Saturday, October 29, 2016

"America" Is One Nation Under God...

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On Wednesday, October the 27th, I cast  my vote early with the one I know who would protect my right to say "Amen & Hallelujah" to our divine protector, Jesus; a commander-in-chief who would stand for Israel, who would stand for the right of the unborn child/children; who would build borders for the uncanny enemies; who would allow pastors,  ministers & Christian missionaries to preach the Word of God unedited at the pulpit or anywhere God wants them to share the good news of His second coming. If we don't cast our vote for these grounds, persecution among us will be innumerable that proclaims the Word of God.

The dispensation of God's blessings to our nation largely depends on how much we support Israel. Many Christians may not get this in depth but one day everything that we have doubts about will soon be answered. In Genesis 12:3 says, "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."
I may not have been strong about advocating changes about our ailing economy because I believe strongly that our spiritual food is more important than the physical bread alone. Besides, I live under my means; I don't buy things on an impulse. I don't mix absolute truths to carnal/flesh temporary desires. I'm not being self-righteous--I just know what feeds my soul, my heart, my mind, that is: I believe in the in his promises dispensed to his apostles with the anointing of the Holy Spirit unto them which is also available to me if I believe it. 

Think about the "Rapture." When we "get caught up in mid-air" with Jesus, can you bring your earthly investments which you prioritized? It is good to work hard for your money but every blessing that you received should be shared to bless and save a soul that doesn't know the Lord Jesus.

God is obviously is on the throne...There is no telling what else he would reveal to us to get our attention who to vote  for the right commander-in-chief. I've never been this passionate about imploring to vote according to the Word of God. We can't be callous this time. There are unlawful conscious mistakes that can't equal lewdness.We've all been guilty of profanity in one way or the other. I say that before you judge somebody's speck in his eyes, look at the log in your eyes first and don't cover it up because you can...

As I was jogging this morning, my heart & mind is in sync. I know I voted wisely!

By the way, my vote went to Donald Trump; that is with sheer conscience...
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Thank you SBN, Air-One, Franklin Graham's ministries and many others that are courageous, steadfast, and unwavering faith in the infallible Word of God!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Choosing The Lesser Of Two Evils..."

It is more than disconcerting to think that we're left with the decision to choose the lesser of two evils" this coming presidential election. 

I have watched all of the presidential debates and also the vice presidential debate. The waves of comments from all the major networks and social media commenters carry no weight of influence on my pick for the future commander-in-chief of this great nation. The presence of bias and sting of favoritism on their candidate is very obvious, more so to the candidate that had managed to allure people with charm & sophistication .I don't also pay attention to recent polls. That's another way of manipulation especially to the undecided voters that might just go to the candidate that has the upper hand at the polls.

I believe that if all true believing Christians are going to vote with wisdom and try to silence the reverberating nuisance around them and just ask God's guidance, we will have a pro-life president, someone who would uphold our right to say,"In Jesus' name and not curtail our Christain faith; someone who would not cut our ties and support to Israel, someone who would pick the right judges to the Supreme Court like putting someone like the late Judge Scalia. And if the vice presidential running mate is also a pro-life Christian, then we can't go wrong.
Remember Life, what that really encompasses in the spiritual realm. God wants us to be wise and conscientious.  This is the most pivotal, critical time to all of us: Let's have our eyes fixed on Jesus. Pray with me that we always choose and celebrate the things that are pleasing to God. We have to cast our vote in spirit and in truth. I agree with Franklin Graham, the SBN Family Worship Center on what they stand on. Vote for the candidate that will keep our freedom to be ministers for preaching the Word of God. And all the rest will fall in the right place. We have to believe that God is on the throne watching and wanting us to do the right thing. Always!

Many people don't realize the magnanimity of what this election means. They'd rather stay home and not exercise their civic duty and responsibility to cast their vote. I am urging everyone to go out and vote. It is critical that the government hears our voice one last time. It is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

America is still "One Nation Under God."

Helpful Scriptures
Genesis 12:3
Jeremiah 1:5
Psalm 127:3-5
Thank you for preaching the Word.
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

" Terri Savalle's Two-Day ICING Women's Event"

Interestingly enough that I jumped on the invitation of Senaida, a very good friend of mine who invested her trust and support on my coming and to other three Christian women/friends of hers. 

These snapshots are indicative of luminous smiles and expectant hearts as to what this Conference means to us...

During this two-day women's conference, (Oct.14-15, 2016), I took notes--writing the words and phrases in my notebook that when I go back and reread them will be transformative to my soul...
I believe that my readings of non-fiction, Christian books have catapulted me the discernment I need.
From Terri Savalle Foy's 2 days of motivational teaching engagement to us, women of Faith, I will take away the confidence and the acceleration of her passion towards choosing and releasing our words in Faith that as if they already come to pass. I admit that's not my strength in my finances; however; God's grace has been always overflowing in my physical body. I can still walk and jog without chronic pain and free from taking prescriptive medicine. That's my hallelujah of the proclamation of" how great thou Art."
What she said that we're not created to live without resistance is true. Many Christians still believe that they're excluded from experiencing the turmoils and the "dryness in our bones," and infirmities that befall us and the pangs of depression and physical death. For us to bounce back hard, we have to armor ourselves with the heart of thanksgiving, intentional worship, and steadfast-unwavering faith that God the father, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are working together as One to heal, provide and guide us in all of our ways.

I do have a vision board but not quite established. Still thinking how to be more specific in laying out my dreams that slipped away and revive them by admitting that I let excuses be the frontrunner of my choosing. May I find myself again very passionate about writing a book with no apologies--just straight up, the raw and beautiful epitome of my soul longing for God's divinity...

It was a very refreshing camaraderie among the five of us women...I can't speak for all of them what this event meant to their spirit. I can only attest that all of them have a heart full of gratitude. And that itself will make them resolute with their individual journey with God's purpose in their life. My heart is also filled with thanksgiving!

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

"Out Of The Darkness Community Walk..."

Walking in Faith...

My second walk/run for the season...This walk to fight suicide is very dear to my heart. 
Today I've heard testimonies from people who've lost a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a friend, a relative and someone who's right now suffering from this mental illness. I've read too many people mostly celebrities who committed suicide and I guess I was prematurely presumptuous to think that they welcomed that disease to themselves by the way they live their life as rich & famous!

But Today I realized after hearing the voices that echoed deep-dismal sadness and in a way still in pain for their lost loved ones, that depression ultimately leads to having suicidal thoughts does not discriminate. Anyone is susceptible these days or can be a candidate if we lose the truth that mental illness is a great magnitude of our spirituality. And that we are never alone if we open our hearts to Jesus.

All these charity and fund-raised walks are all so humbling, commemorating and in a way a closure to all of us who've seen the darkness of this illness. We're more driven now to talk about it because of the staggering number surrounding it, thus, the stigma that attached to suicide is no longer hidden. We could all be the voice of Hope to those who are suffering now.

However, there is one thing that need not be overlooked or denied: We refused to cling that our help must come first from the Lord. Everything else is inferior outside the realm of God. The only suicidal prevention that I know for sure is having a personal relationship and accepting Jesus as our personal savior and Lord.

When will we ever learn that we are powerless without the help of God? When do we stop bullying ourselves that we can overcome such darkness in our life with our own strength and power?

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Getting Creative..."

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Today Is All Good...

 Fall weather is here...Feeling the zeal of the glorious day stirring in my heart, I took Tootsie for a walk at the park. So happy that she didn't indicate for a rest so we walked and jogged alternately. There's nothing more alluring and intimate to me than breathing fresh chilly air into my lungs. 

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 After lunch, it just dawned on me that Pet Medical Center where Cocoa & Tootsie get to have their check- ups are having their 15th- year anniversary celebration from 10am-2pm. I only had half hour to take Cocoa there and we made it. We ended up getting a lot of freebies and also they served us brisket and hot dogs--for free! I was glad to have followed my instinct to still go even for half hour. When we got there, there were only a few dogs left checking out the venue. They also took a snapshot of me & Cocoa. That was really nice of them to celebrate all of the dogs & cats that's been coming to that Pet Center.

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 It wouldn't be  a good ride back home if I didn't walk Cocoa to her favorite Carl Levin Park. And it turned out I still had more than enough energy to enjoy the pond. Sitting there lulls me into smiling serenity & contentment...Oh, how I love to enjoy the simple things that draw me nigh closer to His presence!
It feels really good to have walked both of my dogs "fair & square," on the same day.
Thank you, Lord, for a marvelous day!