Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Why Couldn't You Take Me With You?"

When my sister's father-in-law died last month in Florida, I knew I had to pay my respect and see him for the last time. That meant that I had to leave "Cocoa," my 10 year- old Chocolate Lab. and "Tootsie, " my other 9 year - old Black Labrador, to my son's care. I had jotted down everything I can think of to make sure that three nights away from Cocoa & Tootsie will be comfortable. 

I guessed  both of them had an inkling that I wouldn't be home for days. This was the very first time that I had to be away more than two nights. Reassuring them with my gestures with my emotionally- cracked voice  almost to tears didn't help. I think I made it more difficult saying goodbye to them...

I'm sure that for those of you who have and had dogs esp. Labradors know that our special bond with our dogs reaches beyond our expectations. They're amazing kennel animals...
Never underestimate the impact of a fuller/productive life they unconditionally offer. 

Adopt one Today...Having one or more can even stretch a span of memory.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

"You Are Loved..."

              The falsetto used in the right places has most registered to my loving this song; also as singing it "live" in an acoustic group. And of course, its lyrics are worth listening to...

Oh God, how I love Saturday pauses when captivating music as this is what it takes to usher my heart to give thanks and rest all my burdens to God. And that's all you & I have to do. We have to learn how to annihilate ourselves from the so- called mundane in our daily life. There's just too many whispers & shouts of this world that only music as this can't penetrate the shield of God's love to us. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

"I Will Trust In You..."

His Love Never Changes...

"Every moment of your wandering" in the aisles of your mind, and perhaps even in the deepest chamber of your heart, you can be rest assured that trusting your darkest pain in the Lord is the "only Way, the Truth & the Life. 

 Because Jesus is the answer. Our strength is flawed & limited. Our accolades and belts of lofty accomplishments without His divine appropriation in your life, when it's all gone and taken away, you are left with endless wandering... The Worst scenario is that, after losing all these secular trophies, depression sinks in and you may stay there for the longest time for you have refused to listen to the saving knowledge of God.
Don't be a stranger...to God.

Monday, February 1, 2016

"You Are In My Prayers..."

Who is in your prayers today? - Psalm 6:9
Praying  to God has become my lifeline.It teaches me to humble myself; that I'm powerless without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I've seen and experienced that a hearty prayer can move God the windows of Heaven with His grace. I couldn't imagine how I'm still alive without believing the core benefits of prayer.Even when I have to wait for my prayers to be answered, my faith in it never wavered. I still believe that not having an answer is a reason to falter to get on your knees. It's not worth whining about it. Know that nothing can separate you from His love.