Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Just The Way You Are"

When I think about you, there are no uncharted premises nor bashful- candlelight desires.You added depth and richness to my soul. With you, my train of thoughts are never lost...I always catch myself falling incredibly attached to you emotionally.I know now that there's truth in what I've read which says, "Distance gives you fresh perspective and that "The best and most enduring things are the ones you can't touch."
I love you and I've missed you so much.I couldn't be more transparent than writing about it.
There's an evocative edge, a unique sense of freedom, a preserved splendor, and indescribable joy emanating
from within---just thinking about you!
"My emotions are gripped and quelled by my mind that wouldn't let me be at rest." May be until I finally see you and tell you ,"I love you just the way you are..." and much more.left unsaid.