Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Being In The Moment With My Tootsie..."

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My precious dog, Tootsie was diagnosed with a cancerous lump September 6 of last year. She's a real trooper, an inspiration to me. Just like me, she loves walking. She's notorious about it. Doesn't enjoy walking with other dogs. She's happy just me and her exploring the grounds.
I weighed in all my options on how to go about her lump. Going for the procedure to remove it is not a guarantee she'll be okay after that. She has to go through more tests and meds that may or may not work. So, I'm not subjecting her to any procedure of cuts, pokes and needles.. I give her prescribed pain meds and most of all will share her joy of walking outdoors.
She may be a non-verbal companion but she helps me a lot in catching my breath, slowing down, and taking time to think and reflect how she made my life colorful and healthy.
Walking with her makes me experience what being in the moment really means. We both have that kind of connection that we gravitate being and around Nature that gives us greater appreciation, attentiveness which I believe magical. I know she's a dog but I love her so much.
I prayed a lot and still praying that the Vet was wrong and that her lump will go away. 
I have not noticed her slowing down or showing that she's in pain. But of course, I'm more mindful and taking precautions not to aggravate her condition.
This Saturday morning, I  walked her to our favorite walking trail. It was raining. But she was expecting and very anxious to get in the car. So, we walked under the soft touch of rain. It was marvelous to do something out of the ordinary. Little rain won't stop us from doing what we love.Being in the rain and getting wet but not soaking wet, just right; if you want to call it that way is not going to make us sick. We were more excited about the experience and what an experience!
I ask God to prepare my heart when that time comes to say goodbye to my beloved dog. I just want her to be comfortable until the end and not in any pain at all. And that God will bless her with more healthy, active and happy years with me.
Tootsie is my gentle, beautiful reminder that she has rescued me from the nuances and mundanes of life; that with her loyalty and affection, I reap the benefits beyond my expectations, adopting her 11 years and a half ago.
God Bless and
Good Night!

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