Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"My Cocoa Turns Ten (in human years) Today"

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My way of splurging on my dog's 10th birthday is very simple. We went out walking in the morning. I just let her do more of his sniffing on his favorite corners. I kinda went with her pace. Afterwards, I took her to Petsmart where she helped me pick her new toy; bought her a new leash and a small personal birthday cake. I couldn't find any single party hat or tiara and a birthday banner so we found all that in the General Dollar Store--on our way home. 

I also gave her a bath using Martha Stewart's product shampoo and served her kennel food with canned Dutch ham earlier at breakfast. She devoured that in less than 3 minutes. I think Cocoa looked so pretty wearing that tiara but I wouldn't be surprised if she'll put up a fight with me to wear it. Glitters catch none of my attention either.

Thank God for my dog Cocoa. I know she's just a dog but what a very special dog she is in my life. I pray for another ten healthy years for her. Looking at her pictures when she was a puppy and now a senior dog made me realized how my years count because of her.

Happy happy 10th birthday to you Cocoa!!!