Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What Random Moments Could Be...?

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 Today I was over the pie section at the Commissary exchange @ Ft. Hood. I admit, I joined the crowd of those who wait on the last minute to buy their Thanksgiving turkey and all its trimmings & pecan pies. 

Dairy whipped toppings are a necessity when eating a piece of pie especially pumpkin pie. After I got one, this sweet lady asked me if I wanted to sample an apple pie. By the way, her name is Pam. This time I asked candidly before this random moment took place. So, I could post her name here; for I take pleasure and joy snapping pictures spontaneously. I just thought that it is fitting to catch people doing a generous act and taking pride in what they do to serve people.

That did give me powerful insight: To be in the moment of sheer random moments could be more meaningful than those moments filled with do's & don't's... meaning planned, calculated & mundane. 
I wish sometimes that we take time to gravitate to the inherent quality of a person and to something that never ceases its value--a smile that Ms. Pam possesses. A smile that hinges hope.

Make it happen...on your way Home.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mark's Post-Birthday Celebration

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Me...reading the card with Mark for his 7th birthday in mom's house. Seeing my nephew so excited reading his cards, opening his gifts and taking pictures is transcendent. His real birthday is actually Nov. 14 but since we couldn't celebrate it with him then, it's worth waiting to have this with his family, the Degano family.. You can't deny a child to have 2 birthdays now. That is, if he can, and he is...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Keeping Up With My Favorite Lab." This Afternoon.

 If you have a dog/s, you'll surely understand how having one could alter a big part of your social life (if you have one) As for me, my social life revolves around doing things outdoor/indoor with my dog/s.They keep me stay balance with my weight and downright positively busy. It's such a good heartwarming revelation how a dog can help you see things in a higher scale. Their sense of loyalty and love for you is one that you need when you're tired. We should learn more from them--forgetting the little stuff that sometimes suffocates our joy to be in real moments like these--just snuggling with my best pet friend.            

Sunday, November 9, 2014

It Could Possibly A Song For Us All...

I wouldn't do any justice putting any kind of caption regarding of how he emoted his emotions while singing this song. All I know is that he captures my spirit to worship & praise as he always does in all of his songs.
Certainly my favorites are amazing grace and this one ...Plus acoustic guitar never sounds better when it's played the way he stroke the strings. And I also know that he was raised and grew up here in Texas.

Shouldn't we all proclaim His love for us even when the winds are in their strongest strike on our lives? And we should remain steadfast in our faith --that Jesus loves me, you and every soul. That truth should embed our hearts.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

"What November Brings..."

Daylight Saving Time 2
What To Make Out Of These...Images

Call it unorthodox or eccentricity or mode of thinking, my favorite month is November...It's the month we exclusively give our thanks to what we have internally & externally perpetuated by who we are in the eyes of God. We should know by now that we're worth more than the most expensive worldly treasure in this world. We are bought by the blood of the purest lamb so we may have eternal life. By the utterance of His Holy name Jesus, the devil flees and your enemies scattered. That's the faith each of us should/must cling as our fortress & rock of our salvation. Remember, the miracle itself begins in our mouth...
November 2014 - Psalm 32:7

How I Set Out My First Day Of This Month...
(in this Order)

With The Morning Prayer of Faith & Thankfulness & Expectancy

Fed  Cocoa & Tootsie and give them their vitamins and their monthly heartworm pill
Cooked Bacon & Eggs with a fresh-brewed "pilon" coffee for breakfast
Took a shower, put on my jogging suit; brought Cocoa with me...
Put Chevron gas to my car on our way to the park
Cocoa had a grind nail-clipped to Petsmart
Gave my son a ride to Work
Quick drop to HEB groc. store  and bought lasagna to bake later for my brother-in-law's b-day
Writing this blog on a Saturday afternoon with just me & my dogs in the house
Changed my profile picture to the most recent one taken in our school last month

It's a beautiful day. I'll pause with that unencumbered thought... more to come.

God Bless

Happy First Day Of NOVEMBER