Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Every Summer Has A Story..."

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Call it a travesty when you have more passion in the past than courage to slay the things that keep you from moving forward. That you have this unquenchable yearning to do over and no matter how much head-knowledge ushering admonitions there are, you're still walking defeated. How can you even make the best of what you have when all the underlying layers of your best self is the gravity of your past actions? Why is it that self- condemnation is hard to get past of or make peace with it? And we all have endless deplorable,legitimate reasons and excuses. Some of us have mastered that mind game. Unfortunately!

Sometimes, I find myself to the most awkward places of the heart. My mindset doesn't agree with what my heart beats. Psychology says that mind over matter. The Bible teaches that we have to "keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." Prov.4:23 KJV.

For me, the heart could be deceitful if you're not being guided by the Holy Spirit that convicts you when you're about to do wrong; when you're even conspicuously wrong and the ramifications of, "Oh, I screwed up so badly" that you'll be paying for this mistake in your lifetime. Maybe so...

But what does it really take to move your mountain to its place? Is it too much idleness, idolatry, denial, pride ,
addiction, isolation, deficiency, rebellion, arrogance, poverty, feebleness, and religion in your flesh that you cannot see the truth? 

I know now that every issue that besets us is in the light of Ephesians 6: 10-18 KJV

After all, every Summer will always be the Joy of Hope in Christ Jesus.

Friday, June 3, 2016

"Standing Tall In our Faith..."

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This is the moment that will stay with me. I will carry the faith that solidifies that God wants us to call unto his name, Jesus, whom we draw our strength, our refuge and an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm46:1

I thank God that we have a school administrator that believes in the power of Prayer. In many ways, she is the leader that holds us together, that needs her encompassing and illuminating wisdom. Every morning when she does the pledge of allegiance, followed by the moment of silence, and her announcements, we the Special Ed. classes couldn't wait to hear her say our favorite nugget of encouragement,"Work hard, and don't be lazy" and that has echoed in the hearts of our special needs children. This has become our phrase of ammunition towards the children esp. when we're doing our academic rotations in the morning. And it works for it delves them to work diligently even just for that "brief teaching moment that they get it." 

Oh well...tonight, I'll start brainstorming a bucket list of achievable goals as well as goals that may be hard to accomplish. Yeah. Summer just got started. Will be taking my mom to go out. She's been under the weather lately, on and off. Yup, this is good.

Thank You Lord for the challenges that we have overcome this schoolyear. With these adversities, they made us labor and toil to serve our students better. It really takes a village to raise a child. Just happy that I have partnered with a village of educators that makes every heart grow fonder and closer to his outstretched hand!

Be adventurous this Summer. Think outside the box. There may not be chocolates outside the box but the journey to experiencing all that is there before our eyes are for us to marvel. Just take heart. Never lose what your heart treasures most. Don't be surprised if you see me at Home Depot learning a new skill. 
Surprise me!

See you all in August. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Where's your Treasure?"

For where your treasure is...
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I have fewer regrets and guilts this year when it comes to stewarding of time & space. Standing up with the word "No" when it feels overwhelming even to the closest to your heart is true freedom. Always speak with sheer honesty and with compassion when articulating to communicate your need.
I also learned not to try" to remove the speck in other's eyes without first removing the log in my own eyes." Ironically, when we're critical of someone's flaws, it is because that flaw is bursting inside of us; and that discontentment within us is what we want to see in others. You may be non-accepting to that realization but it is the truth.

Lately. I've been watching Netflix movies, of which only transcends courage over people who triumphed over adversities in all forms. Like for example, Walt Disney. He chased his dream on becoming the greatest innovative cartoonist/artist for many years. He knew in his heart that that seed of vision even as a child is coming to pass. He just had to persevere more and believe in himself and in that dream. Isn't it disconcerting when you reach your vision after most of your friends you've trusted left and didn't want to be a part of your dream? That happens all the time. 

Thus, I believe that our path to our victories in life is riddled with the obstacles and challenges and detours we face. We need spiritual wisdom that only comes from the Word of God.I'm sure there's no confusion in His Word; only we confuse ourselves because we're into the mix of things...We bring ourselves with so contradictions and we just love the art of complexities. Maybe simplicity is not alluring.Not trending.

Let me put it this way-- we don't know where our treasure is. And it does feel that way, sometimes.