Sunday, March 30, 2014

"This Is The Promise"

The first time I heard this song, its lyrics just connected with me in a deeper level...
Since then,
its message stayed with me.
We all have ghosts, demons and pride; elusive dreams and the taunting uncertainty of tomorrow that we fight everyday. But I believe in faith that the Holy Spirit living in us will get us through every chain, bondage and every tear of pain & grief...Nothing compares to the love of God for you & me.
Just believe in His Promise.

"One Day..."

"Pray With Faith..."


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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Going Beyond A Catapulting/Rolling Ball"

Take Heart...God is in the details & in every thing, give thanks!

The sky was hovered with clouds but no drizzles nor scattered rain. Glory to God. So here we are, playing our first game for the season.
Oddly, I didn't get to play the first inning. I got lost for almost an hour finding the venue. I could have just retreated and headed home but my heart desired to be there. It's not "biggie" for me if I get to "kick" or not. I would have been content just cheering them on and taking mementos.

And, so, I've learned that adrenalin levels rush in the field. Kickball is alive. It is not a game for kids anymore. It's more fun to watch adults playing it with so much zest.
       All the images I captured will prove my point. The men in
        our group have come through for the team. Catapulted or
      rolled, they were unstoppable, relentless in catching the
       ball. The women, however, were also up to par playing in
         juxtaposed with the men in our team. Remarkable, I
         thought...& it was!

My ears didn't hear uncouth cheers--that will definitely throw me off. I just felt sorry for one lady on the other team that got hurt while running to the second base. Thinking about it now makes me think the inevitable circumstances that are unforeseen. We can only hope & pray that her injury is minor and see her play on the next game.

Thus, I'm proud of how we played the game. We lost the first game but the second game in the afternoon has anchored us to a better standing. I also got to kick after which it felt like I pulled a muscle. And I was limping gracefully. Nobody even hardly noticed it till I told a comrade. I couldn't wait to slump
my body on the couch or on my bed at home.

Thank you guys for a great Start...

Look at us...still with unwavering smiles...
After the Game Photos

Special Thanks to Mr. Brad Crochet, our P.E. & Kickball Coach

Longhorn Kickball "Revelers"

              Thirteen devoted enthusiasts whose radiant smiles could mean that
                they're ready to kick, throw, catch that red clunky ball and run
                 around the bases without trepidation.

                                           What a poignant moment...
        To be looking so uptight in front of a camera is hard to capture but to
     loosen up & just let go of whatever is holding you back, such joy
This reminds me of one of my favorite lines of John Keats:
                                 "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
  So, let our smile be quintessential especially when we get flustered by the
                          competitors'  bouncing or bunting "kicks."
 Below, is the moment of truth: the organic, raw & effortless jazziness
                    that we might have just discovered, an inherent
               quality needing to shine--just like this!
                                                      Go...Longhorn "Kickers"

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"You" Are Your Greatest Stronghold...

During the" 21-Day Fast" of the beginning of the year, many have joined- in to fasting corporately at church. I'm certain that majority of them fasted for divine breakthroughs: praying for financial prosperity, for jobs, weight loss, restoration from physical infirmities & depression, a strengthened marital vows, more time for family ties and for our nation to be united with one God, one Cross and one Way to Salvation: that is Jesus Christ who died for all of us. The greatest Commission that every born-again Christian should take part  is in spreading the Message of the Cross.

All of these petitions God heard all of them. But we have to understand that God's timing is perfect. He has an appointed time ; the fullness of His time to every heart's desire. It's not that we don't deserve the healing  and His promises but it's all a part of His plan for the greater cause of His kingdom. Our faith and sense of gratitude and faithfulness should not be encumbered by doubts or vexed in waiting for God's answer. How we cling to God's Word should be a way of life. Forget outside influences. Your greatest stronghold should be of one that edifies and magnifies God's omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence Power that exudes His light from within us.

Thus, while fasting, the Holy Spirit has led me to watch SonLife Broadcasting Ministry. I knew that it was that appointed time for me to know Him more. And to do that, what is more transforming than learning in depth what the Message of the Cross really is and that SBN teaches the truth about it? I knew I was done watching messages of encouragement. And I am now yearning for more dispensation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was never the intention of some preachers that I subscribe. They just preach what the Church members want to hear in order not to lose their membership. Where's the divine calling there if you're afraid to lose members and you're spineless to preach what needs to be heard? Remember that one day we will all be judged before God for what we've done here on earth. More accountability, I believe, if you're preaching at the altar. You are supposed to lead your flock fearlessly to the message of the cross because that's where all groundwork of Jesus has laid out--our eternal salvation.

Every preacher, minister, evangelist, priest that is called to preach the real doctrine of Jesus Christ should have that audacity to proclaim what they're called for. Not a dissipating comfort for their own gain but the real grit that penetrates and revolutionizes hearts and minds from bondages of deception. I long for every Christian to read and meditate on the Word of God, the Holy Bible. So each of us can know that what we're hearing from our spiritual leaders behind the pulpit is from the God of the Bible or not. That is our core responsibility as a new creation in know the truth, and the cloaks of unrighteousness.

Isn't being free, unclutched and detached from myths, bondages from our own wrong perceptions because  what we've allowed such intrusions to invade our minds, the real deal of spiritual growth? If you're in church every Sunday and what you're ingesting or even engulfing is baby's milk. What do you then? Do you leave the church, pray for your Pastor to be more Spirit-led preacher or talk to him about it? If you ask me, I'll employ all of the above measures. But firstly, I have to take this upon the Lord in Prayer.

"Dare To Dream Again..." ~Dr. Mike Murdock"

"Wake up the dreamer within you. Stop looking at where you have been and start looking at where you are going. Tomorrow is not here yet. Birth it. Seasons change, but God promises to you have not changed. Your miracle is just ahead. Your mind is your world." Mike Murdock

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Favorite Google Plus Pic... Today

"In our grief, we find purpose... In our suffering, we find significance. Still, sometimes the pain goes on..."

Today, my heart cuddles to the best memories I have for my late dad and my brother Romeo. I never questioned God's will for their lives to be with the Lord so soon (I thought) for I know that His plans are perfect. I just wished that I've told them how much they mean to me when they were both still alive. With that thought, I tell my sons how much I love them every I chance I get; and that everyday of my life is a living testimony of how God's grace continues to guide me to be a better mother to them.

My Spring Break is almost over. What I've  accomplished is just a little over that 50% of what I've set. It felt like it's placid mediocrity on my part. But then again, over fifty percent is remarkable, to some degree. I even have a burst blood vessel in my right eye that happened yesterday morning. That means, I would have to dare myself to go outside my home. The thing is, there's nothing I can do for it to go away instantly. It has to heal by itself and that would mean a week or less. I'll take the latter.

Well...Today, in-between rests, I close my eyes and just quiet my mind to good remembrances: some in longer periods, but some, I have to quicken my heart to forget; and the rest, I give them to God for there are some memories that my carnal understanding can't seem to settle. And only God can do the healing of the past.

At the end of the day, we are all faced with mind-game upheavals or spiritual clarity. With all the bombardment of social media, issues and disentanglement from the truth of God's Word, whose mind wouldn't be rattled and your heart in dismay?Again.. I'm profoundly taking the latter choice. For God is a God of Order not Confusion. I keep on forgetting that life is all making the right moves, the right choices with His Holy Spirit guiding you. This Spring Break, I believe that I'm in the spirit of  embracing new hopes and dreams that are within reach.
"All things are possible with God."

Happy Thursday, the 13th.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Your Inspiration Lies Within You..."

I thank God for who I am and my spiritual journey with Him:

Organizing; de-cluttering; tidying; & discarding things that no longer serve me--is my sole Spring goal this week. Many of my colleagues, friends and co-teachers with their families that I know are out- of-town visiting love ones and I'm happy for them. I'm sure I'll be listening to their vacation stories which are worth sharing to my heart's content.

For the meantime, my nourishment of happiness and joy lies on how much I've read, written, listened and acted upon what I'm striving for: a real sanctuary for my thoughts to flow and strut to the keyboard.  Then the heart of writing can begin to be musical, figurative, and transforming...But first, my writing space must be clutter-free so my heart's soul be is an Art and I'm the Architect of making it stupendous, marveling...

As millions of bloggers and writers strive for a book deal or how to pitch for a publication, I'm just here to know what humanity in writing means to readers and foremost, to myself... I'm trying to dig deeper what most readers are inclined to read. And I found out that sharing new hopes and how that strings to faith is noteworthy. Real people still exist. They could "sniff" what you're made of as a writer no matter how you wear your cloak of impersonation. And that makes my heart to a flutter because I seem to have readers that know what to click among all my posts. That is alluring in itself--and has become my precious, guiding muse in writing.

Of course, how I wish that at this very moment that I'm barefoot strolling a sandy beach at dawn, picking shells for souvenirs. But I guess, I'll leave that run my imagination for the next season although that is not a ridiculous whim in Texas where you can "meet the sun, the sky, the clouds and my favorite, the stars"...almost halfway. Doesn't the weather acting gullible this winter? Absolutely. Just learn how to dance with it.

This is not a contrived desire, (strolling in the beach) It is how fertile and rich your imagination can go beyond. Let it amuse you Today...Let's not forget that even God wants to grant our heart's desire. Just be careful what you wish for, though. I know mine has been granted--a great metaphor for what I'm made of...!

Thanks for reading & You Take care Always.

Have a Blessed Wednesday

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Lord's Prayer


                                    The Lord's Prayer

                                                     Matthew 6:9-13 (KJV)

                                                   Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
                                                  Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
                                                  Give us this day our daily bread.
                                                  And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
                                                 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is
                                                 the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen'.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

"And What Frames Your Mind, Today?"

Flowers, especially roses always bring that essence of love that is worth celebrating in all ages and for all seasons...
Its beauty is what it is: empowering. I was so close to behold it with my heart and eyes. Put it on my bucket list--for now.

Scintillating; both, the image & its message... What would I do without a fiery imagination? It's what makes life more of a reverie, breathes of hope. Artful, poetic and springy!

"In Observance of Spring..."

"In a world saturated with social media and unlimited interruptions," I tend to struggle focusing what's in front of me. I find myself complaining of things that didn't go my way; places I should have visited and people I should have "gotten off my wagon" long time ago. And so I thought I failed miserably. Deep regrets for what it feels like  half of my existence is scattered, squandered, and deferred. For this, I only have myself to blame and for that, I owe myself a 360 degree- turnaround. With God, all things are possible. From hereon, I don't want anything or anybody outside His will.

As a child of the most high God, I am gifted with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Lord pours out His oil of anointing unto us so that we could have authority over sickness, addiction, grief and evil doctrines. I've eluded myself this truth about His Power in me. But I'm here now ready to seek His face and reach His hand. Let that be your Spring breakthrough as it is with me.

There is always Hope. Believe it and Have a little faith--even just as small as the "mustard seed."

You Take Care Always

Have a Blessed Sunday

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"What I Know For Sure..."

What I Know For Sure...

Realizing the truth that we are all susceptible to temptations and therefore our spiritual stance if we are real Christians has more weight than the unbelief... Temptations come in different forms, in various degrees and no matter how strong your moral compass is; you'll fall into trap. Now, this is where your relationship with God comes in...Where does your faith stand as a believer, as a born-again Christian-- as a child of the most high God when temptations are spearheading you?

Having accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord of my life ensues good conviction, responsibility, commitment, wisdom, patience, charity--all of which are precursors to obedience, surrendering earthly desires and unaligned dreams to His purpose for my life. Yes, it took the best of my Time, my Mind & my Heart to finally realized the Truth that even me as a Christian is very much vulnerable, susceptible & human to the devil's tactics & strategies. You see, the devil knows & plays with your weakness. Satan will use social media & flattery to your emotions. Once your enemy got an ounce of your soft spot, he will employ his strategies to seduce you where his stronghold is already within you. He has already strategically positioned your heart & mind engulfed into his deception. I, too, have been manipulated by my own flesh. I have not relentlessly and courageously applied 1 Peter 5:8 that says: Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion walketh about whom he may devour."

But...I serve a bigger God than my mistakes and wrong choices. This I know for sure. I wished I had used biblical boundaries appropriately to achieve the relationships and purposes that God has intended for me . Again, it's never too late to move forward and walk with God. There's no need for self  condemnation and guilt trappings. God's grace abounds. I just have to really be more attuned to the Holy Spirit when He's prompting me and teaching me instead of ignoring and disconnecting the seed of God's word for my life.

As always, you take care and
God Bless...


Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Rise & Shine"

One of the days my heart attunes is to every"First " day of the month. I look at it like the newness/freshness of hope to its fullness. It's my trajectory to faith...that circumvents anything  good especially praying in the spirit of love.

The word "first" always brings me great expectancy. That's one of the things my heart never waivers despite of how the ebb of life assails me. I know now that God is for me. He is the Light that shines; that penetrates platitude--even those bound by depression; addiction, heavy laden, the broken-hearted. For the Lord is greater than our weaknesses, diseases, & illnesses.

So, I march on to that truth that Hope for every soul to come to know Him and accept Him as his/her personal Savior & Lord. And when that happens, your pain & suffering becomes His saving grace. And each time you feel like giving up and your mind hovering the clouds, think of what Jesus did for us at the cross. It would be wrong then to lose sight of victory when Jesus already paid it all at the Cross and conquered victory for all of us.

As I keep the momentum of that hope & faith, walking/jogging with my chocolate Lab in the park has never been more beholding. Even close to noon, many families were still at the field echoing their support for their children playing soccer. Cocoa seemed to like hearing the chuckles and the exhilarating sounds little children do. And that is one perceptible joy that comes with expectancy.

After all, life is looking up. Keep your eyes above the vault & the arch of the sky. For there, lies the firmament, the Heaven.

Happy first ay of March.
You take care always...God Bless