Sunday, June 3, 2012

One of Summer's Eye Catchers...Flowers

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever...John Keats

My favorites to pick, gather and put them in a vase in front of my PC---so I can be reminded that "all is well that ends well."
I have a cluster of white tulips in my front yard. They just appear and bloom coincidentally in  late Spring; may be rise to the occasion only two times seasonally and stayed dormant the rest of the year. However, I never fail to gaze @ them with whispers of gratitude.
I love water lilies...I guess, because of the fact that they float daintily in the river banks, so exquisitely that you feel like touching them with so much endearment... The thing is, for me personally, water lilies need not to be domesticated but be left alone in their habitat, to be watched and adorned as they set forth!
Yellow daffodils...I put them on my top choice of flowers; not roses. That image capturing the most beautiful sight, the girl with "pigtails, "in illuminating red overalls, admiring what's in her hands is a total surrender of being in the moment. 
Looking at this image stirs my heart to be in retrospect--into remembrance! When I was about seven or eight years old up to 6th grade, I and my cousins and close friends and some schoolmates in the barrio (usually on Saturdays) walk up to the hills and valleys where everything you see says" freedom."
While my counterparts were running for fruit- bearing trees, and filling their bags with some other audible "stuff," I stay behind  gathering yellow daffodils and dandelions in clusters  and I didn't really care whether I fill up my bag with less "star apples, mangoes, tisa, guavas, sampalok, and many other rich variety of tropical fruits in the horizon. However, almost always that by the time we got home, my clustered daffodils and dandelions had already been withered. But that wasn't the end of them...When they're dried up, I put them in my books as earmarks. Gathering flowers is one of the best, earliest activities embedded in my memories to date. 
Those were happy childhood days, I may say...that helped me be sensitive, grateful and mindful of the gifts of Nature! Always...