Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Saturday Blessings"

I took a snapshot of this little creature. Didn't show any commotion until my presence felt like an invasion of personal space. It is fun for me to notice every living thing that catches my eye especially on a Saturday morning walk at the park. This image is a Spring capture.

I kind of overworked my joints after 2.5 miles of walking/jogging.I miss that body strength/energy I used to have. But I have no regrets. I had a long good run for the outdoors and will continue until my limbs are too weak to move. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful to be a part of Nature's gift: how you choose to utilize your time in whatever stage you are in life and who you decide to spend and share it comes with a great prize. Wisdom.

And I chose to spend it with myself communing with His presence.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Power of Preaching the Truth of His Word

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So I went to a three-day women's church conference this weekend. A very good friend of mine registered me with her to this big event. I can only speak for myself that I came expecting for the messenger's message to be powerful, illuminating & anointing.And so it was!

For one I believe that women are extraordinary charged with good instincts especially maternal instincts. I call that the 6th sense although we know only of 5 natural senses. Just imagine all women of faith in one place expressing their praise & worship to God through songs that connect them to the holy of holies; rhythmic movements that make them dance so freely and hearts and souls intertwined because of their love for God!

I really felt such an incredible anointing of the Holy Spirit moving through the Worship team, to the guest speakers' preaching of the Word and to all of us women that came to receive The Word.

We've learned that we need to disconnect ourselves from dimmer devices--those ones that take our time away from the Lord such as our strong participation with Facebook, Twitter, You tube and many more. And that we need God's perspective in All things. What are we feeding our soul?

We also learned that God's dream seed on us will never die no matter how long it stayed dormant. For some it could take just a few years for their dreams to be realized while some others could take forever until such a time that it's yours to take on His perfect timing. Still some of us went ahead and just consumed with the "why's & the how's" of that fulfillment of that dream. And in doing so, we've missed out the process of how God works...

However, God is the God of second chances, many chances. But should you be volatile and keep playing till you realized you've just run out of time! 

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Friday, April 3, 2015

"Good Friday, It Is..."

I am alive and well...Thank God for my eyes that though they may be blurry to see the physical beauty of things, I don't dismay because every heartbeat of mine holds what the naked eyes can't see...

Thank you Lord Jesus for knowing the knowledge of your unconditional love and faithfulness. I may not fully understand your will for my life but I believe that every person and every circumstance you've put in my journey is for me to see that life without your guidance and wisdom is truly a miserable and so meaningless life here on earth.

Thank you God for Today...

Have Your Way
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