Sunday, March 29, 2015

"That's What You Are...Unstoppable God"

What we think & do doesn't affect God's nature-- loving us unconditionally.All we need to do is seek his face in prayer, worship, and even in the cauldron of pain stirred by shattered dreams...

We do put God sometimes where we need him and in reality we don't have a clue how big of The God he is. We still rely on our own strength and that arrogance in the flesh creeping in every crevice therein... And when we fail which we all do, we have the audacity to blame him. Think about it: God allows things to happen to us so his purpose be revealed on our lives. Some of us never learn and go to our graves
missed out on singing with the angels of God; haunted forever of that reunion with our love ones and finally damned in hell for refusing to believe the truth that Jesus is the only way, the truth & the Life everlasting.
So keep believing & walking the Faith till he comes...

Have a Blessed Sunday

Saturday, March 28, 2015

"God Inhabits The Praise Of His People"

Whether you're at church singing with the choir & the congregation or singing your heart alone to God, that's your highest praise. It is transforming...almost like teleporting. Your emotion is immediately transpired, invoked. No explanations required. And that's what music does--a very powerful surge, a poignant touchstone to your soul and a reminder that we're all broken together...And God is still healing Today.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

"God, Forever You Reign..."

One of my favorite songs of Praise... (Glorious Ruins)

"I believe that every heartache and hardship and profound loneliness are such things that has a back door. They allow us entry into a communion with Christ we don't usually experience in our change of ease and song.

 Most of us have our deepest encounters with Christ not on 
mountain tops but in the valley floors..."

Have a very Blessed Sunday.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Hope Wins..." ALWAYS

Today, Hope Springs...

So, I haven't been writing. My bad...Totally lame for any remote excuse except the right to hibernate in any given season, like the Polar Bears in the winter.

Many countless moments I tried to gather my thoughts to write but it was just wasn't there. I wasn't lonely, melancholic or depressed--nothing like that, for not posting. I just knew I became an avid spectator of my own dormant season. There was even one moment when I considered closing my blogger account. Well, if I did succumb to that moment, every single random, preconceived, & creative thought I shared is a ridiculous hoax of me professing to be a writer @ heart. And that premise didn't set in. Writing has always been and will always be a lifeline...

It took Hope to spring forth a Day like this...Hope always wins. And sometimes it takes one email that contains "the message" that revives the dried bones in your soul.
Happy Spring
Here's what's in my hotmail inbox that says the catalyst of Hope from Michael Hyatt's post, "Life is risky--Dive in anyway. 
"As we wrestle with doubts, fears, and uncertain outcomes, do we retreat or dive? Merely observe or really live? Yes, it’s dangerous. It might not go well. But our hope isn’t in the odds.
It’s in a God who heals all things sick. Who redeems all things lost. Who brings orphans together in unusual families. And who weaves all frail and broken things into a glorious overall whole. A story. His story.
And the best news of all? When we reach the final page, regardless of what happens between now and then, hope wins. So go ahead. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Dive."