Saturday, January 31, 2015

"In Culminating Our Corporate "Fast..."

Last night was a rainbow of joyful tears...

As our corporate "Fast" came to an end, testimonies of personal victories were echoed in sentimental volumes in the sanctuary last night. Messages of hearty outcry--prayers for healing for family restoration;healing from false religious strongholds; and healing from any kind of captivity or bondage that is keeping us from boldness to declare and proclaim God's anointing power on us were powerfully "laid hands on" by His Holy presence. We only have to believe that His grace is upon on those prayers that breaks cultural/racial boundaries.

I thank the Lord Jesus for having given me such tremendous blessing last night. My very two good friends and sisters-in-Christ (Seny & Steffi) were praising, praying and in agreeing with me for God's divine grace that surely abounds.My beloved mom and my three sisters and brother-in-law Alix were there, too. I also thank the Lord for our Pastors whose hearts have this undeniable, unquenchable fire to reach for unsaved souls. I couldn't ask for a better night to have felt His presence. "To God be the Glory; and He will give us the Victory"-- No doubt.

Let me share you the holy scripture that prompted my heart to meditate on:
Mark 10: And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.

Have a Blessed, Victorious Saturday Everyone!

Monday, January 26, 2015

"One Author's Family History Is A Heartfelt Success..."

A Book Shout Out...

My logical affinity with Brad is the disposition to read what fuels that embers the soul to write and hoping to resonate that to others...
I occasionally see Brad @ Barnes & Noble in the past years and maybe a couple of times at Hastings bookstore. Our conversations were "just in passing" may be more of a rampant coincidence. I was just glad to see him enjoying the gift of opportunity, that is, reading for creativity.

Thus, when he told me early last year that he was working on finishing his book, I was thrilled for him. He never languishes on this special project. He is a visual thinker. He remained true to what he perceives to be right for his readers. The big promos and online marketing tools were not perpetually on his frame of mind. His natural instinct is to share his book primarily with us, his colleagues and friends at school proved to be revelry. 
John's Java Coffee House was to me like a tailored setting for the new author to put his signature on each book sold with great fervor. I do have pictures to support it.

Brad's sheer descriptive of his ancestors and close family relatives is reminiscent to any of us who grew up on the grasslands near the forests and still celebratory life. It is how the author immersed on the traditional rhythms of living; how they weave every incident, happening and event of their lives less complicated, yet, still a wondrous life because it's their humbling story. And Brad tapped the playful, contemplative, sometimes vulnerable allure of the truth about the Americanization of the Prairie and Piney Woods Cajuns of that beautiful era.

I implore you to get a hold of his book.

By the way, my favorite part of this book is echoed in chapter three where Hortere and Regina moved to Toomey, Calcasieu Parish and had all these kinds of work virtually sustainable and have become adaptable, comfortable to their new environment. This summed up with "Hortere " who would frequently receive musical inspiration in his dreams and would frequently wake up to get his fiddle and play the tunes he dreamed about." How cool is that?

Celebrating A Longhorn/First-Time Published Author

Thursday, January 1, 2015

"What It Means To Move Forward In 2015..."

Tomorrow, all of these Christmas embellishments will be stored in boxes again. I could probably extend it till after three kings but it's better to put my house in order before I go back to work on Monday.
I thank the Lord so much for enabling me to enjoy Christmas with family especially both of my sons were home for Christmas. Their presence was my Christmas gift.

So this first day of 20015, I made a decision to text New Year's wishes to all of my friends (far & near) in & outside the U. S. Also had called several of them over the phone just to let them know that they matter to me. And the response was liberating--praying that this resolution of keeping in touch & reconnecting to those worth keeping will last without me wavering. I hope that "when the going gets tough" that I don't easily get discouraged. After all this is a good thing...for all I know.

God Bless You All
May your 2015 be filled with the spirit of gratitude of what you have; strengthened/loving relationships anchored in God's Word and life's moments be marveled about your faith in Him. 
You Take Heart...

Happy New Year To You...

It happens to the very best of us--
I'm so glad I insisted 7-up on my champagne glass; so did my friend Seny.
Otherwise, we'll be cynosure of all eyes!!!