Friday, October 6, 2017

"My Jehovah Rapha"

Today, October 6, 2017, is my beloved Tootsie's 11th birthday.
I took a day off so I could take her to the Vet to get that growing lump on her left side
checked and also spend the whole day with her.
So the cytology/aspirate shows cells highly suspicious for cancer. Surgical removal is recommended the earliest possible. 
Only those who have lost a precious dog or precious pets to cancer can know the gaping hole and the heartache I am experiencing right at this very moment. However, I believe that God's grace and healing power be upon Tootsie once again. God, my Jehovah Rapha, the Healer.

If there's one prayer that I would desperately ask God to answer, is for Tootsie to live 7 more years of healthy and a happy life with me. 
All day I couldn't stop tearing up... I couldn't imagine my life without her love and loyalty and sweet idiosyncracies. 

At the Vet's waiting room. Asked the vet's asst. to take a snapshot of me & Tootsie.

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Tootsie waiting for the visit to be over and done with so she can get out of there and go to the park nearby. Judging by the way she moves, you can't tell she has some health concerns. She loves the outdoors. Just like me, she's so good in walking. She can outrun me in the park. She's an excellent companion, my guard protector, and my muse when I need to pour out what's hovering my mind and quiet them solely for my sake.
I love you, Tootsie.
You are Beautiful and I will marvel every moment with you.

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