the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. 
In Daniel 12:3 KJV says," And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.
So this is my pitch for tonight. I may have had deviated from my main idea of always to Look Up. I see a promise in the linings of those clouds hovering...
Another glimpse of truth: We're not promised of another day; Only live your life Today in His Grace. 
Thank You Lord Jesus for Today.
Goodnight everyone!
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