Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Random snapshots of Today's "Living In The Moment..."

I thought I would reward myself to a good lunch with my very good friend Seny @ Red Lobster. Maybe, seafood with broccoli will help ease the discomfort that I have been feeling in my belly for a while. And it did help.
This week, I took Cocoa, my beloved Chocolate Labrador to the Pet Med. for an annual thorough physical test. I had no doubt in my mind that she'd pass the tests with flying colors. I also took her to the very first walking trail we used to go five years ago. That made her day. Even dogs like to visit, sniff on things that were buried on the ground.
Still need to declutter & organize my room. And that's a big task to tackle. I'm not worrying about making resolutions anymore. I just have one thing that I need to work on wholeheartedly. I need not be affected or bothered by anyone or people who are notoriously sapping your energy without even knowing it. I just want to be in sync with what God is in store for me.

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After lunch, we went to Hastings bookstore instead of going to watch a movie. This stack of magazines may be overwhelming but not really. Some of these magazines are only worthy to be perused with just less impact; other topics could just be scanned with mental images and the rest may need more an hour or two to digest...What I usually do is pick up some new words or vocabulary or fragments and make them my own in my texts. Just like giving a new profile to each word depending where your heart is, as we speak...right now.
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Friday, December 25, 2015

"Thank You Lord Jesus for Christmas..."

From my family to yours...may you had a very Blessed Christmas!
It's been a family tradition that we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus on Christmas Eve so each family can celebrate his/her family Christmas celebration respectively on the 25th.
I spent my Christmas morning with a walk in the park with my beloved dog, Cocoa. I figured that the best gift I could give myself and my dog is keeping the regiment of the best exercise I know which is walking esp. in the morning.
In retrospect of this season, it doesn't get any more poignant than thinking of love ones that are no longer with us. Or love ones who are serving in the war zones for our liberties and couldn't be with their families. Or children who are living as destitute, and those with mental illnesses and sicknesses contemplating suicide.I would like to tell them that even in our worst nightmares that His grace & mercy endures forever upon our lives.
When I think about the frailties of humanity and what we put on to keep it that way instead of taking the less travelled path and focus on what is really important, we fail because we're lost spiritually.
I am thankful for the tangible gifts I received this Christmas and the gifts God has afforded me to give in return. I am thankful for the solidarity of a family. I am thankful even for the bad and not so bad influences of people around me for only in those experiences that I learn and decide my "take outs" in life.But I'm more thankful for the saving knowledge of the Word of God. In His Word, lies the very foundation of His love.
May John 3:16 really sinks in us.
Merry Christmas to all who visit my page and read through me and with me.

My first born who shares my cravings for words...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

"In The House Of God..."

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 I look forward to going to church service on Sundays... My safety net is being around my family. I also get to shake hands and say "hello" to my sisters and brothers in Christ. I am totally immersed singing with the worship team and the whole congregation is in it, too.
But what touches/moves me most is the message that the Pastor encapsulates in his sermon.
I love how he builds up to the momentum...accelerating, pumping to the truth of the gospel of
Jesus Christ.
For me, a sermon is a good one when it calls the heart to repent, when it doesn't feel good to hear it; and when it ushers your spirit to believe in miracles, especially at Christmas. It is an anointed sermon when it takes you get closer to your family values that anchor your faith  in His name.
This morning, I am reminded that Christmas is all about the birth, the resurrection of Christ, the saving knowledge of His Word, and His love for all mankind.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Places In Your Heart..."

I have always loved  Richard Max's very evocative way of singing the lyrics of a song. Although he did this cover of Katy Perry's, his  version is very reminiscent, transcendent, nostalgic--all of which taps one's keen vulnerability.

Besides, I love the acoustic rendition. You get more of the song and the artist's emotions than having backup singers, the band and a big production. This way, it's more than entertainment to your avid fans/listeners. It's real, organic music that penetrates your soul.

Didn't we all have someone in our life who got away? And for your sanity, you just had to let it go. Somehow there are places in your heart that are still mending, stronger than any other experiences in your present. The truth of another life is great hope in the making. You no longer ask for anybody to stay because he's there to stay. You both made it through...

Sunday, December 6, 2015

"On My Niece's College Graduation..."

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Yesterday, Dec. 05 was my niece's college graduation. We celebrated a very joyful celebration with the family. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness and amazing grace that covers us all from  the journeys and the human experiences we could possibly have. At times, the "walks of life" seem treacherous, risky and narrow... but through it all it all comes down to believing that God is for us! 
I give my "kudos" to my sister and brother-in-law for instilling the value of higher education and how that translates to helping others to my beautiful niece.Their loving intentions and sacrifices as parents paid off in bounds.
 My prayer is for her not allow anything or anybody deter her from following God's will for her life. There is no greater gift than doing what you're called to do in this physical life we call earth.

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