Friday, January 5, 2018

"Be Good To Yourself..."

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I was just done taking down the Christmas tree, garland greeneries and all of the Christmas lights. Halfway done I may say. The rest will be taken good care of tomorrow. 

Decorating my home especially at Christmas gives me pure delight. From changing window curtains to beddings; holiday doormats to tablescapes setting, you name it I do it all. There's something very special and magical about it. I also love sending out Christmas cards to friends and loved ones and wrapping gifts that will mean something to them if they dig it.
This is also the time that I don't mind gaining a few pounds due to eating a lot of finger foods, sweets, appetizers, chocolates and of course more cups of coffee with cream.
I also tend to be on the couch just watching Hallmark movies or Prime Netflix. No delving into outdoor exercise since the weather had been fiercely cold. 
But that's over now...All of my eccentricities and idiosyncracies about how I celebrated it is in the past. I'm learning very hard not to think or become nostalgic of the things in the past. It could easily become your nemesis and you don't want that happening again.

I think what I'm trying to say here is that go back to find what moves you; what makes you more loving, kind and compassionate to yourself...because if you're not then you can't be anything good to anybody. 
They say that we actually teach people how we want us to be treated. So if you're second-guessing your self-worth as a person that God created you as his/her masterpiece, then you're allowing people to treat you undesirably which is contrary to what the Lord sees you as beautiful and perfect in His sight. We do tend to value how others perceive us. That usually is the case if we're  gullible about our moral compass, not knowing how to put up boundaries because we all need to build fences with those people who want to harm us. 
Think about you multi-dimensional gifts that God has blessed you and me. Whatever you're very at doing, take that and use it as your platform to change somebody's life. It doesn't have to be a multitude, one soul is enough to share your nuggets of wisdom and talents. 
To tell you the truth I'm learning how to do that without having second thoughts or reservation. Every day I ask God's grace that I may recognize His gentle voice and will lead me to be a blessing to someone. It could just be lending an ear to someone; praying for someone I had neglected to pray for or uplifting/edifying someone from despair. 
Two days before this New Year, I decided to go out and vacuum my car. I was about to go when an adult man approached me and asked me if I could spare him a couple of dollars. He even mentioned that he and his younger sister had not eaten yet. It was a good thing that I had a five dollar bill in my wallet and gave it to him without preconceived notions.I got to see him through while driving back home; he went inside to a fast food restaurant. I wasn't even looking over my shoulders at that time that he approached me. The vacuum service place was empty at that time I went. Thinking about it now, I know that the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob is with me always.
And that is Biblical...He is with us, His hedge of protection and covering over us!

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