Thursday, January 31, 2013

"For The Good Times..."

You ought to have a heart to remember this timeless piece of music...There is an urgency of sensibility and the metaphorical messages that drives you to listen time & time again.

"Why can't really anybody stay in one place anymore?" Or for one soul?
         I believe that to be true...We move & journey through life and it's a choice of the heart to change the course. Isn't that enabling to know that we have the power to change our circumstances  and not fret over it but do something about it?
I was reading this article in Psychology Today (Feb. issue) this afternoon @  my favorite bookstore: A well/established entrepreneur  resolved to quit his lucrative job without any  job to fall back on. Everybody that knows him wants his job. But his deepest impulses on this job confronted him uncertainty. For him, it was illogical to ignore these feelings of isolation.

He went on to say that he's no longer living someone else's idea of a wonderful life. And he's one happy guy. That tells me, money and success don't define your heart's content.

What's your idea of a wonderful life? 
To have a wonderful life, you have to be gutsy, edgy, witty and with a genuine heart to catapult or meta morph something that you truly believe in. And believing is not enough; you have to act on it and give it your all... And if you don't still succeed, do it again until your last nerve says no. The trials and the efforts alone are worth taking. That is the core of victory to me...
Mine is still in the making and I know that God will see me through. Miracles do still happen, you know...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Fields of Gold"

Love, still remains to be the most "necessary ingredient " if the battle for life is to be won. by Scott Harrup

My heart is unfurled ; can no longer hide from what it knows that only God can fill the void in my life. It's His unfathomable love and unparalleled grace of a Savior who could redeem me. Thus, I hope that you're sailing with me to shore.
I remember You...walking and lying with me in the fields of gold. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Sailing in all Winds"

You have to be "you" to be free not the other way around. That's just me... It's an emblem, the touchstone of how well you celebrate life- - -to know you!
Every dream I had that never reached its axis leaves me less disconcerting as I go through life...
Not everything is significant; just like reading, you can scan and skip what's before your eyes- - - because if you give meaning to every soul and to every circumstance, you won't have time to decipher what's good and beneficial to you. Again, that's just me. What they say about every thing happens for a reason does not really resonate with me. We give so much meaning and almost indiscretions to people's feelings and emotions. We try to weave uncharted territories that serves no purpose. Leave them unrestrained. There's beauty in that, too.
However; take hold of your heart, its fortitude and faith to hang on to what is left...
After all, there is Power in Choice, Power in Speech, Power in Faith, Hope & Love. These given rights are Achievable, Doable only when you think that you can with your heart's good intention.
Don't let life's sense of wonder become just whispers, be loud and outspoken while there is still time. Write, speak, listen, feel and share what you absolutely love. Daunting and peculiar and distant they may be, but to me and you, they're indelible marks of who we are. Own it!
The stormy winds of life, them, too, will pass. Its course of nature is changing. Just how much you cling to it has to be about you and you alone. 
I dare to be daring as I can be this year...Look up with me!
Thank you

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"How I Enthralled the First Day of the Year" 2013

I have an immense knack for classic/romantic movies. Also, I'm equally dazzled and blown away by the 70's genre of music. I love anything that makes my soul in a standstill, in a very revealing moment, be it soaked in reading or writing stuff that revives my heart into a leap of faith; what tunes my heart  to speak definitively... like the poetry of the violin, guitar and the piano in one piece.
Some funny and titillating things about me: I cry for anything. My eyes swelled with tears out of desperation as well as frustration. Why some of us can't get it till now! Why many of us just choose to be callous and unaffected? Such thoughts linger and hover.
 ...And so I watched "Overboard" movie starring Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn. "Cute" movie I must say. My sons watched it with me @ home which made it all a wholesome-family movie. After that, I had to dry plenty of clothes and folded them neatly. That wasn't actually a chore for me as long as I'm audibly inspired by good music on the radio.
I took an afternoon power nap. I could hear "Cocoa" snoring. That perpetuated my desire to go for a walk. We both need it. Cocoa needs to lose about 10 lbs. to alleviate mild arthritis on her left thigh. For me, it's more for an over-all mind and soul wellness. It has given me more for what its worth...healthy living.
And Today, my feet seem to be walking in a clearer path...
Lastly, I'm going to quote Dr. Henry Cloud's perspective: "We can only have relationships that equal our own ability. So if we want the great things that relationships offer- like love, security, and growth-then we have to be people capable of building love, providing security, and fostering growth. When we are, we can have the relationships we want. Until we are, great relationships will elude us."

Sharing the trails with Cocoa "with equal footing" makes more sense and endearing  than some things.   

To God Be The Glory

Welcome, 2013...The Good Year for Us!