Sunday, December 31, 2017

"Happy New Year Beautiful Souls"

Happy New YearI pray that every one of you celebrated theNew Year with great expectations. May you keep building the courage, the faith, hope and love that is in all of us. Let's all move forward, look up and take heart to know Him more for the Lord Jesus is the only one that can give us joy not momentary pleasure but one that is not perpetuated by circumstances surrounding your life.
Let your thoughts, actions, speech, and dreams be a reflection of His Love!

Dream Big

Monday, December 25, 2017

"Ben Carson's Fervent Prayer..."

Today is a really Good Day...

This is a beautiful prayer... Coming from a political figure, I never had imagined that he could pray like that. Only the presence of the Holy Spirit could have guided him how to pray with all of his heart and with all of his mind. This makes me so happy! There's no way I would miss sharing it on my Blog.

God wants us to pray. Praying to our Almighty God is our best lifeline. You may not hear his answer audibly but in your spirit, you know that by faith He hears it and answers it in His time. And believe in your heart that it will come to pass. 
In God, We Trust.

"Our kind Father in heaven, we're so thankful for the opportunities and the freedom that you've granted us in this country. We thank you for the president and for Cabinet members who are courageous, who are willing to face the winds of controversy in order to provide a better future for those who come behind us. We're thankful for the unity in Congress, that presented an opportunity for our economy to expand so we can fight the corrosive debt that has been destroying our future. And we hope that that unity will spread even beyond party lines so that people recognize we have a nation that is worth saving. And nations divided against themselves cannot stand. In this time of discord, distrust, and dishonesty, we ask that you will give us a spirit of gratitude, compassion, and common sense. And give us the wisdom to be able to guide this great nation in the future. We ask in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen."

Thanks to Christina Wilkie, Political Reporter to

Have A Merry Merry Christmas Everyone!
Christ is the Reason for the Season...Without Christ on Christmas, we are left with "many angry shoppers" Think about that..

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

"The Climb," By Jordan Smith

It's a song that archives every dream I never get to reach its peak, only its subdued unsteady reflection appearing indistinctly with a faintly luminous quality. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it to my heart.

This Christmas Season, thousands or maybe even millions of people all over the world are beset with low energy, not heralding to celebrating the birth of Jesus. Outlandish people even prefer to say "Happy Holidays" so not to offend any religion. I never really understand that. How could anyone of us not say "Merry Christmas" when It's Christ who's truly giving these franchises, businesses make a lot of money because the majority of us Christians still keep the faith of our forefathers and founders who fought for our freedom to know and love God.
After all, we are a Christian nation and we have a very funny way of showing the Redeemer in our lives.

Well, JordanSmith's delivery on this song has made me realized to its full extent why we always push ourselves to climb, to reach the peak of our dreams. We wait, we strive and pray that whatever your dreams are, they will come to pass not on your own abilities but only God's supernatural anointing in your life. It may be had taken a decade or so but know that even in waiting for so long, the wait will soon come to an end.

 I still believe that there is a lot of outpouring of miracles this Christmas season. Not only because the Christmas trees are lit up strikingly bright and radiant and the presents ingeniously wrapped and laid around them, but it's the joyous spirit that spring knowing what Christmas is all about. If we have forgotten intentionally why we celebrate Christmas, we are at war in our deepest souls.

 It is Jesus who made a way for all of us to dream, to give, and to love...
If there are moments in my life that my spirit is vexed with discouragement, I thank God's grace that it is just a moment-- it never resides and climbs in the deep recesses of my mind and heart and soul. I tell myself that my real dream is to run my race, fight the good fight of faith, hope, and love.
Because Jesus is Love.

It makes real sense...Really! 

With Pride & Joy to say, "MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Sunday, October 8, 2017

"Build My Life...Lord!"

Reminding us all that life on this earth is temporary...that our life really is, should be a testimony of what the Holy Bible says which is the Word of God.
What eternal assurance can our earthly possession be worth when they could at any time come crashing down. Look at all the tragic/devastating events that our beautiful country have gone through. Hundreds of lives are lost not knowing whether they were saved or not before that tragedy struck? 
I pray that all of us give our hearts to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for Jesus is the only way the truth and the life. There is no experience of real joy in the midst of sorrows if we don't make Jesus as our Lord and Savior.
Some have been vocal about why America is experiencing so much pain and grief? They say that it is because we have gotten ourselves so worldly that we couldn't distinguish good from pure evil. And that even a number of evangelicals and preachers in the pulpit have been very very puppet-like minded. They don't want to rock the boat which is standing for the Word of God. Weathering the storm has taught them to play safe and into a whispering mode. There's truth in this. We need to pray harder for lives to be saved.

I believe that the church should be the forerunner in so doing what the gospel is: Preach the good news that Jesus is coming soon...we are the church where the spirit of the Lord lives.

Friday, October 6, 2017

"My Jehovah Rapha"

Today, October 6, 2017, is my beloved Tootsie's 11th birthday.
I took a day off so I could take her to the Vet to get that growing lump on her left side
checked and also spend the whole day with her.
So the cytology/aspirate shows cells highly suspicious for cancer. Surgical removal is recommended the earliest possible. 
Only those who have lost a precious dog or precious pets to cancer can know the gaping hole and the heartache I am experiencing right at this very moment. However, I believe that God's grace and healing power be upon Tootsie once again. God, my Jehovah Rapha, the Healer.

If there's one prayer that I would desperately ask God to answer, is for Tootsie to live 7 more years of healthy and a happy life with me. 
All day I couldn't stop tearing up... I couldn't imagine my life without her love and loyalty and sweet idiosyncracies. 

At the Vet's waiting room. Asked the vet's asst. to take a snapshot of me & Tootsie.

Add caption
Tootsie waiting for the visit to be over and done with so she can get out of there and go to the park nearby. Judging by the way she moves, you can't tell she has some health concerns. She loves the outdoors. Just like me, she's so good in walking. She can outrun me in the park. She's an excellent companion, my guard protector, and my muse when I need to pour out what's hovering my mind and quiet them solely for my sake.
I love you, Tootsie.
You are Beautiful and I will marvel every moment with you.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hello, Autumn... Ecclesiastes 3:11

Image result for www crosscards
The long Pause of not Writing is coming out of me. I don't know why I let my words dried up and bottled them up and not fought enough to get them lined up on a page...So, where do I start?

Thank You to my faithful readers. I'm in awe of such loyalty that I don't deserve. Believe me, there were countless times I wanted to write but my phrases were out of touch that even myself is left numb and querying about life being so cold and void. I go to bed at night longing for some magical dreams to put me to sleep. That never happened. Instead, my dreams were horrid and perplexed. I'm certain that these dreams don't reflect anything deeper like there might be some unforgiveness on my part or some people I need to reconcile with.

Well, I'm here now...fully present with my thoughts.
Yesterday, I took my Tootsie to go for a walk @ Lion's Park. She walked a mile with 2 shortstops on the side trail. She inspires me to keep going, reminding me that walking will always be fun for us. We may have had slowed down together because of mild arthritis and some other aging incapacities but these should not deter us from doing what we love. I kind of miss that period of time when I can do 6 miles a day but now just a third of that. Again, that's the flesh talking to me. I'm learning to shut my thoughts down when the flesh tries to manipulate me.
Then I took my other Labrador, Cocoa to walk on another trail. This one is much closer to my home. This place is new to both of us. There's  pond of many ducks just cooing and swimming while some geese were just frolicking on the grass area. What a beautiful sight. I needed that. For Cocoa, too. Wow. I walked both of my dogs one after the other, on the same morning. Can't walk both of them. They don't get along. At home, they have separate quarters and I do switch them responsibly so they won't kill each other.
I'm also taking American Sign Language Free Course for a year offered by the school district.
I took it for it would be very beneficial to be able to communicate with children of hearing impairment. It's a lovely thing to be skilled in something you never imagined you would be involved with signing with your hands for oral communication.
Lord God, I need your divine grace to be a good vessel in transforming hearts...
I don't want to do anything that is not from your throne. Help me to have the right discernment, your anointing, your revelations in my life and the wisdom to live the truth according to your glory and grace.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cocoa's 12th Birthday...

Today my mind will be devoid of anything that would curtail celebrating 12 wonderful years (and much more I pray) of her life with me. I know Cocoa is just a dog but her loyalty, love, and quirkiness all these years have my soul falling in a better place. Those who truly love their dogs heartily know what I mean...
So what best way to celebrate Cocoa Today is to take her for a morning walk to Carl Levin Park where we first had our scores of miles we both championed together in our own creative ways.
I know that he wanted to show off and wanted to walk more but I knew her limit now is just a mile. Her legs start to grow weaker and panting more if we continued...That's okay. Life is like that even with us humans. There are things that we can't do anymore in every stages or season in our lives.

                          @ Petsmart. Got her a new collar and a beef treat. She's not much of a cake or a pie dog. 
Add caption
We both were tired after the walk, Petsmart and visiting grandma. She captivated my heart. Love this dog a lot... 

Add caption
My mom talking to Cocoa and she's listening in...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

"Let The Power Of Freedom And Faith In The Creator Triumphs In Our Hearts..."

4th of July

I Believe in God's sovereignty in restoring and developing "the character" or integrity that we must have so he can work in us to be good ambassadors of the message of the Cross.

It is hard to be a sound vessel of his Word. A plethora of disputable beliefs, doctrines, masks of deceptions and agendas and propagandas luring us to be one of them. Their visibility is constantly playing our minds by broadcasting news that has been tainted and books/manuscripts written to confuse us. If we're not steadfast with what the Bible says, we'll be in the dominion of sin. And everlasting hell is as real as eternal Life in Heaven.

 But glory to God, his precious blood that was shed at Calvary Cross nailed and bore every sickness, illness, and iniquities in our lives. I know this seems unfathomable that God loves us so much that he gave us his most precious son, Jesus, but it's true. 
It would really grieve the Holy Spirit, our Comforter if we don't even know how to access all the promises that God has gifted us. 
I am like many of you still stumbles when I don't have the proper wisdom, discernment, revelation, and anointing of the Lord Jesus.
But I do know that in my life, God has been and will always be the absolute Agape Love. 

Let's not forget the true meaning of freedom: It is only found in the presence of God. Without the Spirit of the Lord guiding us (if we desire), there's no way we make it Heaven's door. Remember the great story of Noah's Ark. The door was divinely shut. It was too late! 
I pray that History doesn't repeat itself...

James1:12 KJV
Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.
Thanking God...Blessed his Holy name.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Jerry Savalle's Powerful Preaching Tonight @ Belton Christian Center...

 Jerry Savalle shaking hands with the church congregation after blessing us with a sermon
we needed to carry in our hearts. You can actually watch and listen to him
@ BVOVN with the Copeland Ministries.
I thank God for tonight's message that revolves around Proverb 29:18 KJV
"Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

I did not expect Jerry Savalle to be preaching in a small church with just about 47-50 people sitting in the pew. Maybe because it's a Friday night and many people have gone out of town for the Memorial Day weekend. It's also the last school day for children in Central TexasSchool
Districts. But anyway, I and my two good friends were so thankful for coming to hear him preach the prophetic word.
As Christ's believers (as he explained) God has a prophetic word on each of us. Wea re the righteousness of God. "We need to keep the word before us; read it often as an affirmation, confess it daily, decree it, thank God in advance always and keep sowing your seeds for his kingdom."
We do not rely on what we see or hear for they corrupt our flesh which
affect our faith. We need to pray for God's anointed wisdom in all of our endeavors.
We do not give up nor compromise our Christian values and doctrines because God's
will in our lives surely come to pass. While waiting, we pray, we do the things that please God.
It may take a decade or twice that but we can never go wrong when we're at his will.
Thank God for a marvelous school year and the best is yet to come.
Let's declare that in good faith.

Graciously welcomed us to have these snapshots with him.Add caption

Thursday, March 9, 2017

MercyMe - Even If (Official Lyric Video)

"Right now" is just a perfect moment to enjoy listening to Mercy Me's rendition
of their beautiful song, "Even If."
Our Hope is in you Alone, Lord...
It is well with my heart and soul.
Thank You Lord Jesus!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

"God Is My Refuge" Women's March Conference

Be Strong and Courageous

If I could speak for all the women that attended the conference, there's no denying that the primary "take away" is the wisdom that Debra in the book of Judges represents. I call it relative hierarchy in position but in God's eyes, it is the spiritual sense of order. However, it is not easy for some of us to claim and stand on how God sees us first and manifest that if we don't even know what our specific calling is. Not operating under the anointing of our gifting will leave us perplexed, unsatisfied, vacillating, and unsure.

No wonder that we sometimes displace our worthiness and righteousness to substance abuse, to junk food, to associating with unequally yoked people, and oftentimes succumb to men's cloak raiments if you know what I mean...

BUT...with God and with the help of godly people, we learn how to sharpen our instincts and use it wisely in all circumstances. We can smell from afar the devices that the enemy employs upon us. We have the Word of God that is sharper that the two-edged sword and it pierces the soul. 
What a real gift that is to be known as spiritual daughters of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.We just have to pray steadfastly with a grateful heart and that nothing can ever define us except to how God sees us, a masterpiece!

Thank You Lord for reminding us that our life is identified with you first; and that you loved us first, unconditionally.
It never ceases to amaze me what a grander scale fellowshipping means spiritually--(1st night of the women's conference)Add caption
Here we go on the second night of the women's conference; same background and a more subtle/reserved smile.
Another special way of paying tribute to ourselves--enjoying one another's giftings
and callings with the Grace of God. (last day of the women's conference)
Just me and my good friend Senaida heading to check Jamie Lipe's music...Add caption
AddGo check out Jamie Lipe's music. She sings beautifully. It definitely ushers you to worship in the spirit realm... caption

Saturday, January 14, 2017

"The Most Beautiful Name, Jesus, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords"

The Name of Jesus...
The most beautiful name
The most powerful name
The most wonderful name
Nothing compares to this name
The name above all names
That name is Jesus Christ, my King!

          It was New Years' Eve during Kenneth's Copeland's service when I first heard this song. I just know that it's the kind of music video I want to share on my blog for the New Year.
I pray that this song will gain entrance even just at the door to your heart. Once that happens, its glorious power breaks all silence and you want to proclaim and begin to shout and Praise His name in Worship.

So I have shut down my craving to watch Netflix movies and other television dramas & shows that feed my carnal soul. It is hard to fast from such a craving in the flesh but I won't have it any other way. For I see the difference. I have more time to spend cooking dinner and more time listening to the Word of God. It is true that what you feed yourself and what you surround yourself with show what's your truth. And believe me, it's not easy not to watch a classic movie or Award ceremonies & etc. Also, had cut off my trips to the department stores where I literally buy every markdown clearance. Not eating cakes, chocolates, pies and candies for 21 days is the hardest. However, God has been mindful of what I'm doing. He sees my soul. That I'm trying hard not to fall into temptation. It feels good though to breakthrough from the wrong things or desires.
I praise God for hanging out with me through all of these...

 At the end of our corporate Fast at my Church, I know my reward is greater--that is, my faith in what he did and finished/completed at Calvary Cross more than two thousand years ago is at the very heart of who I am...Redeemed.

Love all of you that inspires me to write, share and create beautiful moments with you especially this year, 2017!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quote

Sunday, January 1, 2017

"Happy New Year; 2017"

New Year- Psalm 65:11

New Year's Eve for me was a precursor to what I would love to continue doing and more to it for the rest of my 2017.
Yesterday morning, I and my good friend Senaida and sister in Christ went to IHop for breakfast. Sometimes it's just so good to be spontaneous, going with your gut feeling with the right friend. The place was packed with families and friends eating breakfast together. For me that's a very good sight to enthrone in your heart...
As always, I and my friend had a fabulous time talking about our families, about God, sharing scriptures that are most relevant in our lives. It felt like there's more freedom within to express our Christian beliefs now that we have Pres. elect Donald Trump and his new administration that embraces life and promises to make America great again. I believe that as long as he keeps seeking wisdom from our Almighty God.
After breakfast, I went for a run at the park for 2.5 miles then vacuum the inside of my car and power- washed it. Again, the car- wash place was packed. Still I felt that surge of strength continuing to emanate from me that I still had so much strength to clean my house; put everything in place. Praise God for good health!
In the evening, I went with Senaida and her baby grandson for a prayer at Faithpoint church. It was a very Blessed evening. Thanking that husband and wife team who prayed for our petitions to go to the throne of God. 
Watching Kenneth Copeland and hearing him preach the Word of God at the comfort of my home with Zenny and Jayden was a threshold while awaiting for the countdown.

I pray for consistency, deliverance from things that are not pleasing to God, be more obedient to the Holy Spirit's promptings and be a better ambassador and a vessel for His kingdom.
Our lives are fleeting; we are not promised of tomorrow but only Today we can choose Him to be our personal Savior and Lord of our life. 

Happy Happy New Year Everyone! I pray that 2007 is the year for sowing and reaping the benefits of Obedience.