Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Getting My Eyes Fixed Inside My Heart..." for 2014

I was a bummer last year for not following through my resolutions. Inconsistency is the operative word. I had major emotional excuses. Surely, I flopped even with my blogging. I just post whenever and my platform for writing was ambiguous even to myself. There's that writing constraint that is always there to remind me. I thought that I was more concern of my personal grit and not really connecting to my viewers. Certainly, I would like to make amends by posting more relatable topics with substance for 2014.

I plan to post three times a week. That would be Sunday, Wednesday & Friday. I'm not also trying to insinuate anybody into subscribing to my Christian faith. I just want to always share with you that our journey with life here on earth is all about our longings to be loved, validated and be sought and freed by the truth of our existence. When you come to realize it, there's really more that we can do inwardly to exude breakthroughs.

As you all know walking & jogging in the park by myself or with my Lab Cocoa is a regiment for me. Three times a week is my capacity accruing 13 miles altogether per week. Doing it is an acclamation. It does boosts my resistance to the common cold; regulates my blood pressure accordingly and prevents me from adding another unwanted layer in my belly..lol. Most of all, I feel rejuvenated and thankful that my feet are still swift to follow my lead. I'll do better in 2014. I'll see if I can join some walkathon or marathon for special projects this year. That would be really interesting and a bliss.

Networking with other bloggers or writers by attending live podcasts and even seminars are also my prospects in the making. I think that anybody who would give anything to reach out to people successfully should do something about it. That's every writer's creed. We're all artists on our own ways. Keep that in mind.

We should never be contented of where we are because each day is an opportunity to make your life count and productive...or full of regrets and suppositions. I chose the first premise. The second premise is lifeless. I'm tired with hovered regrets and suppositions. And you can be an "ironclad" by becoming the best possible way to be the beautiful &worthy You; no phony maneuvers and no self-absorb infusion to your craft or to anything that you love doing. No apologies and excuses either for mediocre results. It's time you own your mistakes and go above them. Build a ladder for hierarchy out of them. I know I will this time. You are, too. Have a little faith even just a "mustard seed."

I really hope also that 2014 will propel me to the fields of missionary work and that whatever I envision doing will be God's will for my life. One thing I know is that there is no guarantee that our plans will be processed the way we want them to be manifested. Our anchor must be always that our "winning the war inside our hearts" is only through God's divine grace. I know this faithfully because I wrestled with my heart's desire for a long time. After being in the pit, in the hole, and in my own cell with my own making, finally I made a decision not to wrestle but now learning how to surrender fully to God... Drawing closer to my Savior in 2014 is a specific decision I would have to work through diligently--deep inside my heart. There is no "falling out" with Jesus; only triumphs &victories.

I have decided that  this year's primal goals include the joy of writing words of pure intention. The Genesis of a new day.

Hope all your gifts and talents be of service to the Lord, to yourself and to others. Be of courage and always be loving and thoughtful to your words and actions. You only have Today to be where you want to be; not yesterday or tomorrow. Look up. There is a" silver lining" in everything.

Please celebrate with me the joys & prosperity of 2014!

Talk to you, soon.

Friday, December 27, 2013

"When October Goes..."

Two Days After Christmas

This song came on the radio as I was washing the dishes @ mid-afternoon... I told myself, "
that melody and the way it stirred me must be the one and only
Barry Manilow. His  signature is never missed: tender, sincere, thoughtful and just so nice to listen to...
It doesn't really matter how old you are... or how old you've gotten to be; there's that memory in your
past that you can never reconciled or recovered. Only a song like this can for a moment. So just let it be.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"The Heart of Christmas..."

(from left-right: my older brother, me, my baby sister, our mom, my eldest sister, my other younger sister and her daughter)

I wish that Christmas is just being with the Family, enjoying good, funny, reflective conversations and savoring everybody's scrumptious potluck Filipino dish.
I wish that buying tangible gifts would be relegated in the background and just giving your best to creating loving, tender memories of grateful testimonials of how much God really love us; all of us. And that would translate to move ourselves to a higher ground" like cooking a meal for the homeless; visiting the nursing home residents and distributing Bibles in jails or just emptying ourselves from the cloak of pride and saturating our thoughts to His Word and promises.
You might think that I'm so full o f it viewed as a quiet hypocrisy but remember, it's a wish. But I don't think it's a wishful thinking, either.
I guess I'm just drained with so much commercial images and auditory bombardment that has led to how majority of us callously spend money we think we have but in reality, can't afford... We even buy things for the "heck" of buying. We can certainly blame the society's "stronghold" playing on our minds not to be "scrooge" but we can only blame our impulses.
 I believe that giving will always be the catalyst of celebrating Christmas only because of Christ's life- symbolical death on the cross...He gave us His life.
Now that we're approaching 2014, would it be that the greatest gift you could give to yourself is to accept Jesus in your heart as your personal Savior and Lord of your life. I sincerely believe it to be true...
Well, I'm just being raw and my thoughts unrestrained. However, my anchor still is in His refuge no matter what my circumstances are.
Wishing you guys a very Blessed Christmas. And Have a Safe Travel back to your Home.

Monday, December 23, 2013

"My Thoughtful "Take-Aways"

 The following quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes is a precursor to my "take- aways" this year.

      "To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor."

This year has been an avatar ride. I gave myself permission to be a major proponent to alter my ego on building relationships. One day I just felt my life is all a jumble. My pie chart and bucket list for connecting and re-connecting with people stifled my personal growth. My "flip-flopping" emerges a lot when my expectations of people that I know can sail with me for the long haul just drift. I thought some people are just not cognizant and lacking the right perspective of my value as a woman of creativity and sensibility. I could be right on a target.

Giving your heart away to every relationship whether in friendship or romance and still didn't work out is a divine providence. You can't make people to love you the way you want to if they're not even capable of true reciprocity. They're not your anchor; just vessels for lessons learned. Don't stay in your present circumstances. Leave your safe harbor or niche. Be fearless and yet be thoughtful in leaving things behind. Go where God wants you.

I learned that what you make out of life is based on making wise decisions. Never let anyone put you as an option or the last recourse. That would be a heart's transgression if you allow people you love settling you as a" second fiddle or a third wheel." Know your worth. Demand it with grace. I for one believe in setting ultimatums; and boundaries. Don't drift from your real values. You would be happy to realize that your greatest inspiration is staying true to sacred ground. Chastity,  not being compromised. God honors your obedience of His Word.

IN life, nothing is guaranteed; I've heard and seen so many people who have perished this year which has caused  me to move my heart inwardly to a fresh take on living...and my mind, too!
What would I answer to God when He finally asks me what have I done with my life on earth for His kingdom. That would be the absolute "kicker" for me. And it is shameful to say that I haven't been what I'm supposed to be. That I know I could do more but decided just sailing endlessly because some people failed me audaciously. I just hope and pray that I get there to that glorious day with God's grace & mercy. 

Well, I'll be more passionate and logistic about writing and choosing people to ride with me "on the same boat." My avatar for filling the pages with words and humanity will be in consonance with what the Lord puts in the spirit of hope, and the wonders of His love in my craft and in my heart.

I can't thank you guys enough for reading my posts. 

A blessed, productive Monday, everyone!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Saturday Dog Adventure"

Word Of Mouth...
My sister told me of Vanguard Veterinary Associates, P. C.  that comes to town twice a month. I knew that they're  scheduled to offer vaccinations, microchips, heartworm pills and other health services for dogs & cats exclusively, today from 9-11am .
Call it serendipity...I was in line with about 45 people waiting in the cold. Mind you, it was icy cold for me & Cocoa. There were increments of moments when I wanted to just go home and forget the great deal of money I'll be saving.
Then something struck my "big head." I should look at this as an adventure. Surely, my lens of perspective changed instantly. There was this immense of gratitude to see how many people are waiting to stand in line just to keep their dogs & cats well & healthy for a blessed price. I got to see many different breed of dogs ranging from Labrador Retrievers, Pitbulls, Chihuauas, Terriers, Bulldogs, German Shepherds & I even saw one that looked almost like my Cocoa. Only, this one is leaner and probably younger. That was a stellar moment.
It did make my heart to a flutter; to witness pet owners' sacrifice and a good sense of responsibility. I  had spontaneous conversations to some people; how their life have been changed to subtleness to the simple joys of living with a kindred kennel.
Dogs...they could really warm your heart and teach you to be more humble & grateful. I know mine does!

Monday, December 9, 2013

"Say Something..."

I go to You Tube and browse for new songs and  also listen to "old-time favorites."  In doing so, helps me craft my words. Music will forever be a very private/personal lifeline. There is an unspeakable joy that surges within that is uncontainable, mystical & gives you a unique freedom when you listen to a good song.

All that encompasses a great song is one that moves you and brings you to a better place in your heart where you don't feel stuck and disconnected; but gives you that audacity to be more of you--loving. hopeful & raw.
I could still remember vividly when I was in the elementary grade; I would wash by hands containers of dirty laundry by the front yard near the artesian well where you pump water. That would take me hours to finish the task. I didn't care for the heat that hovers my head & skin. The prickling/piercing temp. didn't bother me. My consolation was to have the radio with me so I could listen to the tunes of the Beatles, Air Supply, Bread, Simon & Garfunkel, Barbara Streisand, Bryan Adams, the Temptations and many more great artists of the 70" era. I say, nothing beats the soulfulness of that generation. That gave me the reservoir of enriched memories.

No wonder, it is a lifeline  for me...

So I heard this song. A couple of versions. But I like this one better...