Monday, February 24, 2014

"In Life We All Have..."

... Whatever secret, regret, dream and the unforgettable love we have in our life, there is nothing compared to the love of God that He gives to us unconditionally. We just have to lay it down to His feet--to the throne of our hearts. 

    As always, take care 
and God Bless

Sunday, February 23, 2014

"God Is Not Finished With Me Yet..."


Two weeks ago I had a phone call telling me to make another mammogram appointment--to another hospital. My recent mammogram showed a finding that requires additional imaging studies, such as an ultrasound or additional mammographic views to complete their evaluation.

So I made the appointment within 72 hours. I was in a state of compounding doubts, speculations and restlessness. Having had two aunts on my paternal side died of breast cancer and my brother, first cousin and my mom's sister & brother also died of cancer, I'm considered very high risk. Plus, I've been having pressure there on & off. I just ignored it for if I could walk & jog 17 miles per week with no weight excess, no cholesterol and no blood pressure problems, and my most assurance of all-- God is with me, so I thought I should be good to go.

How do I come against human nature? I have substantiated fears...I could be next. I needed to be objective & strong. I had to put my house in order--meaning I have to make my last will of testament; make amends with what I am able to do and reach out to those who have been part of my life that somehow I lost connection with; and so on and so forth. My mind was in a battlefield for three days. My worst dilemma, how I'm going to prepare my two sons who have been my breath of life and inspiration with what could be our most challenging journey together as a family.

To my astonishment, they told me not to worry  myself to death; that I'm going to be okay; that it can't be my time because I'm not a grandma yet. That did get me to chuckle and as a child of God, I should be testifying of how God as the Healer of all diseases and illnesses. That my body is His temple and no affliction couldn't be overcome by victory in Jesus. 

And so I prayed...When King Hezekiah learned that he was going to die soon, he cried, and wept bitterly and most of all he prayed earnestly to God. God extended King Hezekiah's life for another fifteen more years. My heart came into remembrance how God made the blind see,  the deaf hear, how Jesus  healed the ten men with leprosy, how he said, "Lazarus, come forth" and he came back to life. And many more healing Jesus performed physically and spiritually.Oh, how amazing is our God.

O the day of my appointment, I was already armored with the security of God's promise. I just have to claim it and it's done.  Although I cried in my car, it wasn't a cry of bitterness. My mom was there; my oldest sister, too. We're all waiting for the result. This time it didn't feel like waiting forever, neither a propensity for the uncertainty. I believe for one thing; that I will believe the report of the Lord and I know that whatever I may go through life, I won't be alone. He granted me serenity and a new Hope. It's up to me now to use it according to His plans for my life.

God is not finished with me yet. I know I'll have more tests and trials for my faith but this time I'm  getting closer to the Heaven's door. To God I give all the glory...The second result of my mammogram was God's report. And my living testimony. God is faithful.

As always, you take care and 
God Bless

Saturday, February 22, 2014

"It's Time for Uprooting Withered Shrub..."

I could still probably salvage this rose shrub but I won't do it anymore. Nine years of waiting for it to bloom favorable number of roses is long enough. Investing on good soil & fertilizer didn't seem to nurture the plant; neither watering it regularly. Pruning and transferring it to another place was a disaster and yet it still alive but not just producing more flowers as much as I've wished it should. Uprooting it will completely eradicate its unproductive exixtence.

At one time, I even thought I don't have "a green thumb." But that isn't true at all. "No such thing."

Thus,  it made me compare this rose shrub to having loved the wrong person. No matter how you've been continually shown & acted to taking good care of the one you love and still didn't work--obviously, you've got the undeserved one. And the best thing you can do is to uproot the constraint that's making your life unproductive and never think that there's something wrong with you. Uproot not just pluck what needs to be gone.

Plant a new one. Take your time to visit garden shops. Google more information which plant can weather the seasons of life; one that is low maintenance and gives unconditional abundance of scintillating flowers, greener luscious stems and beautiful all around.

The same thing on loving someone...There should be an adherence to a process or mighty steps. Make sure you are armored with good instincts. You go with what is built inside his character. And make sure his strength is derived from our Main Source: the Creator of all good gifts.  Then, he's worth of you because you are a child of God. Let the Seed & the Wisdom of His Word be your greatest barometer in choosing a life mate. With that assurance, "What God has joined together let no man put asunder." (Matthew 19:6)

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." (Proverb 4:23)

Delicate rose bush Stock Photo - 14205702

This is more like it...It will come forth for me.

You take care always.

A Very Blessed Sunday To All

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Who Am I?"

 Listening to this song has brought one @ heart to remembrance: God sees you & me.
As always, you take care.

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Just A Simple Wish...Today"

When it comes to a simple wish, may be a "tease" to my heart's content reveals what these images concur. Beset with insomnia since college days, falling asleep to the sound of the rain even for three to four hours of sleep with you perking in my subconscious is always an element of wonder that never quite holds me to where I wish I had. However, a smile still lingers after such a thought.

This is a part of my soul that creeps in or lurks as shadows of endless quests and chases. I don't think it's formidable to think and feel this way. It just means that my awareness does not ask for its final residence at heart. Sometimes owning the truth that the human heart concedes to guilt pleasures like your untold/unspoken/forbidden thoughts help us rededicate & recommit ourselves to a better dream. Ironic though...that we choose to revere dreams that are untamed and by the time we realized its doom, we've let time passed us by. And what is left which could be fragments of your wild imagination could be wiped out or residues that could be restored to a loftier heart's desire that you deserve.

Don't take me for it. I guess, I'm still a "dreamer"-- chasing daylight..."

As Always;You take care and God Bless

Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Lord, Help Me Stay True To You..."

When The Heart Speaks...You Better Pause & Listen & Seize The Moment!

It's 1:46pm Central Texas. Mind you, it's 71 degrees F. My body is cramming for "work out" in the park but piles of dirty dishes are waiting to be washed. I also wanted to go over boxes of old pictures and compile them where they belong and some of them just need to go. I don't have anymore issue discarding them.

However, my heart at this very moment is so secure in ushering me to write. Before, I couldn't just write when there seems to be so much clutter visible within my peripheral vision. But now I learned how to be more attentive and mindful of my heart's deeper inclination. 

It's funny as well as edgy that I have transformed the beauty of clutter not as a hindrance to fluidity in writing but to owning what your heart is saying amidst things to do. I believe that if I sojourned with what is pulling me away, I would have abandoned writing and have missed what may be called a divine moment. Thanks to my joining the 31-day writing challenge with Jeff Goins. That helped me reckon with my weakness to postponing things-- to holding up to my share of self-discipline & trustworthiness to my craft.

Sometimes the words that I use couldn't make up for the level of gratitude I have for God's grace in my life. There's no significant part of my past that can ever hold me hostage anymore especially those memories that need to be swept by the ocean's turbulent waves. They say that time heals every wound and I don't believe that anymore. That's a faulty quote or premise. Something is missing in it. Time doesn't even eases the pain; it only exacerbates as you go through life. But what it takes for you to be free from any kind of pain & suffering is simply to believe and have faith in God and allow Him to temper your heart with forgiveness and transform your mind to His will for your life. There is no greater prize than knowing that you can rest in His promises that He is with you always.  I am there now--free of guilt, condemnation, and suppositions.I have moved on forward. God be praised.

The message of the cross is the fulfillment of God's redemption for our sins. If we live our life slipping through our dreams of restless nights and unfulfilled days, then Christ's resurrection and the gift of eternal life has not served you & me & humanity. You don't want to waste a moment in your life anymore what you could have experienced, explored, and discovered about following Jesus as your personal Savior & Lord. It is an absolute adventure and a journey of victories and disappointments but the truth remains: He is the One who is the source of love, life & true essence of freedom.

Moments Carry the Momentum of the Past and  Fuel the Momentum for the Future~~Erwin Raphael Mcmanus

This moment is real. How I'm feeling is contingent to some moments in  my life that never run out of favor, a real blessing to my memory with a grateful heart. I wish I could thank people in person who had been instruments for me to experience the exhilaration of a life fully lived. My sincere thanks to those of you who takes the time from your busy schedule to read my blogs regularly. I hope to be more of service to what would commit your will to a meaningful life with Jesus.  I pray that God helps me be true to His absolute truth and not be swayed & tempted & compromised. 

However, for now I can't deliver my gratitude physically, but be expectant that my prayers to those who have gotten me here...wherever I am, there you are,also--in God's grace & covering! Don't let your troubles rob you of the joy of life.

Have A Very Blessed and Happy Sunday.

Thank you for reading and You take care Always.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

"1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 "

 On Truest Love...


  It's the first day of the month of love--February. I would like to celebrate by reiterating love's purest essence. "Love is an act of the will and not just an emotion." Therefore, loving by faith is a life's decision. Being fickle has no place in the breath of true love. Its width is immeasurable. Commit to it and you'll experience marvelous miracle of God's love & compassion.

Let agape love and loving His ways begin Today...

Have a Blessed & Joyous First day of February, 2014

You Take care Always