Wednesday, January 24, 2018

'Cut The Fluff..."

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Today marks day 24 of the My 500 Words Challenge. It was highly suggested we cut the fluff in our writing. Get rid the use of the words, "that and very." Using them very often don't carry the muscle in your writing. They just tend to cover or hide the nuances in one's writing. I agree with that because I do overuse these words for the sake of lengthening the sentence. I hate to admit but I'm guilty of using these words for words' sake.
I have read in the writers' arsenal of using verbs in the active voice which is all happening in the present tense. It might be easier to grasp the concept, easier to read and doesn't give us various connotations. It would be a clear-cut simple sentence.
However, it doesn't mean that the use of adjectives and adverbs are not as potentially good as action verbs. For me, it depends on what your style of writing is. And subjecting your authenticity to formal rules on grammar which is too many if you ask me, is not my cutting edge.
I still refresh myself with studies on clarity, grammar, punctuation and meahanics of achieving good sentences but there are times I don't adhere to using them so concrete. And I don't think you need to change the tone of your delivery with what kind of audience you're targeting to please.
The old adage, "Be yourself" to me is my mantra not only in writing but in all forms of communication. It's a walk of life.
Looking at this entry, I may have successfully refrained from using "very and that" in this case. That means ... anybody can do it.
Before I sign out for tonight, let me reiterate the most valuable tool I use in my writing is the Bible.
No book of poetry or narratives can compare the succinctness and the freedom the HolyBible holds. It is for me where all these famous writers, novelits, authors, artists and editors have derived their art/passion. They're just unwilling to admit it. When you read Genesis to Revelation for the first time you will be overwhelmed with so much curiosity but after severdal reads of it, you'll find it to be a gift of Love. For you heart be transformed in awe...
Good Night
God Bless 

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