Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Whom Do You Associate Your Real Identity?"

There's that dark side of us that comes visit and lurk and sometimes if we over welcome the visit , life's tour could be an open vacuum for reclusive wandering: who am I really?

And with an array of options to answer that personally, no one could ever guess for an absolute answer; only if you believe that despite of where you've been and how you've been with others leaves you unaccounted for mistaken identity. I guess that's what you get when you've fallen for the wrong idols, dogmas, and philosophies so enticing yet invading and corrupting the good seed of the Word of God in us.

As they say, "that when you lose your identity, you lose your authority" over everything. What's one thing that you have that no matter what happens, it remains unshakable? And that may be what you need to hold on tight and decide whether it is Family, your Education, Your faith in God, Money, Material possessions, your Ego or could be even Obsessively pleasing people. 

We depend on this question ritually. We should always find God's way to go through it for our identity is best lived in His will...  while we can.

Have a Blessed Sunday. 
You Take care...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"FALL" Back In Love...

Today holds another promise...
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After feeding my dogs at 7 am, I ushered myself to go to my front yard with my red tanktop with gray house shorts and barefoot.. Everything in the sky seemed so clear, aligned, and vastly in splendor. I wish I have more perfect adjectives and verbs to support how that  first real chill of the season has taken me in the realm of thankfulness and hope.

I, then decided to go for an hour and a half walk and a jog in the park. There, I saw an influx of joggers, runners, walkers. I was hoping I would be the only one celebrating a "fall walk" but that was a wishful thinking and a bit of selfishness on my part.

I am thankful that there are some people like me who have that "pitch or hook" in upholding a healthy balance of exercise. As we grow older, our joints are susceptible to fractures but if we're on our feet doing wholesome activities, the fragility of our bones may be manageable and the flabbiness of the skin may not be as bad. Sitting for hours especially in front of the computer is not advisable. There are always ways to get around things to our advantage without engaging our "butt"to sit awhile...

But always remember, that God is  involved in every detail of our plans & activities. For we can never be quite whole and happy without His guidance. His presence equates joy, peace and love. When you experience His grace, you not only smell the roses, and the aroma of morning coffee but also giving your heart access to other scents of hope. Only God's love can do that.

I keep myself to a schedule that is achievable so not to grow weary and vexed in my spirit. What I'm saying is that, with the Fall/Autumn season with its unfading harvest hues, we could be more mindful, appreciative and fall for it...
Lord, we see your goodness in the beauty of the season and in our day-to-day blessings. Thank you for meeting every need to our love ones with whom we share it.

 Happy Fall Everyone

To my fellow Texans & faith believers, you guys know that we've been blessed

You take care...

Friday, September 13, 2013

"Let Your Dreams Guide You"

Any song played in acoustic, violin or piano always leaves me in awe; taking my breath away. Music, definitely, owns my soul anytime, anyplace. It gives me freedom to be where I want to be even for just a moment in time. And it does make my dreams enlightened, enlivened and not encroached with isolation into the deep end. And music is much much more than I could imagine. There's more to the elements or components of a song; it makes you think lovingly and write poignantly with whom your story belongs to: In my case. my life story binds to my dreams, some of them shattered, and a few of them I'm not ready to let go. There is truth to what I've read..."Commit your dreams to God through prayer places your dreams' responsibilities, risks, and rewards into God's hands. Prayer transfers the dream."

So, play and sing along...You'll be surprised how beautiful your tone of voice is. It might reawaken something in you that has been sleeping for sometime. Let it guide you...

Happy Friday the 13th...a very rewarding day

Sunday, September 8, 2013

"How To Evade Scam Artists & Fraudulent Acts"

I  read an article about an 89-year-old widow (AARP mag. Sept. issue)who lived alone in Turlock, Calif.) and lost $759, 376 by a scam artist claiming to be an attorney and promising her to collect her winnings (multimillion- dollar lottery)
 She wired/trasfered $255,366 from her Wells Fargo bank account and $504, 010 from her bank of America account.
"She sued the banks for negligence and breach of fiduciary duty. She argued that when she directed the banks to wire substantial amount of money abroad, (England) the banks should have suspected fraud."
"The verdict sided with the banks not required to supervise depositors' use of their own money, or expected to prevent fraud against a customer."

What we can take away from this case:
Scam artists are everywhere. Their expertise lies on finding people who are easy prey: frail, old people who live alone, single parents, lonely souls, and even those that are easily taken by sweet talks of persuasion like that of telemarketers.They use every tactic and employ strategies to the point of digging your physical, social, & psychological profiles.

We can evade common scamming :

  1.  Thus, we never give away our SSN; DMV license#; credit card and bank accounts or any personal information.
  2. Beware of "tough-talk schemes." Pray for wisdom & patience, stillness and ask God for His heart of wisdom in everything that you do (big or small stuff); Listen to your God-given "gut feeling" that kind of sharp intuition & instinct.
  3. I would say be exclusive and choosy on who and what to share in social media. There are many beautiful thieves prowling gaining your confidence, faces with a divisive heart.
  4. Be more responsible by equipping & armoring yourself with a lot of reading materials. We have a plethora of guidelines. You can almost Google almost anything now.
  5. It's common knowledge that "too much of a good thing" is just maybe not a good thing. Give yourself time to prove yourself right. You'll be glad you've waited long enough to arrive at a decisive decision. After all, life is making the right decision.

In the above particular situation, I wonder why no responsible person showed up to her rescue; where are the family relatives, friends or anybody by her side? 
What assailed her not to doubt it and ask for common wisdom for the illegitimacy of the claim? Having this huge amount of money in her account already, should she been more aggressive to guard or protect her money? Did greed predisposed her  to be callous or just oblivious because she's old and alone?

Am I being presumptuous or callous myself? My heart goes out to her because after all she was the victim of many contriving factors: alone, old, vulnerable & susceptible to extortionists, impostors & "scumbags."

Let's protect ourselves from people who wear the cloaks of darkness. God's Word warns & implore us to be vigilant...more so in the end times which I believe in the very heart of my heart that we already are.

  • Take care...