Friday, January 31, 2014

"Writing Offers HOPE"

My 500 Words

What I Learned On This 31-Day Writing Challenge:

"Sometimes the universe conspires to lure you away from your sacred calling..."

Relieved--is my operative word as today is the last day for the 31-day writing challenge. It was tough, I'm not kidding. There were uneven nights when words didn't fill my head with creative words and worst, when my heart just ceased to grab the "muse" of my writing. Sometimes waiting doesn't cut it. My emotions, my stamina, my imagination and my will held me back. I almost quit this writing challenge whenever the difficulty of the craft freezes my train of thoughts without warnings. No wonder it's called a writing challenge because it challenges your perseverance, determination, and self control. And I'm so glad that I kept my eyes wide open--to "sacred" calling. I have learned to resist distractions in increments keeping my writing challenge in perspective.

"Writing is the gateway for truth..."

There is nothing more valuable in a writers' arsenal list than sheer honesty in their work. You can't be abstract in communicating your theme in your writing. I realized through reading and listening to wisdom of other writers that my platform, "On hope, faith & love" is too broad to conquer. Although all these three feed on one another because they're the cornerstones of living a positive life, still lacks to enlighten and enchant the reader/s, even to my taste. So, I'm deliberating on specifying my title blog that would ground  readers feel at home with my writing.

"Writing offers Hope..."

Beyond food and shelter, hope is what keeps us alive. Especially Today. I have had my own personal conflict going through this 31-day writing challenge. "I had my share with "burning the midnight candles" almost every night and believe me three hours of sleep is hard labor especially when you have to wake up at 5am to get ready for work. There were some errands and appointments I had to cancel just to prepare myself for inviting words to flow in my psyche. And frequently I feel betrayed by my own inconsistencies. 
However; in the depth of my gut, writing still brings out those sentiments I am most fond of: serendipity-- the unusual coincidences; having epiphanies; nostalgia and wondrous entrances of dazzling words to sentences unto paragraphs and before you know it, your thoughts unfolding...

"Writing...a life journey"

When some of us struggle for astonishing traffic, subscribers, viewers, visitors in your site, my heart only concedes to a soul that support my stance, what I believe in and will trust my instincts even when my intentions keep you guessing. 
Writing is a lonely endeavor. You want to be alone when you're crafting words. Everybody is sleeping while you're writing. The quieter your surrounding is, the louder your mind is communicating with you...The more you write, the more it hones your skills and liberate your creativity--hoping your writing is thoughtful enough to teach and inspire.

So in closing, joining the 31-day writing challenge was more than a precursor to engaging yourself to writing more passionately. I have gained new insights about considering to embrace the wisdom of opposing views not just views that affirms my perspective. Again, I have to thank God for guiding me through...

As always, thanks for reading and journeying with me for 31 days and many more. You
 Take Care Always.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Lord, Please Keep Making Me"

I can't force myself writing tonight. Instead I'm posting another music video of one of my favorite Christian groups, Sidewalk Prophets. I'll make it up tomorrow night. Good night and you take care always.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Let Them See You"

My 500 Words

All I have tonight Is a Song...

I  Know I won't be able to produce 500 words nor even half of it that is required for the writing challenge. But I won't skip and give myself an excuse for not sharing anything.
I've heard this song through K-Love radio station and it just so moving--it makes you feel how each one of us wants to demonstrate that sense of longing for God's touch.  

Tonight I was watching Frances & friends at TBN and their topic being forgiveness. The panel has resonated to the truth that we are all able to forgive no matter how people have broken your heart many times. If you're walking in the forgiveness of the Lord and letting God deal with your pain & hurt, then you can let go of your suffering and whatever is tearing you down...That's when your faith is tested. Let God take his vengeance for you...
 I wanted to elucidate further but with me I don't really have anybody to forgive. It's more on forgiving myself for the choices and decisions I've made. And how I let the unforgiveness took residence in my heart & mind.
First of all, before you take a course of action you know that deep within it boils down to owning accountability. Your own conscience will tell you if you're right or wrong. We all have that, built in us. We just ignore it for our own selfish reasons. Be mindful though that there are repercussions to choosing the wrong path. But what is life without shifting to solid ground to sinking sand and in the end of that journey, you're still a nomad, a wanderer, a dreamer of lost hopes.

For sure, everyone of us has carried guilt in varying degrees and never let go. So what keep on adding layers to the wound. Never learned your lesson after all these years.

Good Night and thanks for reading. You take care always.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Hope & Gratitude Spring From the Heart"

My 500 Words

From The Heart--Springs Hope & Gratitude  

This is my greeting page I shared to our high school homecoming more than two years ago. I just wanted  to share...

I'm not going to ask how long has it been for I know that what matters is how the journey after high school is attributed to where we are now, personally and spiritually.

In retrospect, my heart could easily travel to that senior year in high school effortlessly. With my eyes closed, my reservoir of good memories still prevail richly. I still remember our classroom vividly where meaningful instructions were implemented with wit, ardor and humor. I still have a mental picture of the school surroundings; the Catholic church especially as a symbol of faith and refuge; the flagpole that perpetually anchors the flag swinging higher, veered from just outside our classrooms; and the many extra-curricular activities that were held into high gears on school grounds. These symbolic insights will forever etched in my mind and in my heart...They have become an integral part of conversations at the dining table, periodically at home. It sure feels like it only happened yesterday.

Another visual delight is the fact that many friendships were formed at that time, but to last...I believe that this is the catalyst of our global alumni homecoming. We never forget the unselfish gestures and many acts of loving kindnesses from friends and classmates that had brought us rays of sunshine to a bleak and hectic day before. I am grateful to all of my former senior high school teachers for having paved the way to hone such potentials in our young minds. To all of my dearest friends and to those who have imprinted testaments in my heart, my life has been hued immeasurably because of you. And these monumental arrays of unquenchable personal discoveries are all rooted from where it sprung--high school days in DCHS. Thank You.

I may not be physically there to join all of you but my heart is with you...celebrating all the many good stewardship that God has endowed and propelled us to remain steadfast in the gifts of love, friendships and unbound possibilities. I pray that may the time that you spend altogether infuses truth, reconciliation,nurture and joy that manifest the love of God in all your ways. To all who have traveled far & near, I pray for traveling mercies and abundance of patience, understanding, hope and for one another. Lastly, to every helping hand whether behind the scenes or in the forefront working for success of this global event, I give you my props...CHEERS!!!

God Bless, and I've missed All of You.

In closing, let me share you one of my favorite Biblical Scriptures: God's far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Jesus. (Philippians 4:7 TLB)

Thanks for reading and You take care always...

Monday, January 27, 2014

"The Wonderment of Spontaneity"

My 500 Words

"When the Situation Calls for Spontaneity..." 
So I'm writing my 500 words 8hrs. ahead than my usual time . It's about 2:30 in the afternoon, Central Texas time. May be wondering why the indulgence to write is self-motivated or just gotten inspired.

Last night, I only had about two hours of sleep. What could be keeping me up till the wee-hours in the morning, I'm not sure. I'm supposed to be at school doing staff development with  other colleagues and teachers and administrators. It could have been a very productive day where we usually watch an hour video in which we gain insights on how to better our teaching skills, strategies and procedures to such an impact that that they bring astounding results to children's educational needs. 

I don't think that if I had decided to be at school today with my issues of constant yawning, unfocused self, droopy eyes and clumsiness is a good idea. Thank God I have many days off to utilize. One day of absence incurred since August of last year is noteworthy. So, I went with my gut feeling--to stay another day and rest and read more...Would you regard my course of action to be spontaneous or plain accidental? If you're going to be a part of a school function, being in the moment is a prerequisite to learning new ideas. You have to be 100% mentally and physically present to achieve a higher level of understanding for your sake. I couldn't render myself that needed focus today; neither maximize my strength to any given activity. I'm sure, my absence had dual blessings: more time writing and envisioning, and dreaming dreams that were already there--just need more prayers and patience and actions for these dreams to reach some stars without begging...

What else did I do to make today count? I wanted to walk/jog for 3.5 miles this morning after breakfast--that really makes my day but I don't have the full energy for what it takes to do it in stride. I don't wanna be stopping and sitting on a bench just to catch my breath. Thus, I followed what else my heart wants to do today. Funny, but I should have been napping a few hours ago  but I'm wide awake. And I'm writing with the flow of my thoughts not racing against them. That's spontaneity at the moment.

So my heart has led me to read the book of Genesis-- the Beginnings= Revelations of God's plan for the entire humanity. So I started writing side notes with the help of life's application Bible (NLT),  the Book of Apologetics Study Bible for students and of course my King James Holy Bible.
I tell you it's overwhelming to have this seed of passion in me needing to know more about the Cross, Redemption, Salvation and Heaven. It's my responsibility to fall in love with His Word and that's impossible to happen if I don't dig deeper. Remember, there are many people proclaiming their belief and faith in God even multitudes of Christians these days and the only way you know the truth  is that to read the Bible yourself and ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what you need to know. It's sad that there are many culprits preaching Christ's message of Hope barely scratched to its essence--at the surface. You may be even persuaded unknowingly to their own dispositions about the Scriptures they're explaining. To not be a victim, make sure that everything spoken especially at the altar is breathed on God's heart sentiments.

Sometimes I find myself condemned by the fact that I squandered time. Spending time wisely with the right people, with the right intentions and with the right dreams seem to have overshadowed my entire existence. I'm older now and there's a dark irony in aging. You have to work three times harder to have your faculties, your senses to be functioning well. I want to challenge myself in endeavors that I know could bring fruits to add to my being. I don't wanna deal with the myths of life anymore. Never again that I would subject myself to lose control on what really matters; who you want to sail with you uncompromisingly till the end; one that understands real commitment, integrity, family values and where does he stands on God's Word...

Well, I put an earmark where I want to stop my reading--Genesis 9:28-29 (NLT)where it says: Noah lived another 350 years after the great flood. He lived 950years, and then he died.

Think about that...It will cram you to deep thoughts. What are we doing that our mortality rate is dwindling? We're happy if we reach middle age for that matter-- with everything still intact?

I'm almost certain I'm going to bed tonight before 12 midnight. This is done. This is my pitch.

Thanks for reading and you take care always.
God Bless

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"When Writing Takes a Backseat"

My 500 Words

"When Writing Takes A Backseat" 

There's one particular story in the Old Testament of the Bible that has captured my heart. It's the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob & Rachel in their old age. It is on tonight at TBN. If my memory serves me right, I've watched the movie every time it comes on television. There must be something I'm not fully grasping in the story that's why I keep on coming back for some more. Or may be I wanted some of the scenarios to be more admonishing, compelling...

So being a dreamer and having a gift to interpret dreams have become a nemesis to Joseph at first especially to his 11 brothers except Benjamin, his youngest brother. His brothers were so jealous of his natural gifts and also being Jacob's favorite son. Jacob made that known to everyone. Even made him a coat of many colors. A great reminder that he's the chosen one...And that God was with Joseph ...

Just imagine telling your brothers your dreams; one of which they were all in the field tying up sheaves of wheat when Joseph's sheaf got up and stood up straight while his brothers formed a circle around his and bowed down to it. His another dream centered on the same interpretation as Joseph saw the sun, the moon, and eleven stars bowing down to him.The interpretation being Joseph will one day be a king and will rule over them and bow down unto him. Even his own father, Jacob, had apprehension and thought about the dream. Couldn't he have known that Joseph his son, has God's anointing and power? 

From thereon, the brothers whose names are: Reuben, Judah, Simeon, Levi, Gad, Dan, Napthali, Asher, Issachar &Zebulon had their hatred grown in propensity towards Joseph. So when they had a chance, they all decided to get rid of him once and for all. O f course we all know about Joseph being pushed down into the pit and later sold to Ismaelites who were traveling from Gilead to Egypt.

I think that the brothers' jealousy sprouted from their father loving Joseph more than them, obviously. People do many crazy things out of jealousy and discontentment. I never understand how Joseph never had a tinge of vengeance towards his brothers who've done him wrong when he could have his sweetest vengeance. I would have to believe that in Joseph's heart, he had only one thing--his obedience and faith in the Word of God. I have never read in the Bible where Joseph had become weary after experiencing one trial after the other. He remained true obeying God's will for his life.

I love the fact that Joseph had strongly refused Potiphar's wife alluring advances on him, seducing him...but failed each time. Joseph may have been imprisoned for Potiphar's wife lies about him but Joseph imprisonment will be his way out to become the second most powerful man in Egypt. Interpreting Pharaoh's dreams has led him to where God wants him...

In Genesis 50:20 says, "You intended to harm me but God intended it for good; He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. Also in Romans 8:28 says, "All things work together for good to those who love God who are called according to his purpose. And of course we all know that taking the law into our own hands is never a preferred one.

Good night and thanks for reading.
You take care always. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Adjusting to Accepting Reality"

My 500 Words

"Adjusting To Accepting Reality..."
As we get older, we look at life differently. We hope that we no longer get consumed and obsessed with accumulating things we don't really need; no longer get fixated and affected by people whose goals are to make us miserable because their own personal life reflect misery. That's pitiful and watch for those that wear cloaks whose main intentions are to harm you.

They say that getting older is a gift. In what sense? Well, you get to journey with learning how to adjust faster; cultivate an ability to make big shifts quickly. That's the wisdom that you develop while aging gracefully. 
When something in your life no longer worked, wallowing yourself in self-pity is not acceptable. You have come a long way in this life therefore you owe yourself to bounce back. Just think of those people who have gone before you and have not experienced the true wisdom that comes only when you're getting older.

For me now I hope not to digress from my new path. I don't wanna look back nor regret my choices that didn't bring me real victories or may be real happiness. I have little sentiment over those experiences. There is no good pretending that was used to be true was still true when clearly it wasn't, or that what really was true, no matter how unpleasant, really wasn't. 

One thing we can't evade thinking is our mortality. Could we be ready about it? No; Yes. We really don't know when our time comes and when God takes us without a warning. That's why it is very important to self-introspect where you are at every moment. Where is your heart, its condition when it's time to go? Do you know where you gonna go after death? Heaven or hell?

I was reading this book today entitled "Chasing Daylight." I started reading the middle part to its ending. I looked at the table of contents and just picked the contents that are interesting to me. Then I was enthralled with how it got me emotionally that I continued on reading from the beginning. 
The book talks about how a 53 year old man, who at his peak of success and accolades was diagnosed with brain tumor on its last stage. Inoperable. Never had symptoms except may be minor headaches; physically fit and on the top of its game, in the business world. 
For one thing, this didn't break him and never asked, "Why me Lord?" Having given only 100 days, he made a list of making closures--inside and outside his inner circles. He emailed, wrote letters of gratitude to his closest friends inviting them to create perfect moments while with them. Made a lot of phone calls amidst his radiation schedules. He made them happen--the closures especially one with himself. He discovered in the last few weeks of his life that he has a great connection with water. Water as he said is life, endless.

It was a good read. One that I would reflect on with his strong insights about making the last phase of his life, fulfilling and as he calls it...perfect moment.

With this reading, I have come to realize that even in a death sentence, one could still live with dignity and in truth-- a time, an opportunity for us to get our hearts right with God. 

Thanks for reading and Take care always.
God Bless

Friday, January 24, 2014

"Jesus Abides With us Always"

"Jesus Abides With Us Always..."

My 500 Words

Today's winter consolation, a Friday off due to increment weather. I love that sense of wonder, that sense of expectancy when it happens and right on your alley. I could see pictures on my mind many children frolicking even with just snow covering the dried grass in their yards. Nothing is whiter than snow always gets me. It's a direct outpouring of Jesus abiding in us always regardless how dense and slippery snow develops. Again, we have to put our hearts into check--snow is a winter's gift, my personal take. It's the reason why I'm writing with some sense, now.

I see the ray of sunshine seeping through my window sheer curtains. I'm predicting the snow is almost gone. Good in both ways: snow-melting & sun-shining through. What did I do to mark this day significant? I woke up at 7am. Let my Lab Cocoa out for two hours, just enough to do her business out in the yard. Also took some pictures of Cocoa's footprints in the snow. 
I also called my eldest sister and my mom. Talking to them is like inhabiting a good dosage of life's positive affirmations-- enough to make today, undiminished God's favor...

I also asked my son to purchase a book called,"Chasing Daylight," for my Kindle. Gave him all the information but still I ended up with the right title but wrong author. I'm left with whether to still read it or learn from it--and just to do it myself for the next purchase via Well, I am believing it's an honest mistake, a little clumsiness that cost me to postpone reading it.

Listening to Michael Hyatt's podcast,"How the Placebo Effect Can Tank or Torpedo Your Career Dreams," and reading to Joseph Lalonde's post on "Collecting Junk" ; Jeff Goins's, Writers Don't Write to Get Published, and David Porter's Secrets of Constant Thankfulness put me to be more present where I am...

Another wintry day passed. It's amazing how the weather change quickly to mostly clear. And tomorrow it will be 70 degrees. How are you going to beat that? Only in the state of Texas where you get to experience all four seasons in a week. Oh, that's a blessing no matter how you look at it...

So thank God for an extra day to be able to just "chill" and not being hurried by anything or by anybody. It's nice to leave worries and all the junk where they belong. Why burden yourself with things or people you can't change? Just focus on what you can do to make a difference in one's life. But begin the positive walk in you...

Thanks for reading. You take care always.

God Bless

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"The Unexpected Change of Weather"

My 500 Words

The Wonderment Of Weather Change...

Here in Central Texas, to see more than two inches of snow is a strange thing. So it snowed. It's freezing. May be it's just me . I'm wearing double-knitted socks, sweaters that overlap each other and still I'm cold. I know the heater is on... I don't feel like writing but I have, too. It's a good thing that our school district has delayed 2 hours to its opening schedule. Thus, I could stay up after midnight. I keep on forgetting that it's still winter and for anything for our wonderment, it's virtually the weather change that saps my energy. Especially tonight. What makes it different from all the other nights? I'm not sure what it is. It could be all because of the unexpected drop of winter chills. I'm not even writing 500 words tonight. I'm making tonight an exception. Words are not flowing as I would like them to be. Tomorrow will be better, that I know. Good night.

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