Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"The Good News"

After a morning jog/walk with "Cocoa" (my chocolate Lab.); I decided to de-clutter my writing space. I know you guys out there can all relate to procrastination as the most convenient excuse as it's always been my one of my closest nemesis.
I've seen old receipts that should have been tossed away and books & magazines that should have been shared-handed to other people. Hoarding non-essentials is always a habit to be broken. Having said that, at the eve of Thanksgiving, my own feast should be "less is more" by Robert Browning---to honor my space for writing.
Yeah, as they said, while in the process on tidying up your space, you have to let go first and foremost deep attachments to old things for new "gems" to enter in your life. Yup, as soon as I contemplated on that thought I came across this yellow-lined paper dated Feb. 07, 2001 that was just entreating me to blog it...I don't know but the words were just too colossal to ignore. What do you think?
Here it is:
"The good news is that pain---whether from loss of love, opportunity, health, or self-esteem---while sometimes soul-crushing is rarely permanent. 
And if pain is a thief, stealing away your security, it does leave your security in exchange: experience."

"Experience has taught me that hearts heal, souls mend, brains readjust, we move on. It has also taught me that feeling better---is a jagged process during which people say the most darn things in an awkward attempt to lighten someone's load.'

 I wish, hope and pray for everyone a healthy, blessed, & joyful Thanksgiving holiday.
In all things and everything, give thanks to God.