Wednesday, January 17, 2018

" Fight On What You Stand For..."

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There is in all of us that flame to fight for a cause, to fight for what you believe to be right whether coming from a minority or majority group of people. What is important is that you didn't stay silent. You didn't get trampled...You echoed your voice. 
I remember in college days when demonstrations with your placards and your shouts get louder and louder because you believe you're doing it for the right reasons. I was one of those university students where I claim to be right and not committing any unlawful acts--just wanted to be heard.
We were at that time demonstrating for rising cost of tuition fees.  I was a sophomore English major student and oh my gosh I was passionate about the ideals of higher standards in education. I wanted to be exemplary in academics, in social and musical activities.
Being the Arts & Sciences student governor, I was exposed to school issues I wasn't equipped to handle or get involved with. I used this lever, my position to help out students who were trying to negotiate with the registrar office for not having the money that didn't arrive on time. Many of them won't be taking the tests to pass the course if they didn't pay.
I did what anybody can do in that given situation. I made a pile of those students who had promissory notes and see to it that they get approved. I also had access together with my Council members to use the president's office for meetings and thinking about it now, those days were glorious. I was given a platform to help students be productive. I used to tell them that there are many ways in which they could pay for most of their school fees. I used to entreat them with resources that are available to help themselves through college. I know that because I was a working student, was an academic scholar, a student leader in most of the school organizations and even working intermittently on the radio station as a public service announcer courtesy of my  English Professor, Maurice Bajada. His name will be forever etched in my mind because he believed in me and gave me my first taste of radio communication experience.
So what does this narrative in college have anything to do with what I stand for. I can't stand people who are oblivious to their wrongdoings. I refuse to believe that they're ignorant of the full extent of what they're doing.We all have a conscience. God gives us that moral compass to use. It's built in us.
And why do many young women keep on getting pregnant and aborting their babies with zero accountability? They will tell you too that they have the right to do whatever they want to do with their bodies because it's their bodies. I am mortified with that reasoning. The Bible says that our body is God's temple. We have to honor our bodies not bring disgrace unto them. If you have a low self-esteem and just allow yourself to be played and abused, you need to think about the consequences of every action you make. And aborting babies can send you straight to hell if there is no true repentance.
We are God's masterpiece. The Lord has divinely put people in our lives to help us with our ordeals and challenges. We have His Word and the Holy Spirit to guide us if we let Him. There is nothing impossible with God. Why do we wait to be inflicted with painful experiences before we could go to him? I believe that if us, women, will take good care of ourselves better, and make better choices and allow ourselves to be loved the right way and maintain our chastity and prayer life, we wouldn't be seeing the breakdown of marriage, family and our dreams.
I'm saying this because I'm so tired of young people destroying their lives and expect the taxpayer's money to pay for their repeated colossal mistakes. My thing is, they don't have to abort their babies. There are many reputable adoption agencies. These babies have the right to live like you and me.
Thank God that we have a pro-life president and Congress. A large number of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics have been forced to close.How did we allow ourselves to fund them with our taxpayers' money? Why can't I pick what not to support with my hard-earned dollars?
Good night.
God Bless
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