Sunday, October 28, 2012

"How to Lead a balanced Life" by Todd Stocker

So how should we keep our balance between our past, present and future? Try this: “Glance at the past. Work in the present. Focus on the future.” Glance at the past. When I was biking, it occurred to me that my problem wasn’t the look into what I passed but rather the length of the look. Glancing is better than looking. Your past is helpful but don’t get stuck. Remember past events with the attitude of a learner but only briefly. Let yesterday’s success and failure be guides for today’s activities. Five percent of your time should be spent here. Work in the present. In other words, be in the moment. Establish your priorities and goals and be diligent on what needs to be done today. Seventy percent of your activity should be engaged here. Focus on the future. Look forward to where you want or need to go. Where your eyes are fixed is where the rest of your “biking” will take you. Twenty-five percent of your focus should be set here. Finally, remember that God says not to worry about yesterday or tomorrow and not to waste the day that He gave you. He also encourages you and me to enjoy the journey with all of its bumps and success!

Monday, October 1, 2012

"October Festival" of Colors

Happy First Day of October:
There's a revelry of crisp autumn air especially outdoors--almost like replenishing your soul. You can tell summer has made its exit. And my heart thrills for deeper connecting ; to the layers of meaning that the beauty of subdued colors of Leaves;  taking my inhibitions and fears simply fall away with them---even for just for a brief season...I'll take that!

What Propels Me To Do This October...
Hope to strip away what my physical eyes always sees which is the outward -momentary, partial gratification of things; instead be mesmerized by the season's tapestry of God's treasures: Nature's exquisite colors. 

May the season brings you, me, and everyone who reads my blog rich dimension of dedication, passion and the commitment to what our hearts desire like a heaven to our souls...