Monday, May 28, 2012

My Lab/Border Collie...Tootsie

Midsummer of 2006 when I adopted her...She was just barely a year old. She was a "quick pick" from a dozen of kennels of large to small breed @ Petsmart Store. All of these"four-legged" dogs were all barking for attention to be picked at that time except Tootsie. I saw her wagging her tail, (still in a cage) not demanding I thought; so, I asked if I could take her for a walk around the store.
That "walk" translated to bringing her home that afternoon with the help of my son, Josh who actually encouraged me to adopt her.  His perspective reverberated wisdom: Josh said:" Mom, just pick Tootsie for his chance to be adopted is very slim."
 I look around  while"prospective owners" were all keenly interested to non-black dogs. Nobody even has gazed to Tootsie's corner. They all passed by-not a single step closer to her cage.

And I'm so happy they didn't take a closer look at my beautiful dog because she's mine with a story to tell..                                  

Hi...I'm Tootsie!
I remember walking endlessly under the rain looking scruffy, mischievous,and tired, scavenging for food for weeks and for a 7 month-old dog I should be indoors with a blanket and a Purina food to devour. So I thought and dreamed...
I believe I'm also a part of God's creation. Remember when Noah secured all the animals in pairs in the Ark? So, something to that reference happened. I was picked up by a Samaritan in a station wagon  and drove me to the Second Chance Shelter for dogs in the area. And I never knew how luck and blessings meshed because that's the beginning of all the good things to come. I am now in the best care and love of my "mom." Because of her, others look up to me now like I'm somebody special.

Being aware of Tootsie's lacking trust despite of everyday assurances of affection and providing good shelter is still an ongoing issue. But I know I'm gaining grounds to where one day all of her harsh beatings in the past( before Second Chance Shelter) while waiting for a home, be completely vanished. To this day, she's still very anti-social. She reverses to squirm when patted unannounced; still puts her kernels of dry food  in a corner where it's safe for her to eat them. She easily gets irritated and doesn't know how to play with toys. Instead, she chews on my outside corner plastic "sidings," paper towels and weeds/grass. I tried putting her on classes training for overcoming fears but that also didn't work. But despite of the irrelevance of her ways, she gets me to come home and assure her that she'll never be on the street again. Tootsie is here to stay with me for life...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Reflections of a Mother's Love...TODAY, May 13

"Mothers have a way of calming troubled waters." 
My mother has honed this skill or better yet a God-given gift. Growing up with my eight siblings, she had to be an anchor, a bridge, a voice, a nurturer, a prayer warrior, witty and funny to have been able to unify opinionated/strong-willed, tenacious children we all are. She may be petite, slim and quiet but her heart & soul are where the real reflections of tangible treasures...She followed her "gut-intuition" in every crucial decision and has rendered her milestones. She stood her ground courageously.
 It's amazing to know that her love for us is continuously pouring out. As if, it's the only thing that matters to her. And mind you, she didn't even have a mother to have taught her to be one. She was bounced from one loving- family relative to another-growing up... Yet, she remained calmed, hopeful and empowered by this experience. 
As they say, " a mother's work is never done" and that is irrefutable. As a mother for twenty five years now technically, and forever, I could only wish and hope that I am as feisty as my mom when it comes to giving tough love to my sons and not waver and compromise when things go wrong.

Add caption the window sill having a euphoric moment of motherhood!

Josh, my first-born who thinks a lot like me...God Bless his heart! How I love my son!!!

Me...@ church right after the first service. Wouldn't it be nice if I could just take all those flowers home in my bedroom!

My four other siblings and our beloved mom!
My brother Jun & my mom on mother's day!

My youngest son, Calvin who is after God's heart. And I love him so much...

Life is...still good, after all!

I have a reservoir of beautiful memories of my relationship with my mom in which I try to make
her happy, really in the moment of thankfulness to the Lord especially when we're together.Without her by my side, I wouldn't have had the courage to go on with life's turbulence, so to speak. She's a doorway to every closed opportunity and an anchor for guidance to which I attune it all to God's Holy Spirit living in my mother's heart. I love you mom... You are my loving inspiration! Thank you Lord for blessing the best mother for me and my brothers and sisters.

Join me in celebrating all the mothers (biological or not but possessed a deep love for children) especially today.
My special thanks to those who continuously read my blog.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Always Be A Learner..."

    "Just because I've got detoured, consumed by my Past, devoured by my own Hopelessness, and Deceit don't mean, I have become less valuable in the sight of God." But, rather; it means that God has a greater purpose for my life; that He is refining me through the fire of rejections, disappointments, and from wrong mindset so I can be worthy and ready to fulfill His purpose in my journeys here on earth."
God's grace is pouring and dispensing immeasurably to us lovingly even when we abandoned His Word, His Truth and His mercy and when we certainly don't deserve His Grace. After all the "messes" I've welcomed in my life, our God is the God of second chances. And thank God that once again, He pulled me through...

Happy 1st Day Of May