Saturday, May 18, 2013

"The Anchor That Holds My Safe Harbor"

The moment your child becomes a man is that time he becomes a testament of what you as a mother empowered him to become. For me, I believe that my passion for good,old/classical music has made my son indelible impression on his psyche. I didn't know till this particular event (Valentine's Day)that happened last year how my "taste in Music" turbo-charge his innate musical ability.I thank God for the unmerited Grace that He bestowed upon me as a single parent, raising two remarkable boys. To be able to share my basic skill in playing the guitar with Calvin and surpassed my level was a high end for me. Because of that, he expanded the guitar strumming to playing the piano and finally the knack for drums. Thanks to Google and some musicians at church and school choir experience. Now that he's completing a rigorous basic training in the Air Force, I really do miss him, his singing voice and his wit & humor. He is after all, my son who's after my own heart. Oh, I love my son so much.

Monday, May 6, 2013

"A New Journey To Embark..."

Letting go of a precious/beloved son on a Mother's Day Week to join the Air Force is a tough one. I know I'm going to cry a lot for a mother's sentiments are very sacred. Nothing outweighs a mother's love regardless how old your child/children may be...
But looking at my son, all I have is pure joy and pride. He didn't vacillate on this new journey. He was sure this is what he wants to do. Serving your country with strength and determination is an allegiance to patriotism. Now I feel other parents' prayer and to those whose loved ones are far away from home. I'm just overtly glad that even as a single parent, God has shown me what matters most: being a good mother is the greatest kind of stewardship God gave me. And I believe I raised my son well...To God I give all the glory!