Saturday, January 6, 2018

"A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed..."

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If you have big old pieces of furniture or household items, the utility/water department in your city will pick them up for free of charge. They usually collect and shred them by that monstrous machine they have in their truck, once a year usually in the month of November.

That day that I needed their service was last year. I had a big, bulky, heavy sofa and a couch in my shed. It had been raining for days and everywhere you walk on was puddles of mud and a few mosquitoes roaming outside.

The problem was I needed someone with strong arms to carry the sofa and couch to the curb. Everybody I called at that time was nowhere to be found. They're either out of town or working.

Then I called my friend; not for her to come help me but if she knew somebody who can. She just got home from running errands and of course, tired. Besides the fact that even if she would have had come, there was no way we could move the sofa and the couch to the street together. But guess what, she came without me imposing.
So we had to carry that sofa first one step at a time. We were laughing and giggling how we couldn't find any man on site to help us. We could have just pushed it slowly but it was still drizzling and was dark enough that if we weren't careful with our steps, we would have fallen in the mud.
So God helped us with the instant supernatural strength to finish our goal. What else would it be? After that particular event, I knew then that my friend Senaida is a friend for life. She had shown me that she is my very good friend and my sister in Christ. We've known each other now for eight years.

The only anchor that holds a lasting friendship is God's guidance on your growing friendship. It is very hard these days to build a solid friendship. Our society is full of evil forces that one may easily fall prey to destruction.
I thank God every day for blessing me a friend that makes me want to grow and better myself from learning together on how to look at difficulties and hurdles and challenges in life from the vantage point of God's Word. 
I believe that what sustains our good friendship is that sense of honesty and unselfishness. There should be no disbelief or suspicion in friendship. And that's what we diligently do.

I love the fact that we're both educators. We talked about our kiddos in school not to make judgmental comments but talk about the better strategies on how to facilitate learning better. We each believe that God had divinely appointed us where we are and we make it a big responsibility to be great stewards of what was placed in our hands: that is to teach well.
It also gives me joy that we both love the Lord. Although we both have our own churches to go to, we share the same Christian values and principles. I think that's the pinnacle of friendship is when you both want to be better ambassadors of God's Word. And you do it in Spirit and in Truth.

I am beyond grateful and thankful... 

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