Friday, April 27, 2012

"It's Not Luck..."

I used to believe in luck. I even used it in a phrase, "good luck or better luck next time" out of necessity before. But that stopped when a greater or more meaningful word arose in my heart which is God's favor, God's grace!
May today you receive His blessings and be a blessing to someone! ~~ Shing

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"I Am A Part Of All That I Have Met..." ~Tennyson

Let me begin with another inspirational quote by Johann van Goethe which says, "Nothing is Worth more than this Day..."
It's Good Friday...I wish everyone to take a moment to praise God for the Life He created for us to Live because In Him We Truly Live!

I have lived half a century...five decades of which I call a journey of missed marks and a sky of wishful thinking. It always feels like I couldn't hit a target in everything that I do. Haven't I prayed enough? Or could it be that I have forgotten to be grateful and humble myself to All the Grace that I have received and continuing to receive these Blessings in small and big packages? 
The hovering has lessened; like a vapor is may be next. But Today I pray that I may learn to surrender it all---the edges of self-promotion, the pride, the Past.