Saturday, November 30, 2013

"I need You Lord..."

           God's presence that wraps around us, is what we should be pursuing...through it all;
over the mountains, the seas and our darkest nights, He is all we need.

Love the images that convey the heart of God for us. May I go deeper in understanding
His plans for my life...I need you Lord Jesus.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

"In Everything, Give Thanks..."

Hugs and Blessings - Ecard

                  As we wait for my sister's lab work result, I trust the Lord's report. I'm just a bit disappointed that she won't be able to join us eat my roasted turkey and its trimmings. I would even let her bring her favorite wine.
I know she's in good hands. If she has to be admitted, we'll take the food to her. That way, she won't miss a thing.

This reminds me that while we pursue the business of the day, God's plan get in the mix. Of course, as a child of God, you will always have an inkling where you've missed the mark. And if we're obedient to the Holy Spirit promptings, no sickness or ailment could savage our bodies.

Meditate on  His truth that our bodies are his temple. Know what to inhale & exhale in your going for an adrenalin rush for black Friday sales or stay home and just continue savoring the spirit of gladness in your heart.

Also thankful to those who read my blogs at heart.

Till tomorrow...

You Take Care Always


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thank You, Lord Jesus...

  Thank You Lord Jesus For Today:

                                   "There is a river that flows clear and cool. It winds through some of the gorgeous scenery imaginable and carries with it a beauty that is unsurpassed. To see such sights convinces a person of the reality of God.
God gives us glimpses of heavens here on earth, so that we might long for such a place from the deepest reaches of our hearts.
The part of us that carries the seed of God responds to His beauty in creation. If we will look at the world with our spiritual eyes rather than our physical eyes, we will begin to see God's glories in many new ways.
The gifts of God are indeed abundant. Open your eyes and enjoy them all..."

Saturday, November 23, 2013

"A Friendly Reminder..."

photo credit...great wisdom quotes

        And if they come back with renewed minds and committed hearts;  chances are, things would be different. Because everything that is meant to stay, it couldn't go away. True love speaks volumes: you don't vacillate. Making it is a life's decision. Anybody that fidgets or even "fickle-minded" about it needs to leave. After all, love is never a compromise, not even an option.
Just my personal take...

Happy Sabbath Everyone!

You Take Care Always

Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Our Words Are In Charge"

"When we can't hold back, or set boundaries, on what comes from our lips,
 our words are in
  charge--not us. But we are still responsible for those words. Our words do not come
  somewhere outside of us. Words are the product of our hearts."
 ~ Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John

 I'm extremely "biggie" with words. I've been chasing them, writing them, and dreaming
 about them, metaphorically.
 Words are the best conveyor of the soul. Don't be callous with your words. Honor them
 by being
 truthful and respectful. They're you...

 With your thoughtful words, walls are coming down.
Let your words Today empower someone to
 hope, and even love again.

 You Take Care Always...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"A Case Of You..."

I knew that his beautiful delivery on this song will put him on the top ten. When you do acoustic performance, your risks to losing yourself in your song and hitting the hook; the right pitch, range, rhythm were probably on James Wolpert's mind. However, his persuasion and indulgence and passion so clearly distinguished had sung it all the way to my heart and others with such captivity...
He was fierce, unafraid to show his emotions and his voice didn't crack; nerves conquered and his heart revealed. Soulful. Celebratory.

You Take Care Always
Happy 13th of November

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Eyes Of More Than Conquest"


Taming of one's soul is the biggest chase, and the dream of all dreams... I thought
If everyone ended up with someone she/he deeply love in this lifetime; you're thinking that your heart may never be hovered with what could have been. But one thing remains: God has our best interest at heart. The Lord will let you journey through your personal choices in which you already know that are against His will. But you still did it anyway despite of His promptings. That whisper, that small voice telling you you're in the wrong path and still challenged it. What a mess that was...and what a way to conquer what's not for you. Better shake it off, shape up and loose yourself to great possibilities. Time to ditch scraps & leftovers from your heart to your mind. It's never too late to transform your mind worthy of you that is wonderfully created by God.
  It might take us awhile to thank Him for the one that got away but in all essence of truth, life is an everyday decision of small and bigger things. And we can only achieve what is Right by believing Who and What gives you Eternal Peace, Joy & Unfaltering Promise where goodbyes, sicknesses, and deceptions are no longer a threat and invasions to our soul.

That name is Jesus, the name above all names; the holy of Holies and the uncompromising Promise of Life Eternal. After all life's misgivings, we all long for Him more than we are willing to admit...Let Him be your Lord and personal Savior Today. I know that He is the Only Way, the Truth and The Life and I should never doubt that in any way. You shouldn't either...

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Don't aspire for eyes that temporarily pleases you.

Happy Sabbath

You Take care Always