Monday, February 16, 2015

"The Unfinished Symphony..."

violin : illustration - violin with the fiddle stick. Created with gradient mesh.

guitar : acoustic guitar neck on piano keys

I found my feet ushering to the Guitar Center late this afternoon. I thought that was whimsical for me to stop by instead of driving straight to home. Who'd rather be at the guitar center more than reclining on your sofa at home and curled up with a heavy textured blanket? Remember, it's 34 degrees, cold outside. Or better yet, I could have joined a large number of people showing up to the stores for a good bargain on Presidents'Day! But I didn't and chose to follow my instinct.

So, there I was in a closed room adulating on those beautiful guitars hanged on the walls. At first I tried to strum the acoustic guitars that I could possibly buy in the near future; then, just demolished the whole idea and tried to play some more that were out of my price range to see whether the tags do translate a better sound. Believe it or not, what matters most to me is how comfortable your fingertips as they press on the string. And I found one that is pretty much on my alley.
Wow. Gosh... I muttered to myself. It was so timely that no one but only me was checking out those elegantly displayed arched guitars. As if that moment in that room was just for me strumming different acoustic guitars without any distraction. It was surreal... My only regret was not having a camera or even an iPhone with me. But I guess, there are moments in life that a moment like this, one need not be captured by lens but just by your heartstring.

I left the place with such an ease and an unbroken accord to which my heart still sings. Music does transcend its magic, mystery & Hope. Love how that enfolds me to a new song even if it's left unfinished, or undone. Just saying...
d caption
Don't ever abandon your first inkling for playing a musical  instrument. It doesn't matter how old you are. Just keep playing music even there's no encore. Play for you...for your sanity.