Monday, June 30, 2014

"In The Quiet, Deep-Seated Blue Waters..."

Finding serenity that equals this image is almost impossible to attain. It dawned on me today that we're living a life that is full of intoxicating sounds. I must be getting old I muttered to myself. The washing machine on its spinning cycle didn't bother me before. For some mystical reason, everything was a nuisance to me... today.With the washing machine, television, ceiling fans in operation all at the same time plus the dogs barking and the neighbors yelling, I felt like losing my mind to these variable noises. That doesn't even include I-phone ringing constantly and the sirens blasting that was getting into my nerves, too.
 In retrospect, I could have just sat down and prayed to God for peace that passes human understanding. Or just turn off everything except the air conditioner. By the way, it's been muggy & dry, too. For a long moment, I lost my sense of composure. Don't we all have our moments of disentanglement?

How do some of us are so more flexible in adapting the volumes of everyday life? Why do we let ourselves be immune and be accepting about how all of these echoes continue to reverberate in our minds? 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Everything Is Going To Be Alright..."

This is what my Sunday night looks like: a continuation of my praise & worship--listening to music that magnifies God's love. Nothing seems depleted; only works like replenishing your tattered soul-- to draw you in closer to God's promise. "Just hold on tight to what anchors above all things..." God loves you.

"HOPE Rises in Our Brokenness..."

Every human has a soul for hearty, lofty dreams. 

These dreams for the most part become a driving force to chase them. Ironically, they don't become a reality. For the most part because many of us "were barking at the wrong tree/trees."-- We've been chasing the wrong dreams.

If we could be honest, transparent, and "naked" with why our dreams had withered & remained "dreams" because our real intentions encapsulate outside God's will or purpose for our life. We ought to be accepting what lies greater than our dreams. God forbid, that if we lose every material possession that we've worked with our sweat & blood, or have a debilitating disease, for sure our hopes will be just healing.
 Hope rises when we let God's intervention work through us no matter what our situations we're in. God is bigger than our mistakes and failures. He wants us to come to Him not run from Him. And with that, we're guaranteed victories and blessed assurance. Let not the power of strongholds hold you back anymore. Cling to the promises of God...

Let this song minister into your hearts. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

"My Google + Pick Today..."

Making it a good moment to gravitate on what is truly important for the kingdom of God. I'm not discounting the momentary fervor of what I've written earlier for what you would like to reside in your heart--the mind will pick it up! For there is no tinge of compromise in the blessings that comes from our Heavenly Father. Not just a lingering thought but a forever thought... Happy Monday

Lovely flowers...they do create a beautiful stir in your heart.

"What Makes You Tick?"

An old proverbial quest which many including myself had that vulnerability, that kind of mystical effect women had asked may be to some periodically; for me, this impenetrable question just got my heartbeat swinging once. And it remained a colossal quest because men who don't look up to God are self-absorbed & intolerably deceitful. My pensive thought.

So what makes you tick? Is it that your ways are eccentric and therefore appealing? Or is it your sense of invincibility at times? And may be, your wit that humored me? Lastly, I could have" sworn," you didn't have any of these...You didn't have to. What I got through it is what enamored my muse in writing. That so called "tick" is the driving force, enough, that even it still lingers, will always be the passionate "catch" of my personal taste.. For that, writers really are the conduit of someone's soul. It's hard to imagine or visualize words in concrete form; for me anyway. They catapult my precepts to more than conjectures...

Even as a Christian who constantly seeking what other truth behooves me Today is still a big part of me as one that epitomizes words, thoughts, ideas as much substance as I want to ensue in my writing. I don't know if being totally candor about emotions makes me tick or leave the unmasking to the ones that behold perceptions worth seizing even only for a moment.

Well I guess, the raindrops coupled with the right breeze that is still pouring is the unexpected muse why I'm writing this morning. For whatever rich metaphor the rain brings at this moment, all I can say is that--it makes me wanna go back to those rainy days when childhood was and still is the best playground of incepting the purity of dreams in our minds. I know every soul goes back to revisit how it all begun...Pause for a moment of truth. It might suffice the difference in your quest.

Just a thought , what makes you tick?

Have a Blessed Monday

Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Affirmations...that Empower"

                                                       Let these loving affirmations be guideposts, my target landmarks and be an ongoing anchors in my life. God, when I'm beset with the past wrong mindset, let not my heart be troubled, let not my eyes be swelled with tears of self condemnation, regret and more quandaries. Let your love Lord envelopes me for I know that in every longing of a soul is a direct shout & scream for your Grace, Mercy & Love...

Let my words be of Hope, Faith and of Love through you, in the stillness of joy. Let thy words be bidden in my heart so I may be led by the Spirit of God and not my circumstances. Thank you Lord, Jesus for your Saving Grace...Help me rest in your promises and not lean on my own understanding which by the way a consuming farce. May my prayer be more for the need of others and not my self-centered dreams. 

John 14:6
Jesus saith unto them...I am the only Way, the Truth & the Life...
   With thy Word, we can dismiss other postulated ideas punctuated by wrong indoctrination. What the Bible says is what we should and must obey. Otherwise, your name will not be recorded in the Book of Life. Please, don't miss out Heaven!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Making Today Count..."

Life As We Breathe...

Pictures. Photos. Images.Snapshots. They're all the translation of a large scale of moments in time. You just hope that every capture is more than its face value. How they appear is interwoven with what's in the inside. Whatever that is must be transparent enough for it to be fully alive as the lens transpire the subject.

I may not be adept to dimensional, linear, or apex photography but I intend to take snapshots as they are--at a snap. I'm not  thinking or conforming with the rules of how to take pictures in a certain angle especially people's faces. I'm just an ordinary clicker with only one mission: create words that magnify a celebratory pictorials... After all, our life is vested with family traditions that are worth keeping into creating more lasting memories.

So I took enough photos today for my nephew's Mark post celebration for successfully completing Kindergarten. Such pensive thought came over me--if my brother was still alive, Mark would have been happier. My taking of pictures wouldn't be that predictable but that of unassuming gestures of total mindfulness, peace & joy. But I take life for what it is: counting my blessings as I go forward with that grief unleashed...

I could only pray in faith and hope that angels dispatched by the Heavenly Father continue to guard my nephew Mark as he enters first grade in August. We all know how tough it is to be a normal kid in this age of technology. Many bullies are sprawling inside & outside school classrooms. We're living in a world where darkness grips-- And the only best armor we could equip our children is for them to know the Word of God. 

I am believing this year be a good year. A year of jubilee, absolutely. In God we trust.

Friday, June 13, 2014

"When did you last laugh so much it hurt?"

 These images are my guideposts as to when "LOL" had become more than a conveying thought. I have had some hilarious moments recently but one of these pictures which was taken in one of our BFF dinner nights at church (Feb. 2014) was caught on camera. So, there's no sense denying that I, too, could be uncouth when amused by a powerful joke. It didn't seem like I could have helped it--not to laugh boisterously. That would have been a great moment I'll regret if refinement took precedence in my being.

I just said to myself that's what living in the moment means...You lose yourself in a good humor; in a good conversation--be it over the phone or actual conversation. Sometimes you have to let go what stifling you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and what may others think becomes the least of your concern.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"My Calvin Turns "22" Today..."

I give God all the Glory...

It never occurred to me that I will be a part of society's ever growing "upheaval" in the spiritual sacraments of a traditional family--Divorce. 

Calvin was 9 years old when we all became a sad statistic. However, I made a covenant faith, a life's unaltered decision to be a good steward of single parenting no matter what it will cost me. That means: my choices and decisions will be based on my Christian beliefs and living it has been a constant challenge and an everyday struggle. The beauty of it all is the going through with these seem-like insurmountable dark edges of single parenting and know without a doubt that God's grace overflows when you believe that you're not alone and the Lord is holding you up. Thank also to my family's support especially my mom. Many battles I have fought fiercely & victoriously as a single mom because of God's covering on my life. And that never ceases to amaze me. God is good. He is Love...

Looking at my son, Calvin in these photos and smiling with so much promise and exuding confidence & passion for serving the country makes me a very proud and very grateful mom. And I can't thank our good Lord enough for blessing me a son that incessantly teaches me that our attitude in life's journey of ups & downs determines our altitude...

But without God's amazing grace, we're nothing & powerless. Our gifts and so called talents could never be activated & optimized if we operate on our own making. That should be a clear- cut statement and not a copped-out, sugar-coated, watered opinion.

I love you my son, Calvin & Happy Happy Birthday!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Want You To Know That You Are Loved. . .

You are loved - Ecard

I was originally writing tonight my take on "The Fault in our Stars" but for some unforeseen stupidity, it got deleted. I forgot to save it. I was even almost done with my pitch. Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be published tonight. Another lesson learned--avoid being clumsy with your fingers and stick to the very basics first. Press save button before options.

I am loved. You are, too. We all are loved by someone in the past, here & now...It may not be how it ended but what is important is how that love changed your mindset, heartily. Love should leave you markings or imprints that will always  be fun-loving to look back no matter how unsettling it was. Find that in your heart to be your sense of wonder and not heartbreaking. Your capacity to love is a gift even when the recipient of such love had fallen very short. Take the experience not as the "fault in our stars" but your heart's waterfall. 

Anyone out there who's heart is broken and felt no reciprocity and has lost connection to your higher self, the Bible says that God loves you with an everlasting love and that "He is not willing that any should perish." II Peter 3:9 Therefore, when you're feeling defeated, don't wallow yourself in self-pity. Jesus didn't die at the Cross just for you & me to continue to live as victims but as victors through life in Christ Jesus.

As a faith-believing Christian I hope & pray that falling in love is still the most beautiful act one can experience. Jesus has demonstrated that redeeming love at the foot of the Cross. That is and will always be my forever truth: He is Love.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Tonight's Liberating Message..."

"Stand Up For Others, even if it's the unpopular thing to do.
     --Sometimes you will say something really small and simple, but it will fit right into an empty space in someone's heart. Dare to reach into the darkness, to pull someone else into the light. Remember, strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others too, and lend a hand when they're able." ~Marc and Angel Hack Life on 10 Life Quotes and Tips to Help You Smile

There are times when instead of helping someone in need to see the brighter side of life, we are unable to do it because we're so busy keeping up with the wrong appearances. We failed to see that reaching out to others is what counts and what makes sense. It's a heart thing to do...

It's never too late to make a stand for someone who needs our support. 

"Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting," (Psalm 139: 23-24)