Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Gift of Closure...

Do we really get total closure especially from someone you've really loved since childhood? A resounding "no" would be the only answer.
How would you put an end to loving someone all your life? May be concentrate on his flaws and his many uneventful excuses that you know were superficial. Or even better: that you've realized you will always be under the covering of God's faithfulness ; and that He is not going to allow you to be that prodigal daughter that He loves unconditionally be lost any longer...
And though forgetting is hard, forgiving yourself is one great wisdom you may begin to adhere. Remember : Closure is not a conversation between the two of you and saying your goodbyes; not e-mailing each other and say," I'll always love you," (though it's true,  it doesn't cut the truth partially);  but real closure for me is  a spiritual and a personal decision.  You owe yourself that choice---to choose not to be in bondage and letting it all go.

Your blessings have just started pouring doing the right thing and closing the gap. And you can "shake the dirt off your feet and move on." Stop chasing a dream that held you back for so long...Be kind to yourself and start building a new real dream. It's never too late to ascend from unmarked territory--to begin with. Have a grateful heart...everyone!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Song & Yours...

I heard this song  midday yesterday while watching Today @ TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) I couldn't help but check Steven Curtis Chapman's music videos on you tube. Then I found the right image to project and share for my blog.

There are songs that  triggers nostalgia as of revisiting the past; also many songs that when you listen to them, they're for momentary entertainment but there are also songs that penetrate the chambers of your soul entreating you to forget your issues and just want to make you move past your guilt and insecurities and make a paradigm shift on your mindset. Just like this one...(Yours) Oh, that would be awesome if only I could make it through without a fight...a fight that would render me to the finish line!

As Jeff Goins says in his book "Wrecked" which I'm still reading, " Entering the pain of others can make us feel good, giving us a deep confidence about our place in the world, while doing work that doesn't feel good at all. In other words,  in our grief, we find purpose. In suffering, we find significance. And still, the pain goes on.
The intersection between these two contradictions is where we find our true selves."

In a way, we're all entangled, weaved into something greater than ourselves. I'm still praying for that relentless courage that would compel me to act beyond necessities and that will cause me to grow and live with my faith without wavering. And in the end I would love my heart to look back one more time and really see my journey without apology and regret and refine me once & for all.
Good Thursday everyone!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Today, My "Cocoa" Turns Seven...

Today looks like a very promising one... A very good morning! 
I promised myself to just spend the whole morning with Cocoa in the park then take her to PetSmart Grooming Store as a part of a birthday package.
This is a better park not only that it is a lot closer to home but also there are a lot more to see for your heart's content.
This is me & Cocoa after 3 laps. Two more rounds to go...
A kind soul has offered to take us a picture. 
A good reminder...that you may walk your dog but clean up after her/his "mess." We got that alright!
I thought this is still worth capturing...even a portion of some dry land is an evidence of scorching heat.
An adorable little girl reaching out to pet Cocoa.  And she came away to the field with that gracious smile.
Time to get out & play ball. Saturday mornings seem to be family outdoor time for many of us!
A place of retreat where children and their folks can enjoy the pleasure of water & the shade.
Recreation Center...Flags hoisted with pride.
@ PetSmart where I buy her special "treats" and "needs."
And sure, we did enjoy the morning. Taking pictures is always a highlight for me! Now I have to take my afternoon nap to have that kind of energy for the concert tonight. Two Christian bands are playing; For Kings & Country & Rat Walker. There's no doubt in my mind that they gonna rock the place for Jesus! And I'll be there with them singing to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords...Here &Out for Now

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy First Day of August...

               I have been watching the Olympics 2012 slated in London since its premiere. What inclines me to watch is my deep appreciation for such drive, passion, discipline, and the physicality that athletes have to compete for a dream to come true. My heart is drawn to every compelling story that has made them tenacious and with relentless perseverance to be a part of something big as the Olympics. (My favorite events are volley ball, gymnastics, & swimming relays)
But at the end of the day, what do these athletes ponder upon the most? I hope and pray that in their journey of representing their country, there is a special ember in their hearts to connect with God, the One that can make things happen beyond  every dream. 
I am thankful Today even for the things I couldn't have and just keep believing through faith that God knows what's best for me & you.
Be thankful in all circumstances for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)